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Conversation with #oooreleases at Mon Sep 07 13:16:32 2009 on (irc)
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(15:02:12) _Nesshof_1: moin
(15:02:35) MechtiIde: hallo
(15:02:40) _Nesshof_1: mdamboldt is not in the office today so i have the pleasure
(15:02:49) of_sun: Hi!
(15:03:09) _Nesshof_1: any comment for the 3.1.1 release last week ?
(15:03:55) ***_rene_ surpresses his comment
(15:05:31) MechtiIde: no comment
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(15:06:27) VolkerMe: I'm with _rene_ at this time
(15:06:43) _Nesshof_1: ok, 2.4.3 status then
(15:07:24) _Nesshof_1: where we are with the release ?
(15:07:40) _rene_: done. next topic :)
(15:07:41) MechtiIde: 2.4.3 is also releassed
(15:07:50) MechtiIde: -s
(15:08:54) _Nesshof_1: i must have missed something ;-)
(15:09:16) _Nesshof_1: 3.2 release status
(15:09:21) VolkerMe: Communication about dropping the JRE versions could have been better, but is ok at least.
(15:10:03) _Nesshof_1: quite a lot open cws and issues with 3.2 target
(15:10:39) _Nesshof_1: we need to go over the list of cws and issues and reduce the amount
(15:11:04) _Nesshof_1: VolkerMe: wrt your proposal on releaes:
(15:11:23) _Nesshof_1: i'm fine with your suggested timeline ...
(15:11:45) _Nesshof_1: but I would call the alpha beta1 since this will be feature complete
(15:11:50) _rene_: VolkerMe: yep. especially as everyone who does not even will sip 2.4.3 needed to wait for it...
(15:11:59) _Nesshof_1: and would call the full loc. beta beta2 then
(15:12:21) _rene_: _Nesshof_1: the problem with that is that "beta" implies some form of quality
(15:12:35) _rene_: _Nesshof_1: which I don't believe we'll get that fast :)
(15:12:41) Fridrich: :)
(15:12:48) VolkerMe: _rene_: this was my intention
(15:12:50) Fridrich: the old good _rene_ is back
(15:13:00) _Nesshof_1: _rene_: we will have a beta meta issue, so we want to ensure some quality also for beta1
(15:13:13) _Nesshof_1: so it can be, that beta1 will delay a little bit
(15:13:16) MechtiIde: at the other side how can we detect the problems without more people who test it
(15:13:22) VolkerMe: Our beta for 3.0 was of better quality, translated, near RC
(15:13:30) _rene_: hi Fridrich :)
(15:13:39) VolkerMe: MechtiIde: It is just the wording
(15:14:05) VolkerMe: We can go public as early as possible
(15:14:23) VolkerMe: But should care about the words and whom to adress
(15:14:35) _Nesshof_1: VolkerMe: yes
(15:14:55) VolkerMe: The marketing would support this with appropriate press information
(15:15:11) VolkerMe: I had intensive talk to john and florian about this
(15:15:47) MechtiIde: But it is too late to do it some weeks before the expected release date
(15:16:25) rtimm: We had long discussions here for several releases what can be done to get bigger awareness before RC
(15:16:51) rtimm: Apparently not enough people test a milestone unless it is called Beta or RC
(15:16:58) VolkerMe: MechtiIde: We just change the wording and add special inofrmations.
(15:17:03) MechtiIde: rtimm, ACK
(15:17:58) VolkerMe: rtimm: We never announced Snapshots through our marketing channels
(15:18:02) MechtiIde: VolkerMe, yes we must send special informations about our definition of Beta and that this version is only in English
(15:18:39) MechtiIde: VolkerMe, only the press does it
(15:21:02) ***VolkerMe misses the marketing feeling here
(15:22:37) MechtiIde: My proposal: *all* people here test the last milestone up to the next week and then we decide
(15:24:24) ***VolkerMe has told everything about the case and wonders if this can be an engineering decision
(15:25:14) ***MechtiIde feels it as a bad marketing to have only few weeks between Beta and release version
(15:27:20) VolkerMe: MechtiIde: It is too short, but the marketing opinion is, that a not fully translated version shouldn't be a beta.
(15:27:40) VolkerMe: So we must wait for the translation delivery and the L10N CWS
(15:28:52) _Nesshof_1: should we include dev@marketing for further discussion
(15:29:07) VolkerMe: Unfortunately neither John nor Florian can attend here. (And I have to keep the door in sight, ;-) )
(15:29:27) VolkerMe: _Nesshof_1: Ok.
(15:29:29) _Nesshof_1: rtimm: RE duties this week
(15:29:43) _Nesshof_1: or may be a irc meeting in the evening ?
(15:30:02) MechtiIde: End of Oktober is to late for a Beta version IMO
(15:30:23) rtimm: _Nesshof_1: Oliver (obo) will do this week's build
(15:30:49) VolkerMe: _Nesshof_1: Then ask them directly please
(15:31:01) _Nesshof_1: VolkerMe: yes, I will do
(15:31:08) MechtiIde: then IMo we ship a beta version and do as the last minor releases the RCs
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(15:33:17) MechtiIde: _Nesshof_1, I nominated issue 104696 as a stooper for the Beta version and get no response
(15:33:29) IZBot: framework DEFECT CLOSED DUPLICATE P2 Can't open subdirectories in the English help
(15:34:04) MechtiIde: soory issue 103543
(15:34:11) IZBot: Word processor DEFECT NEW P3 Help Viewer, Contents page: Links don't show Help pages
(15:35:19) _Nesshof_1: is P3 the correct priority for that issue ?
(15:35:31) _Nesshof_1: looks like a stopper for me
(15:35:53) stefan_b: +1 Looking at help is essentioal for QAing it :-)
(15:35:53) MechtiIde: ok I didn't change it
(15:36:32) stefan_b: Should be P2: Essential parts can not be tested.
(15:36:37) MechtiIde: bbut essential for an English beta version
(15:37:09) stefan_b: Yes. This kind is a beta stopper.
(15:37:32) _Nesshof_1: anything else for today ?
(15:38:13) stefan_b: "Issue XYZ gives a bad impression of OOo" is NOT a beta stopper - Just want to avoid "target assurance efforts" by misusing stopper issues :-)
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(15:41:47) _Nesshof_1: by

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