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This page is archived for historical reasons only. It is no longer maintained and information may not be current.

About SUSE 9.3

SUSE 9.3 project is the ancestor of OpenSuse, a worldwide community program sponsored by Novell that promotes the use of Linux everywhere. The program provides anyone with free and easy access to SUSE Linux.

Build Instructions

The build procedure is the same as for other Linux systems.

Issues during the build (this is true with m172)


This is related to

  • Installed the Java package from Suse 9.3
  • Installed the JDK in another location
  • You try to build using the JDK just downloaded


When trying to build the connectivity project, the following error my be displayed :

TODO : Here add the error !! (~ "needs

This happens if you try to build OOo using the pre-build mozilla packages (, and and to compile OOo using gcc < 3.4.

Here is the situation :

  • By default, Suse 9.3 uses gcc 3.3.5 and
  • The prebuild mozilla packages were build using gcc 3.4 and

So, you can not use those pre-build packages and need to compile your own mozilla packages as it is described on the tools project page.

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