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There is a problem with the procedure on handling complex issues.

When more than an issue is being worked on in parallel, there are very good chances that a set of strings in the sdf files will be attached to more than one issue and therefore corrected, possibly by different people, more than once. Depending on the order in which the corrected strings are reintroduced then only one of the issues will be corrected. A possible workaround would be not to provide the sdf files for one new issue if there is already a STARTED issue that would share strings with the new one. Furthermore, a possible conflict may arise when the translators start working on a new OOo release. Some strings that need to be translated when moving from a.b to a.b+1 in fact could already having been allocated to a STARTED issue. One solution could be to require that no issue is left open when starting to prepare for version a.b+1 but it seems rather difficult to achieve.



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