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Conversation with #oooreleases at Mon Aug 17 14:57:19 2009 on (irc)
(14:57:19) #oooreleases: The topic for #oooreleases is: Release-Stauts-Meeting, every monday at 15:00 Hamburg Time (13:00 UTC in summer)
(14:59:53) mdamboldt: Hi
(15:00:35) _Nesshof_: mdamboldt: tach
(15:00:45) mdamboldt: Lets start with the 3.1.1 status
(15:01:01) UweL [n=chatzill@nat/sun/x-latwxcbomskxqtgs] entered the room.
(15:01:09) of_sun: Hi.
(15:01:15) mdamboldt: There one new stopper for the 3.1.1 release on the list. It's Issue 104146
(15:01:16) MechtiIde: hallo
(15:01:25) IZBot: Presentation DEFECT NEW P3 image corruption on save : unexpected modification of its original size
(15:02:34) mdamboldt: The required fix is already known and the corresponding CWS is in progress right now
(15:02:41) ***_rene_ wonders why cwses for 3.2 got nominated but sb114 wasn't although that's more pressing...
(15:03:38) MechtiIde: mdamboldt, so we can expect this Fix also for OOO310_m19 aka RC2?
(15:03:46) kai_a [n=Kai_Ahre@nat/sun/x-cqnfwtdndldxyhpx] entered the room.
(15:03:47) mdamboldt: _rene_: This DEV300 will be for grphite01 only.
(15:04:02) mdamboldt: Mechtilde: Yes
(15:04:09) _rene_: that doesn't answer my question :)
(15:05:56) mdamboldt: So we are targetting to start the next 3.1.1 build by Tuesday evening.
(15:06:19) mdamboldt: This hopefully enables us to upload RC2 before the next weekend.
(15:06:55) _rene_: which then makes it 5 days to the planned release date if you upload on Friday
(15:07:02) _rene_: will we keep Aug, 27?
(15:09:52) enoki [] entered the room.
(15:10:38) mdamboldt: _rene_: Assume you ask due to the 7 days period we normally use?
(15:10:52) _rene_: no, I ask just to know :)
(15:13:00) mdamboldt: My be we can keep the 27th since we will have a weekend included this time!?
(15:13:40) mdamboldt: Opinions?
(15:14:55) mla: what about to decide in the next meeting?
(15:15:04) MechtiIde: first I will see the build then I will get an opion
(15:15:16) mdamboldt: Ok, so next week to talk again about this.
(15:15:22) mdamboldt: Other items for 3.1.1?
(15:15:28) _rene_: .oO( and you still didn't answer about sb114 )
(15:18:24) mdamboldt: So 3.2 release
(15:18:48) mdamboldt: Issue 104271 has been put on todays agenda.
(15:18:58) IZBot: framework DEFECT NEW P3 No specs and issue for migrationanalysis module
(15:19:04) sophi: mdamboldt: hi all, yes, by me
(15:20:53) mdamboldt: sophi: I assume you haven't received any answer from dv yet!?
(15:21:15) sophi: mdamboldt: yes, this is why I opened the issue, we need to know
(15:22:06) mdamboldt: _rene_: sb114 will also become part of RC2
(15:24:00) mdamboldt: sophi: I will clarify this with dv. Results will be put into the issue.
(15:24:13) sophi: mdamboldt: ok, thanks a lot
(15:24:21) mdamboldt: Anything else for 3.2?
(15:24:36) sophi: not from my side
(15:25:03) rtimm: No, not from my side.
(15:25:26) UweL: no
(15:25:27) blauwal [n=jr93709@nat/sun/x-rcdcwfojeufaomwd] entered the room.
(15:25:47) mdamboldt: So we have 2.4.3 release on the list.
(15:27:25) mdamboldt: For 2.4.3 we have CWS sb115 on the list for the next RC
(15:28:16) mdamboldt: additional to that I would integrate Issue 99672 and Issue 104277
(15:28:21) IZBot: framework PATCH VERIFIED FIXED P3 supress the information window of an older OOo version, that appears when opening a document that has been created with a newer version
(15:29:11) mdamboldt: Thats all I've for 2.4.3
(15:29:39) mdamboldt: The 2.4.3 schedule would need to be adjusted to make the release happen just after 3.1.1
(15:30:51) rtimm: looks fine for me
(15:30:53) mdamboldt: A release on 1st September for example...
(15:34:18) mdamboldt: Anything else for today?
(15:34:44) enoki: Proposing issue 104146 as stopper for 2.4.3
(15:34:56) IZBot: Presentation DEFECT NEW P3 image corruption on save : unexpected modification of its original size
(15:35:39) enoki: sorry
(15:36:15) enoki: Proposing issue 104263 as stopper for 2.4.3
(15:36:21) IZBot: Word processor DEFECT UNCONFIRMED P3 Bullet's symbols were messed when export to .doc
(15:38:22) _Nesshof_: enoki: why for 2.4.3 it seems fixed in 3.1 ?
(15:39:10) enoki: 104146 is a mistake.
(15:39:48) _Nesshof_: enoki: 104263
(15:40:41) enoki: yes
(15:42:00) mdamboldt: enoki: I think the question is, why do you think 104263 is a stopper for the old 2.4.3 release when it's already fixed in 3.1.1
(15:44:44) enoki: It is necessary to correct it for the users of "2. x".
(15:45:10) _Nesshof_: enoki: why ?
(15:45:52) _Nesshof_: we also have some other issues we will not fix for all the 2.x releases !
(15:48:16) mdamboldt: I don't see 104263 as a stopper for 2.4.3 release right now.
(15:48:30) mdamboldt: Anything elese for todaY?
(15:49:05) mdamboldt: bye

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