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(14:59:50) ja_: Moin
(15:00:42) of_sun: Hello
(15:01:06) paveljanik: Moin
(15:01:31) blauwal: Hi
(15:02:06) kai_a [n=Kai_Ahre@nat/sun/x-6cb46f32f9157ece] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:02:42) Stefan___b: Moin!
(15:06:28) ***ja_ is looking for Martin
(15:06:30) _Nesshof_ [n=martin@nat/sun/x-fa2b45ecbb6c9ad9] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:06:44) _Nesshof_: sorry for being late
(15:06:58) of_sun: You're welcome
(15:07:16) _Nesshof_: did I miss something
(15:07:32) of_sun: not yet
(15:09:58) _Nesshof_: 3.1.1 timeline is still on the agenda ?
(15:10:17) _Nesshof_: I think the final dates are in the wiki in the meantime
(15:10:25) _Nesshof_: any open questions regarding 3.1.1 ?
(15:10:44) _Nesshof_: any questions regarding the 3.2 timeline ?
(15:11:33) rtimm: no
(15:12:25) _Nesshof_: 3.1.1 issues to discuss:
(15:12:29) _Nesshof_: issue 101513
(15:12:41) IZBot: framework DEFECT NEW P2 Migration of User Settings neccessary
(15:14:09) MechtiIde: yes this seems to be a problem for all new features needing a new entry or changing an entry
(15:14:22) _Nesshof_: of_sun: are we able to comment on this issue and to reassign ?
(15:15:01) of_sun: Sure. But is this needed for OOo 3.1.1 with no new UI features?
(15:16:15) MechtiIde: of_sun, the problem is that I know the problem for two nee features in 3.1 which are unvisible for some users
(15:16:32) MechtiIde: but we can discuss it how to solve it
(15:16:47) _rene_: the 3.0->3.1 upgrade path is broken, sounds like a thing one should acare about in .1.1 :)
(15:16:59) _rene_: and as 3.0 and 3.1 have the same user dir.. :)
(15:17:32) of_sun: Same as 2.y -> 2.x
(15:17:47) _rene_: yes, but 2.x is history anyway
(15:18:00) _rene_: and 2.x->3.x "works" because the user dir changed :)
(15:18:21) _rene_: of_sun: what you suggest is the "we always did it wrong, we should continue" approach?
(15:18:24) MechtiIde: of_sun, concrete: the menu entry cahnage of "AutoText"
(15:19:03) MechtiIde: of_sun, and the addition of makros using in Base files
(15:19:12) of_sun: _rene_: I haven't said that.
(15:19:47) _rene_: sounded like the "but that was the case ever" approach, sorry, but this could have been interpreted like it :)
(15:19:48) MechtiIde: of s/cahnage/change
(15:20:26) of_sun: I've only asked whether it makes sense in OOo 3.1.1 with no new UI features
(15:20:27) MechtiIde: of_sun, the problem results from using extensions
(15:20:47) MechtiIde: more poeople using extensions so more people have this problem
(15:21:11) MechtiIde: of_sun, but is fixed the problem with the UI changes in 3.1.0
(15:21:33) _rene_: of_sun: of course, since as said: 3.0 -> 3.1 is broken
(15:21:55) _rene_: of_sun: where should this be fixed if not in 3.1.1? 3.3? ;)
(15:22:34) of_sun: 3.2. But I will find out what can be done for 3.1.1 (risks).
(15:23:14) _rene_: so you want to leave all people who upgrade from 3.0 to 3.1 in the cold.
(15:23:17) MechtiIde: of_sun, give us the information how it can be fixed and what are the risk
(15:23:18) Stefan___b: Question is HOW can it be fixed. Only then the "when" can be talked about.
(15:24:40) Stefan___b: What about gathering info and re-discuss next Monday? We do not get an effort+risk estimation today I believe.
(15:24:46) MechtiIde: who will work on the fix and I will discuss about the problem I see there
(15:25:05) ja_: I think it's a valid request to fix a "regression" caused by 3.1. Someone needs to find out if the development effort to fix this in time for 3.1.1 corresponds with the 3.1.1 timeline.
(15:25:30) _Nesshof_: ok, AI for of_sun to find out until next week
(15:26:00) _Nesshof_: any other issues to discuss ?
(15:26:15) _Nesshof_: any other topic for today ?
(15:26:36) ja_: RE duties ?
(15:26:37) MechtiIde: the secvond issue from the list?
(15:27:09) Stefan___b: MechtiIde: what issue?
(15:27:19) of_sun: just heard that this fix is not simple but realy risky!
(15:27:20) mla: mechtilde: it seems fixed in CWS for 3.1.1
(15:27:32) MechtiIde: Stefan___b, is ok I didn't saw the whole comment :(
(15:27:53) mla: issue 64357
(15:27:53) Stefan___b: :-)
(15:28:04) IZBot: framework TASK VERIFIED FIXED P2 javaldx search too promiscuously
(15:28:34) _Nesshof_: i think this one already got approved ?
(15:28:44) _rene_: I don't believe this issue is fixable or did something get changed?
(15:28:57) _rene_: the argument that a JDK can be anywhere is valid...
(15:29:13) _rene_: (at least on Linux, for Solaris this afair (r=read) is already fixes)
(15:30:31) MechtiIde: of_sun, can you comment it to the issue 101513
(15:30:37) IZBot: framework DEFECT NEW P2 Migration of User Settings neccessary
(15:31:01) of_sun: sure
(15:31:28) MechtiIde: as I describe in Wiki it isn't commented till now
(15:32:06) _Nesshof_: _rene_: at least we got the problem resolved in the solaris environment for a specific path, not a real good solution but a solution for our environment
(15:32:26) MechtiIde: of_sun, I will also give some information fs gave at
(15:32:33) _rene_: jup, so I wonder why the issue is raised if fixed for Solaris already :)
(15:32:53) _Nesshof_: _rene_: :-)
(15:33:56) _Nesshof_: anything else for today ?
(15:35:17) ja_: ...not from myself
(15:36:03) ja_: ...but DEV300_m51 will be built by Ivo and DEV300_m52 will be built by Vladimir
(15:38:03) MechtiIde: ja_, are any plans for OOO310?
(15:38:30) MechtiIde: for this week or next week
(15:38:34) _Nesshof_: yes, but not that concrete that
(15:38:55) MechtiIde: ok only for planning the resources
(15:40:07) _Nesshof_: I would think between m51 and m52, but rtimm might know better what is possible
(15:40:26) _Nesshof_: I would guess, not in this week
(15:41:24) _Nesshof_: by
(15:41:33) MechtiIde: _Nesshof_, thanks
(15:41:36) rtimm: I'd d also say 'next week'
(15:42:03) blauwal: It's highly unlikely that 51 finish for end of the week
(15:42:36) blauwal: It's currently in integration phase and we'll have some maintainance on our main server in between
(15:42:58) blauwal: which might take a day or so
(15:46:06) rtimm: On OOO310 we have relatively low traffic, so doing a milestone every two weeks should be suffcient ATM
(15:46:57) mla: bye
(15:47:50) ja_: bye bye

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