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The problem with synonymous keywords is they cause trouble searching in the Issue Tracker. For example, you might search for "Wizard," but some issue reports use them "AutoPilot" instead. One possibile consequence is duplicate reports.

Possible solution

Should issues be standardized on official terminology?

Synonymous keywords

The best way to order this list seems to be to file everything by the alphabetical order by the term that comes first in alphabetical order.

Yes, some of words are not generally synonymous, but this list is about keywords that are synonymous for the purposes of searching in the Issue Tracker.

  • audio: sound
  • autopilot: wizard
  • color: colour
  • doc: word
  • document: file
  • dual display: {dual,multi}{,-, }{display,monitor,head} <-- a combination of five words using a space, a hyphen, or nothing
  • Excel: xls
  • extension: package
  • fast: performance, slow---(and sometimes) freeze, hang
  • formula: function
  • freeze: hang
  • graphic: image
  • help: documentation
  • import: load
  • input filter: import filter
  • Java Media Framework: JMF
  • macro: StarBasic
  • movie: video
  • ms: Microsoft
  • slide: page (in context of presentations)
  • paste: pasting
  • powerpoint: ppt
  • quick starter: quickstarter (the difference of a space), quick start (no -er), quickstart
  • ... many others
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