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Yes, you can add comments and suggestions here. David Wilson


Maybe the article has to be resturctured:

  • For web based programs it makes a huge difference wether the databse is on a local server (Aigaion, refbase) or on a server somewhere on the internet (Memento, CiteULike, Librarything).
  • Most web based programs are accessed via a web browser. But some (at least Bibus, maybe others) store the data in a SQL databse, but access the database with a software that has to be installed on the clients.

Comments on Software Packages

Scholar's Aid

I have been using this package for a year and while it is not bad, I have been very frustrated with the lack of support from the developer. I have now purchased Windows 7. Scholar's Aid does not work under Windows 7 and there is no indication on the vendor's website that they will be providing a Windows 7 version. In fact, there does not appear to have been any changes made to their website since May 2009. It, therefore, does not appear that this is an actively supported product and it is recommended that users consider other options. Could anyone advise me on how I can convert the records I have created in Scholar's Aid into another bibliographical package without having to retype everything. --JteB 13:08, 8 February 2010 (UTC)

Split up page, 1 page per program

Maybe it would make sense to have one page per program. Then this page could serve as an overview, maybe in the form of a table. Or even more tables, comparing some of the programs capabilities/characteristics (like programing language, license, storage in database or not, etc).

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