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It's good to warn users that there are traps in 3.x, but it would be better to tell them exactly what those traps are. Chief among them (and a dealbreaker, in my opinion), is the insertion of unwanted page breaks before subdocuments. OO 2.4.1 did not have this bug, and there is no really good workaround for it. This bug renders the master document feature almost useless, as every subdocument starts on a new page whether the user wants it to or not. Until this bug is fixed, users should be warned that master documents in 3.x will not behave as they did in 2.4.1, and it might be preferable for users to continue using 2.4.1.

Better yet, if this is an issue, open a bug report on it so that it gets fixed. I did a search in the Issue Tracker on this but didn't find any hits for this specific issue. Has this been asked as a question on the Forum or the User Mail list? --ccornell 12:47, 5 January 2009 (CET)
This behaviour does not occur in 3.2.1 (I'm not sure when it was fixed), except for the an automatic page break before the FIRST subdocument. All other subdocs continue on the same page unless the first paragraph (eg a heading) has a style specifying a page break. --jeanweber, 16 July 2010.
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