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12. Delete Layout tabs (Draw)

It is not enough to delete the layers. Up to now the dimension lines are placed on the layer "Dimension Lines" by default and controls are placed on the layer "Controls" by default. Further more the special handling of elements on the "Control" layer concerning the stack order has to be considered.Regina 23:17, 8 December 2010 (UTC)

I miss a description how those existing documents are handled, which use this layers. Because of the special kind of this layers, they cannot be replaced with normal additional layers.

13. Downsize Zoomslider range

I have reservations about changing the zoom slider in Draw. In Writer the range of the slider is from 20% to 600%. That might be enough for Writer, but it is not enough for Draw. Reasoning:

The 3000% zoom is needed for exact positioning.
The small factors near 5% are needed to see the whole page even in large formats like A0. Remember, that there is no 'page preview' in Draw.

You write “if you really need more than the zoom dialog can provide that“. (I guess you mean, “if you really need more, then the zoom dialog can provide that“ ?) But that is not true for Writer. You cannot set zoom factors outside the 20%-600% range. You can enter larger oder smaller values, but they are automatically restricted to the 20%-600% range.

If you really will restrict the zoom slider range in Draw, then make sure, that the current possible zoom settings are still available not only via dialog but with the zoom tools in Draw too, especially with the + in drag-mode ( for positioning) and with the 'Zoom page' button (as page preview). A restriction like in Writer is bad for Draw.Regina 17:04, 13 December 2010 (UTC)

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