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(14:57:34) Das Thema für #oooreleases ist: Release-Stauts-Meeting, every monday at 15:00 Hamburg Time (13:00 UTC in summer)
(15:00:31) ja_: Hi
(15:01:49) rafaella [~Rafaella@nat/sun/x-tlyrvloevvlhhdwr] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:02:03) rafaella: Hi everybody!
(15:04:00) mdamboldt: Hi
(15:04:11) of_sun: Hi
(15:04:38) _KAMI_ hat den Raum verlassen (quit: Ping timeout: 258 seconds).
(15:04:39) mdamboldt: 3.2.1 release status
(15:05:09) enoki: hi
(15:05:14) mdamboldt: As you might have read already, we are facing technical issues with some hardware involved in the upload of the RC2 aka OOO320m18.
(15:05:41) mdamboldt: As announced by Joost Andrae on the releases mailinglist, the defect hardware has been replaced already.
(15:05:52) _rene_: "already" is good.
(15:06:15) _rene_: I'd not call a replacement after 3 days "already"
(15:06:23) _rene_: but anyway...
(15:06:25) mdamboldt: Right now re-sync is in progress and will last till tomorrow.
(15:06:51) mdamboldt: So upload of OOO320m18 will hopefully continue tomorrow.
(15:07:02) _rene_: another reason it should have been done directly by the responsible admin on Friday...
(15:07:33) _rene_: mdamboldt: ok, and so we decide on next Monday only about the release?
(15:07:42) mdamboldt: Thats RC2 where already another possible release stopper has been raised.
(15:07:48) mdamboldt: Issue 111766
(15:07:49) _rene_: where?
(15:07:50) IZBot: Installation DEFECT STARTED P1 OOO320_m18: Oracle logo on the DMG background
(15:08:13) _rene_: omg. help.
(15:08:20) _rene_: let's ignore this, please.
(15:08:33) _rene_: or at least only exchange mac builds.
(15:08:50) _rene_: (though I don't think it's a stopper at all)
(15:09:08) mdamboldt: _rene_: So you propose to relase 3.2.1 for MacOS on m19 and all other platforms on m18?
(15:09:26) _rene_: for example
(15:09:49) paveljanik [~Pavel@unaffiliated/paveljanik] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:09:53) _rene_: of course only if that won't take 1 week.. (I am pretty sure it will given how some earlier stuff was handled, but...)
(15:10:45) wope: at what time comes the win builds
(15:10:46) _rene_: ahd, I wonder why paveljanik didn't try before. I bet it was there before and could have been fixed already...
(15:10:47) rtimm: Two different milestones for one release? :-(
(15:10:58) _rene_: rtimm: we already did that once...
(15:12:41) rtimm: That would mean source tarball from and release tag on m19, while all except mac binaries state they are OOO320m18
(15:13:15) _rene_: ok, then do m19 now
(15:13:29) _rene_: as said, I don't care either way as long as this doesn't add another big delay
(15:13:41) rtimm: or all binaries from m18 - the issue does not affect our (SUN) builds
(15:13:49) _rene_: that's my point
(15:14:18) _rene_: who will distribute Mac OS X builds from the commuinity? Probably noone uses them (except for testing)
(15:14:55) _rene_: that#s why I think it's not a stooper, if if you insist it being done, let#s not talk, fix it, do m19 today or tomorrow -> done
(15:15:33) rtimm: paveljanik: you found that issue (we are talking about 111766, you may already have guessed). What do you say?
(15:15:34) mdamboldt: So we would than not create new binaries for MacOS. We will only create an m19 and distribute the source.
(15:16:07) _rene_: jup
(15:16:58) ja_: This will at least affect all builds from Nakata Maho...
(15:20:04) _KAMI_ [] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:22:01) ml1 [~ml93712@nat/sun/x-ltyzuxatbdjeqttt] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:24:02) mdamboldt: Ok, Ingo is currently changing related parts of 111766 and as soon as it's done we will take this as master fix for an m19 round.
(15:24:24) mdamboldt: This enables us to continue work on the RC2 binaries aka OOO320m18.
(15:25:20) mdamboldt: In cases upload can continue by tomorrow, when would the bits be up so everybody can start working with those? Would that be Thursday?
(15:25:53) rtimm: That means, we have decided to do a 'source only' milestone m19 and go on with m18 as current release candidate
(15:26:14) ml1: mdamboldt: earliest thursday, maybe friday
(15:26:29) _rene_: mdamboldt: too late. why Friday?
(15:26:44) _rene_: oops
(15:26:47) _rene_: ml1: too late. why Friday?
(15:27:05) ml1: rene: because ~80 GB needs to be distributed thru the mirrors
(15:27:16) mdamboldt: rtimm: thats what I read from the few written oppinions here.
(15:27:33) _rene_: but ok, as long as we take rc2 as base and can decide based on that *on Monday* and release *early next week* I am ok with it
(15:27:44) rtimm: mdamboldt: me too. I just wanted to be really clear, for the minutes.
(15:27:57) _rene_: ml1: and you need 3 days for 80GB? om my.
(15:28:10) _rene_: s/om/oh/
(15:28:22) ml1: rene: not every server is as fast as gwdg ;-)
(15:28:28) ja_: so Nakata Maho will need to do a build based on OOO320_m19
(15:28:56) _rene_: then those should be fixed or taken out of the rotation until they synced
(15:30:02) mdamboldt: _rene_: Today is already Tuesday. Most of the people do not have access to m18 yet. Due to the broken harddisk we can continue upload earliest tomorrow. Do you really think people will be able to give an approval for m18 till next Monday already?
(15:30:10) mdamboldt: Whats the oppinion of others here?
(15:30:28) _rene_: mdamboldt: it's not my problem if you needed 3 days to exchange a hd
(15:30:32) _rene_: mdamboldt: sorry, no.
(15:30:42) _rene_: mdamboldt: people could already have had m18
(15:31:34) _rene_: and Debian experimental will get rc2 tonight/tomorrow
(15:31:38) paveljanik: rtimm: sorry, I'm back now./
(15:32:32) paveljanik: ah, ok, I have even read that...
(15:32:47) paveljanik: similar issue: I see OOO_VENDOR in About windows. Is this the same issue?
(15:35:55) ja_: mdamboldt: NLC teams should have more time to release test m18. In my opinion next Monday is too early to give approval for this build.
(15:36:24) _rene_: and you want to have a delay of 1.5 weeks just for this issue?
(15:37:06) paveljanik: I do not want to see this issue in my builds. 1.5 weeks another, different, story.
(15:37:09) _rene_: or asked the other way: what do you propose as a meeting and as a release date?
(15:37:22) _rene_: paveljanik: then use m19 and be done :)
(15:37:42) _rene_: paveljanik: the release tarball will not be the m18 one.
(15:37:57) paveljanik: I do not have a problem with this.
(15:37:59) mdamboldt: _rene_: In the past we usually gave one week for RC review. Some times we managed to have it in six days starting on a Tuesday. Now you say everybody would be fine doing it in four days only when the can start on Thursday. I don't buy that.
(15:38:34) _rene_: that you don't buy that is no news to me.
(15:39:10) _rene_: mdamboldt: ok, propose dates please.
(15:39:54) _rene_: decision on Tuesday, release on Friday?
(15:41:13) mdamboldt: I can only guess from the past that next Tuesday would be earliest. Not sure what Mechtilde and others would think.
(15:41:53) mdamboldt: paveljanik: I there an issue id for the OOO_VENDOR thing?
(15:44:18) paveljanik: mdamboldt: someone asked me about it and he filled an issue. At least I asked him, mmnt
(15:44:45) paveljanik: martin Srebotnjak from SL team.
(15:46:09) paveljanik: he wrote:
(15:46:10) paveljanik: ust downloaded your m78 Slovenian build for OSX and saw on the About page (and remembered from the translation round) that the string and the variable name in it changed so now your name as the builder does not appear:
(15:46:10) paveljanik: Ta izdelek je ustvaril " OOO_VENDOR " na podlagi (15:48:02) mdamboldt: _rene_: The Tuesday / Friday combinations sound like it can work.
(15:49:39) dtardon hat den Raum verlassen (quit: Quit: this parrot is dead).
(15:52:32) MechtiIde: back from phone call (15:57:33) MechtiIde: which Tuesday/friday?
(15:57:40) MechtiIde: for m19/RC3?
(15:58:27) _rene_: next week....
(15:58:29) mdamboldt: paveljanik: I think I didn't get exactly what you mean by the OOO_VENDOR issue.
(15:58:34) _rene_: (and there won't be a official rc3)
(15:59:53) paveljanik: mdamboldt: in About window, the string contains OOO_VENDOR. It should be replaced by the person building it.
(15:59:58) paveljanik: in community buildes.
(16:00:00) paveljanik: builds
(16:00:04) _rene_: it does for me
(16:00:06) _rene_: (Linux)
(16:01:19) ja_: Mechtilde: the idea is to leave the Sun builds based on OOO320_m18 and to have OOO320_m19 just containing one masterfix for issue 111766. Pavel and Maho will have to build m19 based binaries
(16:01:22) IZBot: Installation DEFECT STARTED P1 OOO320_m18: Oracle logo on the DMG background
(16:02:44) MechtiIde: ja_, ok also we have do decide on Tuesday next week if we approve m18/RC2 for Release?
(16:03:07) mdamboldt: Mechtilde: Thats the proposal from today
(16:05:43) ml1: mechtilde: the question is *if* it's possible to get to the go/no-go status until tuesday, what do you think?
(16:06:31) MechtiIde: as wope already ask when do we get the Win builds?
(16:06:43) MechtiIde: do they have delay time
(16:06:53) MechtiIde: or are all builds signed?
(16:07:10) MechtiIde: +yet
(16:07:12) mdamboldt: Mechtilde: Indeed Windows is delayed due to signing, too.
(16:08:30) MechtiIde: then i think Tuesday is to early for a decission over all builds
(16:08:34) mdamboldt: I think the 3.2.1 status is clear now to everybody.
(16:09:04) mdamboldt: Since we are running out of time, I like to close this topic for today. Updates on it's status will be published on the mailing list.
(16:09:05) MechtiIde: or we first release Linux builds then some days later Win builds and then Mac builds
(16:10:00) mdamboldt: Mechtilde: Lets see when the bits become "really" available and decide based on the time left.
(16:10:09) MechtiIde: ok
(16:10:23) mdamboldt: Are there any other general topics for today?
(16:11:17) ja_: RE duties: DEV300_m79 will be done by Kurt Zenker
(16:11:19) mdamboldt: If not, I would just quickly note that we are still reviewing 3.3 status of corresponding CWS. So it little early to talk about items like first translation handover right now. (16:12:54) mdamboldt: I would suggest to do the next RSM next Monday as usual and to have an extra RSM on Tuesday for the 3.2.1 release status review.
(16:13:26) ja_: +1
(16:13:40) MechtiIde: +1
(16:14:14) mdamboldt: See you next Monday latest...
(16:14:15) mdamboldt: bye
(16:14:19) ml1: +1
(16:14:36) rafaella: bye

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