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(14:59:32) rbircher: Hi at all
(14:59:46) sophi [] hat den Raum betreten.
(14:59:50) _Nesshof1: hi
(14:59:54) calc: hi
(15:00:01) ja_: hi everyone
(15:00:03) sophi: Hi all
(15:00:11) _Nesshof1: ok, review of issue for beta 2
(15:00:23) _Nesshof1:
(15:00:57) _Nesshof1: a few moments ago we hopefully did the last masterfix for BEB300_m3
(15:01:07) bettina-h [n=Bettina_@nat/sun/x-4bb951b7a310c144] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:03:39) _Nesshof1: any other comments regrading Beta 2 ?
(15:04:16) _Nesshof1: upload of m3 then will hopefully tomorrow
(15:04:37) rbircher: Yes, vesta errors
(15:04:44) _Nesshof1: do we want also wait one week for feedback before announcing it ?
(15:04:48) _Nesshof1: rbircher: ?
(15:05:08) rbircher: Vista can't save with beta2
(15:05:20) _Nesshof1: rbircher: issue id ?
(15:05:47) rbircher: Comming son
(15:06:06) _Nesshof1: is that issue already confirmed by anyone else ?
(15:06:07) rbircher: just for info
(15:06:18) MechtiIde: rbircher, _Nesshof1 issue 87244
(15:06:48) IZBot: timed out - please visit the URL yourself:
(15:07:24) mba [n=chatzill@nat/sun/x-5655b6f0b83c6c6e] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:08:21) _Nesshof1: rbircher: the fix for that has been integrated with DEV300_m15, so I can't imagine that it still occur with Beta2
(15:08:44) _Nesshof1: can anybody confirm that this issue is still there with BEB300_m2 ?
(15:08:58) MechtiIde: some people of the German community also found it in RC1 of BETA2
(15:09:12) _Nesshof1: MechtiIde: aaaaargh !
(15:09:27) MechtiIde:
(15:09:28) _Nesshof1: MechtiIde: but only some people ?
(15:09:43) MechtiIde: I can't reproduce it on Vista 64 bit
(15:10:05) MechtiIde: _Nesshof1, but not "normal users" -)
(15:10:27) rbircher: MechtiIde: Try to make a Username witz Special Chars
(15:10:40) rbircher: with
(15:10:48) _rene_: who the hell does that?
(15:10:48) MechtiIde: This is the beginning of the thread
(15:10:58) _rene_: that shouldn't be done in any case ;-)
(15:11:09) MechtiIde: rbircher, _rene_ I test it
(15:12:23) rbircher: I recieved am PM Today from a User
(15:12:41) MechtiIde: I can't also confirm this
(15:12:41) _Nesshof1: _rene_: almost everybody with special char in hais name and with no knowledge of computers
(15:12:50) Fridrich: _rene_: on windows, all things are possible. I have seen many usernames with accents
(15:13:04) _Nesshof1: MechtiIde: in any case, there should be a new issue opened for it
(15:13:18) _Nesshof1: and I think this is not a stopper for beta2
(15:13:52) Fridrich: yeah, not for beta, for a normal release it would be though, but beta is meant to be for non-production use
(15:13:58) rbircher: Ok, we will talk about after the meeting MechtiIde _Nesshof1
(15:13:59) MechtiIde: but for the release if it can reproduce anyway
(15:14:30) MechtiIde: be reproduced
(15:14:46) Fridrich: isn't it that now the file-picker works with Vista SP1 and breaks with vanilla?
(15:15:21) _Nesshof1: Fridrich: issue id ?
(15:15:31) MechtiIde: Fridrich, isn't the win build not vanilla?
(15:15:47) MechtiIde: _Nesshof1, 91313
(15:15:54) MechtiIde: _Nesshof1, issue 91313
(15:15:59) _Nesshof1: MechtiIde: I think Fridrich means vanilla Vista ?
(15:16:01) Fridrich: _Nesshof1: I speak abotu the issue 87244
(15:16:01) IZBot: framework DEFECT CLOSED DUPLICATE P2 [gtk filepicker] labels missing
(15:16:22) Fridrich: _Nesshof1: yeah, or chocolate one depending on personal tastes and preferences
(15:16:32) IZBot: timed out - please visit the URL yourself:
(15:19:56) _Nesshof1: ok, I will wait for reproducable errors for Viata savings until tomorrow morning, otherwise I will consider Beta2 as prepared to be released
(15:21:23) MechtiIde: _Nesshof1, I will try it
(15:21:56) _Nesshof1: ok, issues for 3.0 final now
(15:22:12) rtimm hat den Raum verlassen (quit: Remote closed the connection).
(15:22:39) _Nesshof1: anybody who wants to give advise about accelarators02 ?
(15:23:31) rtimm [] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:24:01) _Nesshof1: sorry, accelerators01
(15:24:41) _Nesshof1: so integration of accelerators01 will be well accepted by all ?
(15:24:58) _Nesshof1: ok, fine
(15:25:07) ja_: _Nesshof1: Thorsten Martens wasn't able to reproduce the problem
(15:25:08) MechtiIde: _Nesshof1, mom
(15:25:22) MechtiIde: Do you know that some shortcuts broken?
(15:25:59) _Nesshof1: that's why I'm asking for comments on this cws
(15:26:02) Fridrich: that is not good, if a problem cannot be reproduced by QA, the fix cannot be tested by QA
(15:26:25) MechtiIde: _Nesshof1, I look for the mails from Andre Schnabel
(15:26:27) ***_Nesshof1 has no idea which problem ja_ means
(15:26:28) Fridrich: which means that the problem can as well be in some other bogus place
(15:26:55) Fridrich: _Nesshof1: the QA of accelerators01 is thorsten martens
(15:27:55) ja_: just read Thorsten's last comment within the releases mailing list.
(15:28:26) MechtiIde: _Nesshof1, Andre mailed it on releases@ooo
(15:29:40) _Nesshof1: so if Thorsten approve cws I will nominate
(15:29:50) _Nesshof1: any other issues for 3.0 final ?
(15:30:01) ja_: not from me
(15:31:16) _Nesshof1: anything else for today ?
(15:31:22) _Nesshof1: by
(15:31:31) Fridrich: I have some possible out of bounds and thus crashes in ww8 export, but since it is only in some rare cases, like pasting a broken html and saving as doc, let us leave it out
(15:31:58) _Nesshof1: Fridrich: is it marked as stopper already ?
(15:32:43) Fridrich: _Nesshof1: nah, I did not consider it important, but if you want, you can mark it in issue 91396
(15:32:49) IZBot: Word processor PATCH NEW P3 Prevent array out of bounds in ww8 export
(15:33:24) Fridrich: but after a closer thought, not really showstopper since it is there since 2.0
(15:33:28) _Nesshof1: Fridrich: no, I do not need more stopper than necassary
(15:34:20) ja_: Upload duties: DEV300_m23 by Marcus Lange (mla), BEB300_m3 by Joost Andrae (ja)
(15:34:21) Fridrich: _Nesshof1: you see that we can agree, although don't think that this year you would be able to win Wimblendon
(15:34:42) ja_: rtimm: RE duties ?
(15:34:43) _Nesshof1: lol
(15:34:59) rtimm: Oliver will finish BEB300 m3
(15:35:13) rtimm: If there will be a m4 I'll do it
(15:35:28) rtimm: DEV300 this week in principle is Ivo's
(15:35:48) rtimm: OTOH, Ivo is out of office today, so I stand in here.
(15:36:13) _Nesshof1: by
(15:37:56) ja_: bye bye
(15:38:26) rbircher: byby
(15:38:29) rtimm: bye

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