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IBM announced plan to contribute Symphony code to Apache Software Foundation on July 15, 2011. The the code is formally ready on 18 Jun 2012.

This page is an introduction of the code contribution and how it can be used.

Introduction of the code base

Symphony is quite like OpenOffice with an Java Wrapper. The code contribution doesn't include the Java wrapper which is based on Eclipse. So if you try with the binary build provided below, you will see the property sidebar, but not the MDI view in Symphony.

Where to get the source code

The code is now ready at

You still need get some extra source modules from AOO3.4 to make the code base buildable, which includes main/ext_libraries, main/ext_sources. And icu 4.8.1 source can be download from, then change it's name to af36f635271a239d76d038d6cf8da8df-icu4c-4_8_1-src.tgz and put it in main/ext_sources directory.

Build guide

Please follow this guide to build Symphony's source code.

The binary build

You can build this out yourself by following the build guide. You can also get it from link below.

Please notice that if you have Apache 3.4 installed already, you need uninstall it first. Or you can install it parallel to Apache OpenOffice 3.4 by following guide

Feature Description


Q: What is the difference between this build and Symphony?

A: Since the java part of Symphony is not contributed. Feature, like MDI, Home page and Embedded browser in Symphony won't be available in this build. And menu, toolbar, statusbar also have different look&feel from that in Symphony.

The Mail Merge panel in Symhony is implented in Java. It is also updated with related part in OO.o3.x.

Q: I can find two kinds of help content in the source code, why?

A: The help system of Symphony 3.1 is eclipse based. The Symphony help content can't be consumed by AOO directly. AOO or OO.o help mechanism is used in the code contribution.

OO.o 3.x help content is there to be packaged in the the binary build of the "Symphony code contribution". Symphony 3.1 help content is there for reference of Symphony features.

Q: Does this contain everything we get in AOO 3.4? Or what is the difference?

A: This is not based on AOO 3.4. Symphony 3.0 was developed based on OO.o3.1. And while it goes some improvments from AOO 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4beta were also integrated. Before it was contributed to ASF, most of changes from AOO 3.4 were also integrated.

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