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(15:01:16) ja_: Moin
(15:01:32) sophi: Hi all
(15:01:33) ***ja_ is back from CeBIT
(15:02:43) UweL [n=chatzill@nat/sun/x-a1233b0315e2f4c1] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:02:46) stefan_b: Moin moin!
(15:03:20) MechtiIde: helo
(15:03:22) MechtiIde: hello
(15:05:12) MechtiIde: wiki is ready for today
(15:06:04) ja_: ...then I'll begin...
(15:06:18) MechtiIde: Is it possible to put the link in the topic here?
(15:06:32) MechtiIde:
(15:07:02) rtimm: quite few people here. All others are on ESC meeting I guess?
(15:07:10) stefan_b: I just asked Ivo (IHI) to join here because he builds the OOo310_m5.
(15:07:41) ivo [] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:07:46) ivo: hi *
(15:07:49) ja_: today ESC team meets here in Hamburg. CWS localization35 has been integrated for OOO310_m5. OOO310_m5 AFAIK has been started
(15:08:10) MechtiIde: ja_, not if I follow EIS
(15:08:48) _rene_: rtimm: yes, mh, blauwal and me on ESC :)
(15:08:49) ivo: MechtiIde, looks for localization35_OOO310
(15:08:52) rtimm: MechtiIde: meanwhile news should have reached EIS
(15:08:54) MechtiIde: I didn't see the last change some minutes ago
(15:08:56) ivo: the cws is cloned
(15:09:10) ivo: one clone went into the OOO310 m5
(15:09:12) rtimm: _rene_: greetings to ESC :-)
(15:09:36) MechtiIde: Some minutes ago this CWS was nominated for the next milestone after m6
(15:09:48) MechtiIde: so the first point of the aganda is done
(15:10:04) ivo: MechtiIde, there was some confusion about the status in EIS some minutes ago
(15:10:09) ivo: MechtiIde, bernd fixed it
(15:11:10) rtimm:
(15:11:46) MechtiIde: so now it should be possible to build m5 on the build bot?
(15:12:47) rtimm: MechtiIde: no. There is no tagged m5 yet
(15:13:05) rtimm: It's just branches/OOO310
(15:13:20) rtimm: will become m5 when it's done here
(15:13:29) MechtiIde: ok then I wait
(15:16:17) ja_: I just talked with Ause regarding RE duties. OOO310_m5 is done by Ivo Hinkelmann (ihi) and the current DEV300 build is done by Oliver Bolte (obo). Uploads this week will be done by Marcus Lange (mla).
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(15:18:03) VolkerMe_ heißt jetzt VolkerMe
(15:19:31) Stefan_W [] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:24:36) ja_: When looking at the release meeting agenda there is CWS cl12 listed. The current status is "approved" but not yet "nominated". The issues AFAIK have not been discussed as stoppers. Mechtilde: do you have something to say/discuss regarding these issues ?
(15:24:50) ivo: I am still needed here?
(15:25:07) ja_: ivo: go ahead...
(15:25:33) stefan_b: ja_, I had a look at the issues in CL12 ans spoke to NN.
(15:25:45) MechtiIde: IMO it contains Issue 99919
(15:25:48) stefan_b: It is crystal clear that this CWS must go into 3.1
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(15:26:14) stefan_b: All of use collectively missed to attatach the issues as stoppers ( = no one did yet)
(15:26:32) stefan_b: CL12 contains issue 99710
(15:26:43) MechtiIde: sorry ot contains Issue 1000033
(15:26:46) stefan_b: And issue 99678
(15:26:48) IZBot: Spreadsheet DEFECT VERIFIED FIXED P2 Crash loading document
(15:26:49) IZBot: no issue with number 1000033
(15:26:54) MechtiIde: sorry ot contains Issue 100003
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(15:27:21) stefan_b: Yes, 99710 has a good handful of duplicates.
(15:27:23) ivo: ok , tschau!
(15:27:27) ivo hat den Raum verlassen (quit: "Verlassend").
(15:27:41) MechtiIde: yes I only knew the newer Issue
(15:28:14) stefan_b: MechtiIde, aha. So some of the duplicates was communicated as stopper?
(15:28:31) MechtiIde: yes
(15:29:34) ja_: Mechtilde: 99919 is not included within CWS cl12
(15:29:37) MechtiIde: also Issue 99710 has the target 3.1
(15:29:52) IZBot: Spreadsheet DEFECT VERIFIED FIXED P2 Crash loading document
(15:30:33) ja_: 99710 is part of this CWS
(15:30:49) stefan_b: So 99710 as the "surviving issue" shall enherit the blocker status of closed dupe 100003, I think.
(15:30:52) sophi: ja_: the issue said cws mav48
(15:31:06) MechtiIde: sorry issue 99919 was anothe regression Issue which was discussed as a stopper and has the target of 3.1
(15:31:11) IZBot: Presentation DEFECT RESOLVED FIXED P2 Hyperlinks do not work, when presentation is running
(15:31:59) MechtiIde: both Issues are from the same person ;-) so I mixed them
(15:33:49) skotti [n=skotti@nat/sun/x-50557db1bb767d1f] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:34:06) ja_: CWS mav48 is currently in QA and afaik it has been added as a stopper. 99919 is part of this CWS
(15:37:32) skotti: I would like to have the CWS os2port05 integrated. The CWS contains only OS/2 specific changes and is required to let the OS/2 community have their 3.1 build
(15:37:48) stefan_b: Ivo said that he already started to build m5. Thus CWS Mav48 can only make it into m6.
(15:38:51) ja_: CWS cl12 has not been retargeted yet so my humble opinion is that it's still part of those CWS that are planned to be integrated into 3.1
(15:38:59) MechtiIde: skotti, It would be a good Idea that the OS/2 community would discuss it also at So we can release also a vers for OS/"
(15:39:22) MechtiIde: OS/2
(15:39:37) stefan_b: All four issues in mav48 are blocker issues.
(15:39:51) MechtiIde: skotti, or at
(15:40:32) skotti: MechtiIde: At this point we're far from being able to release the OS/2 port - it still takes a considerable amount of hacking. However, a build can be done but it would (at least) require the os2port05 to get in.
(15:41:33) skotti: MechtiIde: And i'm a little frustrated about the CWS because it's been ready for quite a while now.
(15:41:58) ja_: skotti: you mean that a clone of this CWS gets cross integrated into OOO310 codeline. I has already been integrated into DEV300 codeline for OOo 3.2.
(15:42:31) skotti: ja_: Yes, the CWS was originally targeted at 3.1 but has been set away
(15:43:34) VolkerMe: ja_: So mav48 and cl12 will break the timeline from, right?
(15:44:03) rtimm: skotti: os2port05 has been approved by QA on Feb. 12. That's by far after code freeze for 3.1
(15:45:38) rtimm: So, why take the risk of integrating it if we are "far from being able to release the OS/2 port"
(15:46:00) rtimm: I'd vote against it
(15:46:15) skotti: rtimm: Far from means that we are not able to release a version with the means that provides.
(15:46:30) rtimm: Has anyone revied the changes and their protential risk for other platforms?
(15:46:34) skotti: rtimm: But there is a developer who can release a quite nice build
(15:47:51) rtimm: skotti: is there someone beside this developer having demand for an OS2 version?
(15:48:14) skotti: rtimm: ?
(15:48:16) MechtiIde: skotti, can the devoloper contact for Qaing?
(15:49:29) skotti: I did the QA for the build
(15:50:15) stefan_b: I just linked 99710 to stopper issue 95768 and posted on releases alias accordingly.
(15:50:23) IZBot: tools TASK NEW P3 track 3.1 release blocker
(15:53:30) ja_: I have to talk to Martin Hollmichel regarding these two CWSes (mav48 and cl12) because I cannot determine the risk of integration and if the timeline allows the integration. I doubt that integrating CWS os2ort05 is useful at this late time after code freeze.
(15:54:32) of_sun: But I can determine the risk of not integrating mav48: Desaster!!
(15:55:25) stefan_b: +1
(15:55:33) MechtiIde: +1 for of_sun
(15:55:38) VolkerMe: ja_: It is just that we need another week.
(15:57:06) MechtiIde: I don't see this conclusion
(15:57:14) stefan_b: We have cl12 approved and mav48 should be approved by tomorrow. These two make another week?
(15:58:28) MechtiIde: not really for me
(15:58:51) sophi: deadline for last cws integration is March 12th, so it should be ok, no?
(15:59:52) rtimm: ja_: Last week we decided "Martin wanted first to see the first RC with the CWS integrated which should be around March, 12th. But from the past experience it seems better to have another snapshot build before the RC with the CWS."
(16:00:16) rtimm: That would mean doing an m6 anyway, wouldn't it?
(16:01:05) MechtiIde: and then we can decide if the m6 can be a RC
(16:01:34) skotti hat den Raum verlassen ("Ex-Chat").
(16:01:38) rtimm: MechtiIde: That's what I read in last week's minutes, yes.
(16:01:48) ja_: rtimm: exactly. Nontheless I'd like to discuss the integration with Martin.
(16:01:53) MechtiIde: I think we can also handle the m6
(16:03:14) rtimm: I'd guess cl12 wasn't nomintaed because its issues were not on the stopper list, as you wrote.
(16:03:55) rtimm: So if we correct that everything should go it's way ...
(16:05:02) MechtiIde: so we have to set issue 99710 as a stopper
(16:05:06) MechtiIde: ?
(16:05:17) IZBot: Spreadsheet DEFECT VERIFIED FIXED P2 Crash loading document
(16:05:54) stefan_b: I already linked 99710... As written ebove :-)
(16:06:08) stefan_b: ...above...
(16:06:46) stefan_b: I will add a comment in the CWS, too.
(16:08:13) MechtiIde: also Issue 99511 from the stopper issue has no Target
(16:08:18) IZBot: porting DEFECT NEW P1 MacOSX : build failure at instsetoo_native
(16:12:27) UweL: there is a discussion in the issue please read
(16:13:21) UweL: I think it is to early to decide which release :-)
(16:13:40) MechtiIde: UweL, I only looked for the organisation part
(16:14:01) stefan_b: Reading the description, this is not a clear P1 issue anymore IMHO.
(16:14:05) ja_: From my side I would vote for both CWS fwk48 and cl12. Issue 99511 still needs feedback from Nakata Maho
(16:14:12) IZBot: porting DEFECT NEW P1 MacOSX : build failure at instsetoo_native
(16:14:32) stefan_b: ja_, not fwk 48, but mav48
(16:14:43) ja_: you're right...sorry
(16:15:34) UweL: Mechtilde: I take care of the meta issue, believe me :-)
(16:17:14) ja_: If we integrate these two CWS then it should be clear that we have to shift the timeline
(16:17:19) of_sun: Until we have new findings from MAHO I'll reduce the prio of issue 99511. It doesn't look like a real show stopper by now.
(16:17:24) IZBot: porting DEFECT NEW P1 MacOSX : build failure at instsetoo_native
(16:19:14) rtimm: ja_: I think we'll need even more childworkspaces, regarding all those 'nominte ...' mails on releases list
(16:19:39) rtimm: s/nominte/nominate/
(16:20:13) UweL: +1
(16:25:05) ja_: anything else ?
(16:25:11) stefan_b: rtimm, I agree too. As ja_ said above, this needs clarification with Martin.
(16:25:49) rtimm: stefan_: of course. So, are we finished for now?
(16:27:07) rtimm: bye bye everyone
(16:27:08) VolkerMe: "Possible timeline for 2.4.3" has been on agend for weeks
(16:28:20) stefan_b: I can not comment on that. Who can?
(16:28:57) rtimm: VolkerMe: True. Though, personally I'd prefer not to do that release and 3.1 simultaneously.
(16:29:22) ja_: Within the meeting from 23.02.2009 es discussed: "Martin thinks we have all fixes for a 2.4.3 release together. Build can be done earliest in a week." We also discussed that we do not want to have parallel releases
(16:29:53) rtimm: ja_: +1
(16:29:59) VolkerMe: Understandable
(16:30:00) stefan_b: ja_, +1 (AGAINST partallel releases)
(16:30:33) VolkerMe: Conclusion: "After releasing 3.1"
(16:31:10) stefan_b: VolkerMe, this sounds meaningful. So 2.4.3 shall stay on agenda a little more.
(16:31:24) ja_: stefan_b: +1
(16:33:17) stefan_b: Anything else? The RE duties were posted by ja_ here at [15:16]...
(16:33:37) ja_: not from my side.
(16:35:44) ja_: OK...bye bye
(16:35:52) stefan_b: Bye!
(16:36:03) sophi: bye
(16:36:07) VolkerMe: bye

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