ReleaseStatus Minutes 2011-03-21 IRC log

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(14:58:36) #oooreleases: The topic for #oooreleases is: Release-Stauts-Meeting, every monday at 15:00 Hamburg Time (13:00 UTC in summer)
(14:58:41) mla: hi
(14:59:09) blauwal: Hi
(14:59:24) of_oracle: Hi
(15:00:52) mdamboldt: hI
(15:01:02) mdamboldt: Welcome to todays release status meeting
(15:02:16) kai_a [] entered the room.
(15:02:22) mdamboldt: The 3.4 release is still late. We have not yet reached the release relevant criteria to branch off. (
(15:02:37) mdamboldt: But numbers look promissing.
(15:03:13) mdamboldt: We have still 6 open data loss issues on the table
(15:03:13) mdamboldt: (
(15:03:13) mdamboldt: ring&email1=&emailassigned_to2=1&emailreporter2=1&emailqa_contact2=1&emailcc2=1&emailtype2=substring&email2=&bugidtype=include&bug_id=&votes=&chfieldfrom=&chfieldto=Now&chfieldvalue=&cmdtype=doit&order=Reuse+same+sort+as+last+time&known_name=regressions&query_based_on=regressions&columnlist=priority%2Cassigned_to%2Cbug_status%2Cresolution%2Cop_sys%2Cvotes%2Cshort_desc&field0-0-0=noop&type0-0-0=noop&value0-0-0=)
(15:03:42) mdamboldt: And we still have 25 open regression issues
(15:03:43) mdamboldt: (
(15:03:43) mdamboldt: tring&email1=&emailassigned_to2=1&emailreporter2=1&emailqa_contact2=1&emailcc2=1&emailtype2=substring&email2=&bugidtype=include&bug_id=&votes=&chfieldfrom=&chfieldto=Now&chfieldvalue=&cmdtype=doit&order=Reuse+same+sort+as+last+time&known_name=regressions&query_based_on=regressions&columnlist=priority%2Cassigned_to%2Cbug_status%2Cresolution%2Cop_sys%2Cvotes%2Cshort_desc&field0-0-0=noop&type0-0-0=noop&value0-0-0=)
(15:04:38) mdamboldt: The overall number of 3.4 targeted issues has gone down to 185 this week
(15:04:39) mdamboldt: (
(15:04:39) mdamboldt: =&bugidtype=include&bug_id=&votes=&chfieldfrom=&chfieldto=Now&chfieldvalue=&cmdtype=doit&order=Reuse+same+sort+as+last+time&known_name=P2+usability%2C+accessibility&query_based_on=P2+usability%2C+accessibility&field0-0-0=noop&type0-0-0=noop&value0-0-0=)
(15:05:38) mdamboldt: Review issues carefully for example when you notice keywords like "regression", "data loss" or similar are missing, please add them asap and change targets accordingly.
(15:06:30) mdamboldt: The next possible branch off date is still scheduled for 28th March 2011.
(15:07:17) mdamboldt: The latest DEV300m103 milestone is already up on the servers.
(15:08:06) mdamboldt: Next DEV300m104 is scheduled for later this week.
(15:09:19) mdamboldt: This brings me to another agenda item in the Wiki. There are a couple of issues listed at "Review OOo 3.3.1 issues" on the agenda.
(15:09:24) UweL [~chatzilla@nat/sun/x-xvpckwjwatiwatqt] entered the room.
(15:10:56) mdamboldt: Most of those issue (except two of them) are already fixed. Corresponding CWS's will become part of one of the next DEV300's milestones. So it's a good idea to watch those builds to check whether those issues are finally fixed on the master code line.
(15:11:26) mdamboldt: Thats all I've for todays release status round.
(15:11:32) mdamboldt: Anything else for today?
(15:12:05) mla: m104 will be done by Vladimir (vg)
(15:14:46) mdamboldt: bye
(15:17:53) nash [~nash@] entered the room.
(15:18:07) stefan_b: bye
(15:18:29) mla: bye

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