Resolve Merge Conflicts for CWS Integration

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Documentation caution.png This works only for CVS based CWSs! For SVN based CWSs you will have to use a full cws rebase instead (cws analyze being not yet (DEV300_m41) implemented).
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How do I resolve merge conflicts for CWS integration?

When your CWS has been approved by QA you can help integrating it into the master workspace by solving possible merge conflicts in advance. First check whether there are conflicts:

cwsanalyze all

(you have to do this in a scratch directory, not on you CWS).

If there are conflicts, for any conflicting file do (on your CWS, not in the scratch directory where you just did cwsanalyze)

> cd path_to_your_file
path_to_your_file> cwsresync -m HEAD filename

Resolve conflicts, then check in your changes with

path_to_your_file> cwsresync -c filename

Please really commit your conflict resolutions using 'cwsresync -c' to get CWS tags right. In case you check in manually there will still be merge conflicts during integration.


Of course the CWS gets inconsistent when merging single files. It may happen that afterwards it does not build any more. This normally is no problem when you do it after your last build for QA, just before integration.

Remark 2:

There seems to be an issue when doing this using cygwin. To temporarily fix this, add /cvs/ in front of your path inside path_to_your_file/CVS/Repository

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