ReleaseStatus Minutes 2008-07-28 IRC log

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(14:58:50) ja_: welcome!
(14:58:52) calc: good morning
(14:59:39) mla: hi
(14:59:59) jj1: hi
(15:00:14) _Nesshof1: main
(15:00:25) MechtiIde: hello
(15:00:40) blauwal [] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:00:55) _Nesshof1: anything to add to our todays agenda ?
(15:01:15) MechtiIde: _Nesshof1, yes
(15:01:27) MechtiIde: issue 88700
(15:01:33) IZBot: framework ENHANCEMENT VERIFIED FIXED P2 to-be-BEA300_m1/DEV300_m11: extensions and arch in Identifier:
(15:01:42) MechtiIde: and may be issue 91426 / issue 89121
(15:01:48) IZBot: Installation ENHANCEMENT VERIFIED FIXED P2 Process required, to add language specific extensions ...
(15:01:49) _Nesshof1: MechtiIde: jl99_DEV300 ?
(15:01:51) _rene_: _Nesshof1: CVS aliases (OpenOffice3!) and extensions
(15:02:08) paveljanik: Hi
(15:02:17) MechtiIde: _Nesshof1, I can't find the CWS in the DEV_branch
(15:02:18) _rene_: _Nesshof1: .oO ( swext )
(15:02:36) _Nesshof1: ok, lets start with 3.0 issues
(15:02:40) ja_: _Nesshof1: changing the branch-off date within the agenda
(15:03:03) _rene_: heh, right
(15:03:22) _Nesshof1: MechtiIde: 88700 has been integrated on m12 with jl99_DEV300
(15:03:27) UweL [n=chatzill@nat/sun/x-3ef52dc4eed5627c] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:03:27) _rene_: July, 7th was three weeks ago :)
(15:03:52) _Nesshof1: _rene_: yes we need to replace it with <today>
(15:04:08) _Nesshof1: rtimm is hopefully currently working on it
(15:04:16) rtimm: _Nesshof1: Yes, I am
(15:04:19) MechtiIde: _Nesshof1, thanks
(15:04:31) MechtiIde: and issue 89121
(15:04:37) IZBot: Installation ENHANCEMENT VERIFIED FIXED P2 Process required, to add language specific extensions ...
(15:04:42) _rene_: _Nesshof1: so what about the endless CVS aliases mess?
(15:05:18) _rene_: _Nesshof1: (and extension building)? In any outcome, configure needs to be adapted...
(15:05:58) _Nesshof1: 89121 this issue is about not having the dictionaries in the language packs ?
(15:06:28) MechtiIde: no
(15:06:45) MechtiIde: 89121 is fixed in BEB300_m3 as Master
(15:07:05) MechtiIde: and I can't find it in DEV300
(15:07:28) _Nesshof1: rtimm: you took over the m3 masterfixes into DEV300 ...
(15:07:37) _Nesshof1: rtimm: ... also as masterfix ?
(15:07:39) MechtiIde: or is it integrated together with 9126in dictionaryupdate?
(15:07:53) MechtiIde: sorry 91426
(15:07:58) rtimm: I have to have a look first, sorry ...
(15:10:05) rtimm: MechtiIde: where do you see 89121 as masterfix for BEB300? I only find it registered for native156 (DEV300) and native156_BEB300
(15:10:06) _Nesshof1: _rene_: kai_a is currently fixeing the filter and reportdesign modules for separation of all extensions from the Office code
(15:10:30) _rene_: and then we'll get a -extensions tarball containing all of the extensions?
(15:11:02) _rene_: so the way is then to per default disable the extensions' building and check for the dir when --enable-*'ing them
(15:11:04) _Nesshof1: _rene_: yes
(15:11:05) _rene_: ok
(15:11:06) _rene_: which cws?
(15:11:27) ***_rene_ would then do config_office there directly
(15:11:49) kai_a: _rene_: TBD today, giving a you short mail when finished
(15:12:14) _rene_: kai_a: well, before it's RfQA I need to do the changes, so.. ;-)
(15:12:27) _rene_: kai_a: but you can mail me if you did your part, yes :)
(15:12:45) kai_a: _rene_: ok, I'll do it in time
(15:12:55) _Nesshof1: _rene_: kai_a fine
(15:13:00) MechtiIde: rtimm, as described in the Issue
(15:13:34) MechtiIde: rtimm, because there were some problems with native156
(15:13:46) _rene_: kai_a: will that just be seperating the modules? or will they even we buildable against the SDK?
(15:13:56) rtimm: I cannot see any code change by ause on the masterfix dummy CWS.
(15:14:06) blauwal: thats the one
(15:14:10) _rene_: kai_a: just out of curiosity
(15:14:26) rtimm: May be this was a 'should have been built from scratch but wasn't in first try" issue
(15:14:33) _rene_: kai_a: the latter would be a good step into the direction of modularization :)
(15:14:37) _Nesshof1: _rene_: but a good question !
(15:14:43) rtimm: if so, it meanwhile should have been fixed on DEV300, too.
(15:15:04) _Nesshof1: _rene_: that is the objective of that exercise !
(15:15:47) MechtiIde: rtimm, I'll test the issues after the meeting
(15:15:51) rtimm: MechtiIde: do you see the issue in current DEV300 milestones?
(15:16:06) rtimm: MechtiIde: Ah, sorry, I should have read first ...
(15:16:15) blauwal: MechtiIde: Ause told me that the stuff should be in DEV300
(15:16:26) kai_a: _rene_: the pure extensions module should be buildable against the SDK only
(15:16:35) _rene_: whee
(15:16:51) _Nesshof1: kai_a: jaaaaaa !
(15:17:10) rtimm: and what are 'pure extensions module in different to other 'extensions modules'?
(15:17:29) _rene_: rtimm: probably reportdesign and filter are exceptions
(15:17:36) _rene_: rtimm: (just a guess)
(15:17:53) rtimm: _rene_: at least. Probably more. :-(
(15:18:04) kai_a: rtimm: currentlyx we have a mixed C++/Java module for the reportdesigner, this will be separated
(15:18:18) _Nesshof1: rtimm: this would be then another bug we need to fix
(15:18:28) MechtiIde: rtimm, the Problem is that I can only test it with Pavels Build or with the localisation29 build based on m23
(15:19:06) MechtiIde: rtimm, otherwise I ran into issue 92147
(15:19:11) IZBot: Installation DEFECT RESOLVED WORKSFORME P2 no dict DE in Installation Packages
(15:19:12) _Nesshof1: next issue on the agenda is issue 92147
(15:19:17) IZBot: Installation DEFECT RESOLVED WORKSFORME P2 no dict DE in Installation Packages
(15:20:11) _Nesshof1: MechtiIde: so you want not to prebundle dictionaries ?
(15:20:49) _Nesshof1: or want to include dictionaries also in languag packs ?
(15:21:17) MechtiIde: include in langpacks
(15:21:26) MechtiIde: then it is possible to test it
(15:21:50) _Nesshof1: to test what ?
(15:21:56) MechtiIde: At this time most of the builds we can test are en and de-langpacks
(15:22:16) MechtiIde: eg verifying issue 89121
(15:22:22) IZBot: Installation ENHANCEMENT VERIFIED FIXED P2 Process required, to add language specific extensions ...
(15:22:30) MechtiIde: and if the spellchcker works
(15:23:09) stefan_b: MechtiIde, adding of laguage specific extensions does work in general.
(15:23:22) stefan_b: MechtiIde, when a dict is missing, it is another issue.
(15:23:57) _Nesshof1: so what we still need to do is to provide all the bundled dicts also in the extensions repo
(15:24:16) _rene_: _Nesshof1: amd move them into -extensions? :-P
(15:24:32) ***_Nesshof1 has problems to understand what the real issue is
(15:24:47) _Nesshof1: _rene_: :-*
(15:25:04) _rene_: _Nesshof1: sorry, couldn't resist :)
(15:25:05) MechtiIde: the issue was that there was too few information about this
(15:25:18) MechtiIde: to communicate this
(15:26:07) _Nesshof1: MechtiIde: lets talk about this right after the meeting for clarification on how to proceed
(15:26:17) MechtiIde: _Nesshof1, ok
(15:27:00) _Nesshof1: next: translation, new strings mess
(15:27:21) _Nesshof1: rafaella proposed a new translation timeline last week
(15:27:38) _rene_: _Nesshof1: but they are extensions, so...
(15:28:02) _Nesshof1: _rene_: but bundled extensions, maybe we need an extra category for them
(15:28:42) _Nesshof1: jj1: do you know if the presentation minimzer was parsed the first time on m26 ?
(15:28:57) sophi: _Nesshof1: may be for extensions that have their strings in our translation process
(15:29:12) _Nesshof1: the strings in there occured for the first time and not only the actually changed strings
(15:30:10) _Nesshof1: rafaella already requested that the strings for extensions should be identified
(15:30:54) _Nesshof1: it is quite unfortunate to have extensions with a possible different release schedule but a strongly coupled translation process
(15:31:12) jj1: _Nesshoff1: according to Ivo a new xcu file appeared in m26, but the presentation minimizer was also parsed prior to m26
(15:31:13) sophi: _Nesshof1: yes
(15:31:56) _Nesshof1: jj1: but in July just three string where changed, but there are a lot more listed in the diff
(15:32:38) _Nesshof1: sophi: do you ever saw a french presentation minmizer ?
(15:32:52) sophi: _Nesshof1: no
(15:32:56) _Nesshof1: paveljanik: of a Czech one ?
(15:32:58) jj1: _Nesshoff1: Ivo can take a closer look. How do we know that only 3 strings were changed, when the diff says otherwise?
(15:33:00) _Nesshof1: s/of/or
(15:33:09) paveljanik: _Nesshof1: yes, there is translation...
(15:33:13) sophi: _Nesshof1: as I never saw Smart Tags
(15:33:20) _Nesshof1: jj1: cvs diff says that
(15:33:51) _Nesshof1: paveljanik: jj1 now I'm confused
(15:34:36) paveljanik: _Nesshof1: what is "changed string for you"?
(15:34:36) _Nesshof1: the other big chunk in m26 was description of the binfilter registry items
(15:34:50) paveljanik: if ID is changed, it is changed string even if the string itself is not changed at all...
(15:34:54) msc_sun hat den Raum verlassen
(15:35:00) _Nesshof1: those seem to be forgotten when the "Legacy Filter" module has been created
(15:35:33) jj1: _Nesshoff1: Pavel is correct. Is that perhaps the explanation for the "new" strings?
(15:35:58) _Nesshof1: jj1: I have no idea where to look for that ID
(15:36:54) _Nesshof1: so the document registry descriptions are maybe also caused by the move/changed ID
(15:37:30) _Nesshof1: in m24 the Classic Icon theme was added (iconupdate300u1 by kai_a )
(15:37:33) msc_sun [n=ms93807@nat/sun/x-03833d9a1aa8c730] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:38:02) _Nesshof1: and also in m24 an syntax error in an English string
(15:38:37) _Nesshof1: in m25: in scp2 2 strings for the SDK which IHMO not get used in the installation
(15:38:43) paveljanik: change of typo in en-US is OK we do not count it as changed string if it doesn't change the meaning of it.
(15:39:22) _Nesshof1: SDK was not included with the Office install set.
(15:39:44) _Nesshof1: so this might simply a mistake by Juergen when turning back that changes
(15:41:14) _Nesshof1: then just two more strings remain: Remove all older product versions in instsetoo_native (m26)
(15:42:22) _Nesshof1: and the already clarified Spelling... entry
(15:42:54) _Nesshof1: kai_a: is the Classic entry really translation relevant ?
(15:44:14) _Nesshof1: paveljanik: jj: sophi is there any chance to get the installation string localized without pushing the release by 2-3 weeks ?
(15:44:48) sophi: _Nesshof1: when is your deadline?
(15:44:53) kai_a: _Nesshof1: I don't think so...
(15:45:37) _Nesshof1: we agreed two weeks ago to do a first releasecandidate around August 7
(15:46:24) ja_: _Nesshof1: wasn't that August 15th ?
(15:46:25) paveljanik: _Nesshof1: I proposed today as the deadline of the new GSI-merge round...
(15:46:26) jj1: As soon as we get the translation for the string we would need only a few hours to create and apply a master fix
(15:46:30) _Nesshof1: and as long we are not done with the last translation update it's difficult to promote a rc
(15:46:48) sophi: _Nesshof1: we need at least a week-end in the schedule, so we need around 10 days to work correctly
(15:47:16) paveljanik: ... so we already lost one week by analyzing etc...
(15:47:40) sophi: paveljanik: yes
(15:48:03) _Nesshof1: paveljanik: yes, we need a tool in the future to detect any string changes in advance
(15:48:17) _Nesshof1: and have that integrated in EIS
(15:48:31) paveljanik: we almost have it already...
(15:48:43) sophi: paveljanik: ain ;-)
(15:48:56) jj1: _Nesshoff1: Do you think the RC would get promoted by the native-lang communities if not all know translation errors are fixed but only the one you mentioned above?
(15:49:02) paveljanik: Sun is uploading GSI files. We can do so for CWSes (only diffs to the master workspace...)
(15:49:04) _Nesshof1: I would like to see the strings if i'm doing the nomination
(15:49:24) _Nesshof1: (or would like to see that there are no strings)
(15:50:25) paveljanik: that would mean building that cws...
(15:50:32) jj1: _Nesshoff1: A mandatory cwslocalize run on a CWS would tell you the number of modified strings. But do we want to make such runs mandatory?
(15:50:45) paveljanik: at least until module transex3
(15:51:15) _Nesshof1: jj1: how long does a cwsloalize run ?
(15:51:19) msc_sun hat den Raum verlassen
(15:52:30) ***_Nesshof1 doesn't want to have that mandatory but automted
(15:52:44) jj1: _Nesshoff1: ~30 min.
(15:52:50) _Nesshof1: at least after UI freeze
(15:53:02) _Nesshof1: jj1: :-/
(15:53:27) _Nesshof1: jj1: can you make me a button for that in EIS ?
(15:53:47) _Nesshof1: jj1: so that I'm able to press that button before nomination ?
(15:54:24) paveljanik: can't we add that to tinderbox? It could upload diff between extracted GSI files of the master and cws...
(15:54:34) paveljanik: automatically...
(15:55:19) _Nesshof1: ok, what is the plan now for the current release ? (we are running out of time for today)
(15:55:50) jj1: _Nesshoff1: So that on the webservers the whole CWS gets checked out, cwslocalize run and the result stored in the EIS database. That seems a huge overhead...
(15:56:13) paveljanik: _Nesshof1: new l10n merge round on Monday.
(15:56:16) rtimm: EIS does not seem to be a good idea for this
(15:56:27) paveljanik: ... because we already missed today.
(15:56:38) paveljanik: tinderboxes...
(15:57:07) paveljanik: after every build, save the output of localize -e ..., run diff if it is CWS, upload it.
(15:57:29) jj1: paveljanik: And on Monday have _all_ remaining strings translated or only the most relevant?
(15:57:42) paveljanik: jj1: new, complete l10n round.
(15:57:52) paveljanik: we do not have a process called "translate this and this string"
(15:58:00) _Nesshof1: :-(
(15:58:08) _Nesshof1: :-)
(15:58:40) jj1: paveljanik: OK, for such a round Rafaella estimated that the translations would be ready on August 7th and AFAIK has announced this as the new deadline...
(15:58:41) paveljanik: no more issues like "Translate the string 'nonsense'"
(15:59:02) paveljanik: Monday is 4th.
(15:59:03) jj1: ...are we confident to get the strings a bit earlier on Monday, August 4th?
(15:59:28) paveljanik: jj1: people had *two* weekends to do so. I do not know about Sun languages...
(16:01:46) paveljanik: so?
(16:03:21) _Nesshof1: jj1: how long we need then after Aug 4th ?
(16:04:14) jj1: If we get all strings back on Monday, August 4th, then quickly create an L10N-CWS for all changed strings and test this CWS then I would expect we could be ready by end of the week i.e. August 8th...
(16:04:39) jj1: ...afterwards the CWS would need to be integrated, the new milestone built and get approved.
(16:05:52) sophi: jj1: currently, our schedule is (citing Rafaella) : Pootle content on sunvirtuallab will be updated on Thusday, July 31st. In case of terminology works please have all corrected files uploaded to Pootle by Wednesday, July 30th COB CET.
(16:06:42) paveljanik: another question is: why the upload on pootle takes one week. I do not understand it.
(16:06:59) jj1: sophi: Does this mean that Pootle contains the modified strings on July 30th/31st, or that translations should be done by that date? I guess it's the former meaning.
(16:07:37) sophi: jj1: the strings are currently not in Pootle, so I guess they will be upload after the 31st
(16:08:19) sophi: jj1: currently Pootle contains only the QA we have made localisation29
(16:08:28) jj1: That would leave only the weekend for translation. Do we _really_ expect the translation for all languages to be ready on August 4th then???
(16:09:26) paveljanik: if the delay also the translation by one week, no.
(16:09:37) MechtiIde: yes an the CWSlocalisation is integraded in DEV_m28 which is announced as ready
(16:10:12) MechtiIde: so pootle contains corrections which are not in localisation29 now
(16:10:21) sophi: MechtiIde: strange when the deadline for our corrections is not reached :(
(16:10:51) MechtiIde: but it seems to be reality
(16:12:14) ***ja_ is asking himself what's the outcome now...
(16:12:23) _Nesshof1: so then we will get back translations on August 11th ?
(16:12:57) jj1: If translators further worked in Pootle after the translation handover on July 4th, then it should be no surprise if Pootle is more up-to-date than localization29. Or did I miss something?
(16:13:40) sophi: _Nesshof1: please ask Rafaella, we may try to have it done for the 7th if Pootle is upgraded to m28 asap
(16:14:24) _Nesshof1: sophi: rafaella is on vacation now, jj has got some information from her about her planned schedule
(16:14:39) MechtiIde: jj1, the problem is that the deadline correcting mistakes in the CWS build is later than the CWS build is integrated in master
(16:14:47) sophi: jj1: we were supposed to work on localisation29 until the 30th, then an upgrade between m23 and m28 should happened on the 31st
(16:15:28) jj1: AFAIK her schedule was to have the translation done by August 7th. This is what she proposed on the ooo.releases list on July 25th.
(16:16:36) jj1: sophi, Mechtilde: That would leave about one week from July 30th/31st until August 7th for the translation. Is that enough?
(16:17:00) sophi: jj1: we will try to make it
(16:17:13) MechtiIde: We will try it to
(16:17:15) sophi: jj1: I don't think we have a lot of choice
(16:17:58) MechtiIde: I myself have not enough access rights on pootle
(16:18:14) MechtiIde: I must talk it with andre
(16:18:14) sophi: jj1: but translators should be informed that all the corrections they have made on localisation29 won't be present in m28
(16:20:20) paveljanik: sophi: ? local29 is in m28, does the update to newer POT remove all the changes you have done in Pootle?
(16:20:21) paveljanik: or?
(16:21:38) sophi: paveljanik: no, but if the cwslocalisation29 is now integrated in m28 and we go on with corrections, they won't appear in m28
(16:22:14) paveljanik: es, but NOW you have the chance to get them into 3.0...
(16:22:20) jj1: All corrections done until August 7th could be integrated into the new l10n CWS to be created by Ivo for the fixes
(16:22:25) sophi: paveljanik: if some teams only upload their file tomorrow, they will have no corrections integrated in m28
(16:22:28) paveljanik: but I think that's clear...
(16:22:37) paveljanik: sophi: ?
(16:22:47) paveljanik: sophi: m28 is ready, finished, set into stone now.
(16:22:52) _rene_: sophi: there won't be any corrections in m28 in any case, as m28 already is there :)
(16:22:59) sophi: paveljanik: some of us work off line and upload the file only a the deadline date
(16:23:31) paveljanik: sophi: that's completely wrong approach...
(16:23:44) paveljanik: but that is another story
(16:23:56) sophi: paveljanik: any way, if the deadline is the 31st, why is it integrated before this deadline ?
(16:24:23) paveljanik: sophi: who told you 31st is deadline? And for what is it deadline?
(16:24:29) ***paveljanik smells pootle mess again...
(16:24:53) paveljanik: looks like we are late...
(16:24:54) sophi: paveljanik: to make our corrections on localisation29
(16:25:21) paveljanik: sophi: in or on?
(16:25:42) sophi: paveljanik: I thought it was in, but now I don't know :-)
(16:26:01) paveljanik: the deadline of the CWS according to EIS was Jul 14th
(16:26:27) paveljanik: it got approved 25th and integrated 26th
(16:26:32) paveljanik: so the cws is DEAD now.
(16:26:53) sophi: paveljanik: lets clarrify the process on the l10n list, I think it's better and when Rafaella will be back
(16:27:00) paveljanik: ... because all the changes in it are in DEV300_m28.
(16:27:41) MechtiIde: we get the CWS build on 21.7.08
(16:28:05) MechtiIde: so we had no chance to correct the mistakes we find
(16:28:17) paveljanik: so you found some mistakes there, you corrected them on Pootle, right?
(16:28:20) MechtiIde: before integrating
(16:28:33) MechtiIde: sophi, does so
(16:28:37) sophi: paveljanik: yes
(16:28:38) paveljanik: now pootle will be updated to m28 and your changed will still be there in pootle only.
(16:28:50) paveljanik: if they are removed in Pootle, pootle is unusable.
(16:28:54) paveljanik: So there in Pootle.
(16:29:12) sophi: paveljanik: changes will be still there
(16:29:15) paveljanik: After the update to DEV300_m18, you'll finish the translations and submit them back by ?????
(16:29:38) paveljanik: so, what is the deadline now?
(16:29:42) sophi: paveljanik: I don't remember all the deadlines
(16:30:12) jj1: The only new l10n deadline I know of is the one we discussed above, August 7th...
(16:30:24) sophi: paveljanik: it should have been the 31st, then we can have to check that the corrections are there before the RC
(16:30:35) jj1: ...every change in Pootle done until that deadline can be reflected in the new l10n CWS
(16:30:49) sophi: jj1: ok, this is the most important
(16:31:53) _Nesshof1: ok we will then have a chance for a full localized rc around August 20th ?
(16:31:56) MechtiIde: jj1, and how you import the strings we have to trranslate till 7th August
(16:32:46) jj1: _Neshoff1: Yes, this should be possible
(16:34:20) _Nesshof1: ja_: is there already a snapshot of the SDK been uploaded ?
(16:34:20) jj1: Mechtilde: I don't know if I get your question right. The plan is to extract all recent Pootle changes on August 7th, create a new l10n CWS that reflects these changes, test this CWS and integrate it, perhaps around August 13th. The following milestone would contain the fixes.
(16:34:28) _Nesshof1: rtimm: RE duties ?
(16:34:46) rtimm: _Nesshof1: This week it's me
(16:35:07) rtimm: _Nesshof1: next week Ivo (ihi)
(16:35:15) rtimm: _Nesshof1: than Kurt (kz)
(16:35:19) ja_: _Nesshof1: I'll care about this. I did not get any feedback until now.
(16:35:33) MechtiIde: jj1, and when can the German Group translate the strings which comes with m26?
(16:35:42) sophi: jj1: I think that MechtiIde was asking when Pootle will be updated with the new strings
(16:36:03) MechtiIde: sophi, ACK without deleting your strings
(16:36:10) ja_: Upload duties: Marcus Lange currently prepares DEV300_m28 uploads
(16:36:28) sophi: MechtiIde: if possible yes :)
(16:37:18) jj1: sophi, Mechtilde: According to Rafaella's plan Pootle will be updated end of this week
(16:37:35) paveljanik: jj1: why so late? Can it be updated *earlier*?
(16:37:36) sophi: jj1: ok, thanks
(16:37:49) paveljanik: I do not understand why people had to wait one week...
(16:37:57) paveljanik: and thus delay our work.
(16:38:26) MechtiIde: because update on weekend == unusable on weekend
(16:38:37) paveljanik: 8)
(16:39:02) paveljanik: update is 3 minutes operation...
(16:39:19) _Nesshof1: paveljanik: jj1how long does the upload from m28 into pootle last ?
(16:40:18) jj1: paveljanik: I will inform Aijin ASAP, so that she will update Pootle. That would leave us a few days more for the translation.
(16:40:18) paveljanik: it can take up to weekend when you have to retype what someone is spelling to you over the phone 8)
(16:40:21) paveljanik: I do not know.
(16:41:06) _Nesshof1: ok, anyhow, we seem to have a plan
(16:41:58) _Nesshof1: I'll try to be on this channel every day around 3pm (German time) in case we need to reschedule, discuss stoppers, etc.
(16:42:13) _Nesshof1: anything else for today ?
(16:42:27) ja_: not from me
(16:42:49) _Nesshof1: by
(16:43:03) jj1: bye
(16:43:04) paveljanik: bye
(16:43:06) jj1 hat den Raum verlassen
(16:43:11) ja_: bye bye

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