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(14:56:40) blauwal [] hat den Raum betreten.
(14:58:02) sophi [] hat den Raum betreten.
(14:59:03) ja_: Hi
(14:59:07) calc: hello
(14:59:12) mdamboldt [] hat den Raum betreten.
(14:59:26) _rene_: moin
(14:59:31) sophi: Hi
(14:59:56) bettina-h [n=Bettina_@nat/sun/x-b9abfb4a210e36df] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:00:16) _Nesshof_: moin
(15:00:43) _Nesshof_: ok, topic of the day is 3.0 release status :-)
(15:00:51) _Nesshof_: rc2 is out
(15:01:14) stefan__b: Hi!
(15:01:29) _rene_: _Nesshof_: don't forget the "extension release process" topic :)
(15:01:39) _rene_: _Nesshof_: ... and the tarballs are broken ;-(
(15:01:51) _Nesshof_: we still have open issue 93978
(15:02:00) IZBot: l10n DEFECT RESOLVED FIXED P2 [ES] help - table of contents - some items not translated
(15:02:24) _Nesshof_: my proposal is to integrate this one for 3.0.1
(15:02:45) _Nesshof_: unless we'd do a rc3
(15:02:49) _rene_: +1
(15:02:51) MechtiIde: +1
(15:02:54) stefan__b: +1
(15:03:19) bettina-h: +1
(15:03:22) UweL: +1
(15:03:23) ja_: +1
(15:03:37) _Nesshof_: I suggest also to move issue 93731 to 3.0.1 target as a solution is not in sight
(15:03:40) rtimm [] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:03:43) IZBot: porting DEFECT STARTED P3 No menues when started from terminal in Mac OS X 10.4
(15:04:07) _Nesshof_: missing for an update of the source tarball is issue 94043
(15:04:12) IZBot: www DEFECT NEW P3 OpenOffice3 alias misses cppunit
(15:04:26) _rene_: _Nesshof_: I don't think so, you can just regen them now
(15:04:54) _Nesshof_: so let's wait this week for more feedback and prepare to release on September 30th
(15:05:00) _rene_: _Nesshof_: we don't need to wait for the alias, we just need a proper co. if the alias gets fixed in the time till the final release everything is still ok
(15:05:06) UweL: +1 for 93731
(15:05:10) _Nesshof_: _rene_: yes
(15:05:22) _rene_: _Nesshof_: ja_ or whover does the tarballs can co OpenOffice3 Extensions3 cppunit :)
(15:06:15) _rene_: _Nesshof_: but I guess you should tell Collapse that you approve that issue.. ;-(
(15:06:42) _Nesshof_: _rene_: I already approved Friday morning
(15:06:54) _Nesshof_: before breakfast ;-)
(15:06:58) _rene_: ah, ok (didn't know, it's not in the issue)
(15:07:15) _Nesshof_: do we need also some more preparation around the download pages ?
(15:07:55) _Nesshof_: I updated the system requirements page
(15:08:35) ja_: I'll take a copy of the 2.4.1 page and modify it...
(15:08:41) _Nesshof_: I have no exact idea what the status around install instruction, product information etc is
(15:09:18) _Nesshof_: we should trigger the marketing project about this topic
(15:09:42) _Nesshof_: ok, _rene_, your turn regarding the release process for extensions ...
(15:10:00) _rene_: ok, we need to get a *defined* release process for extensions
(15:10:10) _rene_: because what's now happening is the following:
(15:10:33) _rene_: - OOo code in both OOO300 and HEAD/trunk contains 1.0 of e.g. the presentation minimizer
(15:10:39) _rene_: (as of description.xml)
(15:10:54) _rene_: someone pre-maturely uploads a 1.0 to extensions.s.o.o
(15:11:05) _rene_: then some fixes are made, description.xml stays 1.0
(15:11:15) _rene_: mh hacks a .1 in to be able to upload that new version
(15:11:28) _rene_: making extensions.s.o.o have a 1.0.1 and any code 1.0
(15:11:50) _rene_: I don't think that's how it should be done :-)
(15:12:30) ***_Nesshof_ finds it unfortunate to code even the microrelease in the code
(15:12:36) _rene_: because we then have 1.0.1 on extensions.s.o,o without corresponding source... (the source in CVS/svn/.. still says 1.0)
(15:12:54) _rene_: of course, when you know what happened to can dig it out/ask the person, but...
(15:13:13) _rene_: it still makes people just taking description.xmls value looking out of date
(15:13:20) _Nesshof_: _rene_: the situation is even worse
(15:13:26) _rene_: or look at the SRB. 1.0.5 since ages, even with stopper fixes
(15:13:34) _rene_: what is the "real" 1.0.5?
(15:13:43) _Nesshof_: we also have not the corresponding version and target fields in issuetracker
(15:14:35) _Nesshof_: it's almost impossible to see what's fixed in the extension and what has been fixed in the Office code
(15:17:06) _Nesshof_: rtimm and _Nesshof_ will work on a proposal on how to fix such issue around the extension release process in the next weeks
(15:17:27) _rene_: _Nesshof_: we also maybe should cvs tag the extension versions
(15:17:38) _rene_: _Nesshof_: and point to that tag from extensions.s.o.o
(15:18:07) _rene_: (or svn tag, fwiw)
(15:18:21) _Nesshof_: _rene_: feel free to add suggestion and comments to , this will be our woking paper
(15:19:12) _Nesshof_: _rene_: yes, agreed
(15:19:15) hdu_hh [] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:20:21) ja_: +1 for 93731
(15:20:31) _Nesshof_: anything else for today ?
(15:20:58) MechtiIde: next meeting -> Next monday
(15:21:15) MechtiIde: or and then decide the release?
(15:21:18) _Nesshof_: MechtiIde: yes, to decide to release rc2 as final
(15:21:48) MechtiIde: Then IMO we should plan 1.10.08 as the Release date
(15:22:34) MechtiIde: the 1st of October not the 30th of September
(15:23:05) _rene_: why? to have only 1 day before the long weekend? ;-)
(15:23:26) _Nesshof_: or to decide already on Friday ?
(15:23:33) _rene_: no, seriously, what is the advantage of 1.10 to 30.9?
(15:23:33) MechtiIde: because of a possible delay of mirroring
(15:24:02) MechtiIde: as we have had with the RC2 last weekend
(15:24:17) _rene_: a propos mirroring, I have another topic...
(15:24:24) _rene_: but let's finish this first :)
(15:24:45) MechtiIde: _Nesshof_, after finishing the download of RPMs I see a problem in the tar.gz
(15:25:26) _rene_: yeah, that's also matching with my problem. on stardiv I can get the tarballs directly and check them
(15:25:42) gibi331 [n=gibi33@] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:25:49) _Nesshof_: ?
(15:25:52) _rene_: bogusly directs everyone going to extended/ to gwdg. this caused a delay on checking the m6 tarballs :-)
(15:26:15) _rene_: we *should* have access to oootranslations for those who know what they do :)
(15:27:20) ***_Nesshof_ doesn't understand the details of the problem
(15:27:43) _rene_: mine?
(15:28:10) _Nesshof_: are you talking about one or two problems ?
(15:28:21) ***ja_ doesn't understand it as well
(15:28:30) _rene_: I *think* we are talking about two sides of a medal :)
(15:29:06) _rene_: MechtiIdes point was that it might be that mirroring might be slow so we should give it more than 1 day time to finish to go sure
(15:29:44) _rene_: my point was that people who want to check stuff/QA suffer from the fact that redirects everyone to a mirror which might be out-of-sync for a day...
(15:30:40) _Nesshof_: ok I got now the first problem
(15:30:56) _Nesshof_: and also the second should be solveable
(15:31:16) _Nesshof_: we can follow up this offline I think
(15:31:26) _rene_: normally, *I* use stardiv directly. which is quite up-to-date. not possible for oootranslations and extended/
(15:32:27) _Nesshof_: ok, anything else for today ?
(15:32:29) MechtiIde: and the problem with the desktop integrations in the RPMs?
(15:32:47) _Nesshof_: ah, there's a third one :-)
(15:33:17) _Nesshof_: MechtiIde: what is the exact problem there ?
(15:33:23) MechtiIde: e.g for suse or red-hat and so on there are two packages 9352 and 9354
(15:33:46) MechtiIde: and mandriva and freedesktop
(15:34:15) ja_: _rene_: as stardiv is used as mirror master ftp services have been disabled for extended to assure rsync distribution of binaries
(15:35:20) _rene_: ja_: might be, nut stardiv also lets me on it using http :)
(15:35:28) ***_Nesshof_ still does not get MechtiIde's problem
(15:35:38) _rene_: ja_: oootranslation doesn't, it directly redirects to gwdg
(15:35:49) MechtiIde: _Nesshof_, andreasma described it in issue 93564 but it seems to be the wrong issue
(15:35:57) IZBot: gsl DEFECT VERIFIED FIXED P2 desktop-integration rpm broken in 3.0rc1
(15:36:22) rtimm: Arrgh - looks like defect dependencies or something like that in sysui.
(15:36:49) MechtiIde: _Nesshof_, if you untar the tar.gz of the RPMs and change to the desktop-integration to chosse the package you need
(15:36:58) rtimm: Rebuilding it for DuildID 9352 did not remove old packages of 9352, and both got included into install sets.
(15:37:15) rtimm: at least it looks so, did not analyze in detail yet ...
(15:39:06) MechtiIde: because ihi has closed it again I do a download myself and look in it
(15:39:20) _Nesshof_: rtimm: so we might need to repackage ?
(15:39:23) rtimm: If needed, we can rebuild and repack. It's not strictly a code issue
(15:39:42) _Nesshof_: *sigh*
(15:40:06) rtimm: me too :-(
(15:40:30) ja_: do we ?
(15:40:40) _Nesshof_: any more problems for today ?
(15:40:49) _Nesshof_: rtimm: RE duties ?
(15:40:57) rtimm: RE this week - Heiner finishes DEV300 m32, then Vladimir (vg) will do DEV300 m33. If we'll need another OOO300 milestone that will be done by Ivo (ihi).
(15:42:08) _Nesshof_: ok
(15:42:09) _Nesshof_: by
(15:42:15) MechtiIde: then we will force testing
(15:42:16) stefan__b: Bye!
(15:42:24) MechtiIde: bye ;-)
(15:42:27) ja_: bye
(15:42:32) sophi: bye all
(15:42:51) mdamboldt hat den Raum verlassen
(15:42:58) UweL: bye
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