ReleaseStatus Minutes 2010-07-05 IRC log

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(14:56:55) Das Thema für #oooreleases ist: Release-Stauts-Meeting, every monday at 15:00 Hamburg Time (13:00 UTC in summer)
(14:57:14) ja_: Hi
(14:58:25) ml1 [~ml93712@nat/sun/x-xsxteyrjugkarexk] hat den Raum betreten.
(14:58:33) ml1: hi
(15:00:01) stefan_b: Hi
(15:00:12) _Nesshof_: moin
(15:00:15) Fridrich: hi
(15:01:18) _Nesshof_: OOo 3.3 Release branch off status :
(15:01:45) paveljanik: Moin
(15:01:45) UweL [~chatzilla@nat/sun/x-mvvemzxzyipoyfiz] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:01:57) _Nesshof_: I guess OOO330 is ready soon ?
(15:02:03) rtimm: The branch exists, see
(15:02:07) enoki: hi
(15:02:37) ***_rene_ wonders what/whether anything happens with smoketest26 (which is a stopper cws)
(15:02:55) _Nesshof_: so we might start a m1 within the next few days
(15:03:30) _Nesshof_: _rene_: kurt is back from vacation today.
(15:03:51) _Nesshof_: so it should go into m1
(15:04:26) _Nesshof_: do we have any other stopper issues for 3.3 we need to discuss ?
(15:04:53) _rene_: ok
(15:05:00) _Nesshof_: do we have any other items for today ?
(15:05:45) _Nesshof_: if not this would be a quick meeting
(15:05:47) ja_: RE duties: DEV300_m85 by Vladimir Glazunov and OOO330_m1 by Kurt Zenker
(15:08:54) ka93771 [~ka93771@nat/sun/x-vfxqhwereheseeca] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:09:03) _Nesshof_: ok by
(15:09:34) gibi33 [] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:10:23) ja_: Gilles: sorry, we just finished the meeting

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