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(14:56:20) Das Thema für #oooreleases ist: Release-Stauts-Meeting, every monday at 15:00 Hamburg Time (13:00 UTC in summer)
(14:57:03) kai_a [] hat den Raum betreten.
(14:57:31) _Nesshof_ [~martin@nat/sun/x-gmmynzxaopmbzcfp] hat den Raum betreten.
(14:57:59) ml1 [~ml93712@nat/sun/x-oabimdbdmvcaxtyj] hat den Raum betreten.
(14:58:04) ml1: hi
(14:58:59) ja_: Moin
(14:59:36) paveljanik: Moin
(14:59:55) mdamboldt: Hi
(15:00:15) mdamboldt: Welcome to todays release status meeting.
(15:00:40) mdamboldt: OOo 3.3 RC1 has just been published. It's the OOO330m11 build
(15:01:01) mikeadvo: moin Mechtilde is unable to join this channel
(15:01:08) UweL [~chatzilla@nat/sun/x-vmljgcsqgsonalck] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:01:39) mdamboldt: Two further stopper issues have been nominated. Issue 115083
(15:01:44) IZBot: Installation DEFECT NEW P1 Installation of bundled dictionaries failed
(15:01:45) mdamboldt: And Issue 115088
(15:01:48) IZBot: framework DEFECT NEW P3 The task "open" in the startcenter doesn't work as expected
(15:02:12) blauwal [~jr93709@nat/sun/x-lypnkdsoxonmndhz] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:02:19) mdamboldt: The first one (115083) is currently under evaluation.
(15:02:49) mdamboldt: The second one (Issue 115088) is not a stopper for 3.3 in my point of view.
(15:03:50) mikeadvo: there are 3 reasons for nominating 115088 as a stopper
(15:04:07) mikeadvo: 1. It's a new feature in 3.3
(15:04:21) paveljanik: 115083 is wrong installation
(15:04:52) UweL: issue 115083 is not confirmd so far, the status "new" does not reflect reality
(15:04:54) IZBot: Installation DEFECT NEW P1 Installation of bundled dictionaries failed
(15:05:16) paveljanik: UweL: we spent a lot of time with mechtilde over weekend.
(15:05:20) mikeadvo: 2. I looks like not fully implemented - and that's against or policy ;-) - it is an inconsistent handling of a functionality
(15:05:29) paveljanik: we are able to reproduce it, by bad order of installation
(15:05:37) mikeadvo: 3. it's seems ton be easy to fix
(15:06:16) paveljanik: UweL: it can't happen in normal case.
(15:06:37) paveljanik: on the other hand, the second issue can be seen immediatelly after clean new install...
(15:06:43) paveljanik: and IS easy to fix.
(15:06:53) paveljanik: I'd like to see it also fixed for final.
(15:07:24) paveljanik: either by hiding the triangle or by small text "No recent documents" or similar
(15:08:19) mikeadvo: it should behave in the same way as in the same Function in the menu
(15:08:46) paveljanik: mikeadvo: well, yes. Or not be shown at all ;-)
(15:08:56) paveljanik: startcenter should be light
(15:08:58) mikeadvo: ok paveljanik
(15:09:02) UweL: paveljanik: so you think 115083 is not a stopper?
(15:09:16) paveljanik: it doesn't make sense to display something which can't work at that moment.
(15:09:40) paveljanik: UweL: #i115083# is NOT a stopper
(15:09:42) ml1: I'm sorry but still cannot the stopper for the recent doc list, the only difference is that the little text is not shown and the File Open dialog is opened directly
(15:09:43) IZBot: Installation DEFECT NEW P1 Installation of bundled dictionaries failed
(15:10:22) paveljanik: ml1: it is not here on Mac - it just can't be clicked.
(15:10:29) paveljanik: ie. NOTHING happens
(15:10:34) paveljanik: when you click on it.
(15:11:24) mikeadvo: and the think to click is new in 3.3
(15:11:32) mikeadvo: thing
(15:12:13) mikeadvo: so it should be proper
(15:12:42) ml1: I've tested this on Linux but not Mac, so I don't know the different behavior
(15:13:22) mikeadvo: Mechtilde tested it also on GNu/Linux
(15:13:58) paveljanik: On Mac, the button looks like "Open... |v" where v is a black triangle.
(15:14:26) paveljanik: When you have emply recent documents list, clicking on the triangle does nothing which is against the idea of the button.
(15:14:48) paveljanik: clicking on Open... works OK, of course.
(15:15:00) ml1: On Linux I get directly the Fiel Open dialog instead of the little text that no docs are listed
(15:15:20) paveljanik: can't test on Linux now
(15:15:28) ml1: which I would accept
(15:15:54) ja_: On Solaris I have a recent file list and it pops up if I click on that triangle
(15:16:14) paveljanik: yes, when you have something in the recent documents, it works.
(15:16:20) ml1: ja: It's about an empty list ;-)
(15:16:29) mikeadvo: ja_ try ist with an empty recent file list
(15:16:42) mikeadvo: it
(15:18:55) mdamboldt: Regarding Issue 115088, the corresponding developer will have a look whether 3. from mikeadvo is true.
(15:18:59) IZBot: framework DEFECT NEW P3 The task "open" in the startcenter doesn't work as expected
(15:19:08) mdamboldt: We already have an other issue for an RC2
(15:19:36) mikeadvo: ok
(15:19:44) mdamboldt: It's issue 114705
(15:19:51) IZBot: framework DEFECT NEW P3 Templates and Documents dialog needs too long to open the first time
(15:19:54) mdamboldt: That one is not resolved on MacOS
(15:20:07) mikeadvo: and Mechtilde and her testers are waiting for the Windows-builds
(15:22:06) mdamboldt: So we have at least two items for RC2 already.
(15:22:29) ml1: mikeadvo: the windows builds were uploaded today morning and are hopefully on the mirrors tomorrow (but I think your favorite mirror is way faster ;-) )
(15:22:46) mdamboldt: RC2 aka OOO330m12 I would target to start later this week. Also depending on further OOO330m11 feedback the next two days.
(15:24:25) mdamboldt: Thats all from my side for todays
(15:24:37) ja_: Kurt Zenker will care about OOO330m12 and Vladimir Glazunov will care about DEV300m90
(15:26:27) mdamboldt: ok, if there is nothing else left for todays meeting I like to close it.
(15:26:43) paveljanik: ok, bye
(15:27:08) mdamboldt: bye

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