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(14:57:36) sophi: Hi all
(14:58:05) _Nesshof_: hi sophi
(15:00:34) _Nesshof_: ok, lets start with review of 2.4.1 issues
(15:00:54) _Nesshof_: I think we are done with rc2
(15:01:06) _Nesshof_: no plan for doing an rc3
(15:01:13) _rene__ [] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:01:27) _Nesshof_: ja_: is all prepared for rc2 download ?
(15:01:34) MechtiIde: I have problems to verify the fixes of issue 87690 and issue 72994
(15:01:45) IZBot: Chart DEFECT VERIFIED FIXED P3 Excel filter: 3D settings in Excel charts
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(15:03:52) ja_: _Nesshof_: There's currently not enough space on the mirrors. We have to have a look at this together.
(15:04:01) _Nesshof_: MechtiIde: but in general they are vierified ?!
(15:04:34) _Nesshof_: MechtiIde: or you cannot verify them, meaning not fixed ?
(15:04:41) MechtiIde: there are verified in CWS and I can't verified in the master
(15:05:10) _Nesshof_: UweL: are we also no able to verify on master ?
(15:05:12) MechtiIde: I think they aren't fix
(15:05:33) UweL: I'll try to find out
(15:05:46) _Nesshof_: UweL: during this meeting ?
(15:05:54) UweL: maybe
(15:05:59) MechtiIde: _Nesshof_, yesterday I try to close the issues for 2.4.1 after verifying in 2.4.1 RC2
(15:06:44) MechtiIde: maybe someone can help me to do a screenshot of an open Listbox
(15:06:55) _Nesshof_: ok, assuming we don't need a rc3 we would on track for release on June 10th ?
(15:07:26) _Nesshof_: so let's close 2.4.1 topic for now and postpone it to the end of the meeting
(15:07:29) _rene__: MechtiIde: ksnapshot? set it to wait a few secs..
(15:07:49) _rene__: then open dropdown and wait till ksnapshot does the snapshot
(15:08:02) Fridrich: how do we look with an estimated date now?
(15:08:12) MechtiIde: _rene_, thanks
(15:08:20) Fridrich: ok, reading now :_)
(15:08:28) _Nesshof_: Fridrich: :-)
(15:09:15) _Nesshof_: ok, 3.0 Beta review and Beta 2 release begin of July
(15:09:23) calc: is opensuse planning on using 2.4.1, june 10 would put it past gold master stage right?
(15:09:53) _Nesshof_: do we got any new feedback for 3.0 beta since last week ?
(15:10:11) ***_rene__ has a m14 which is not starting at all...
(15:10:21) Kai_A [n=KaiA@nat/sun/x-68e2ff5645e28d5e] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:10:23) _rene__: (but that's not strictly beta ;) )
(15:10:52) _Nesshof_: _rene_ what about m15 ?
(15:11:09) _rene__: didn't try yet, but I neither do not see a cws touching the UNO bootstrap
(15:11:16) _rene__: (which apparently is what fails)
(15:11:20) _Nesshof_: _rene_ if we still have that issue it should be P1
(15:11:31) rtimm: _Nesshof_: concerning Beta 2 and last build (m15)
(15:11:35) rtimm: Last week you kept a lot of 3.0 targeted CWS in state 'approved'. Only a subset got nominated. Why?
(15:12:14) _Nesshof_: rtimm: I was think about to postpone them for 3.1
(15:12:47) rtimm: If you plan to postpone them please change the 'release' in EIS to inform CWS owner and others
(15:12:52) _rene__: _Nesshof_: unfortunately I don't have *any* idea what's wrong, just that desktop(?) prints "The application cannot be started.". Nothing else. (worked in m13)
(15:13:13) _Nesshof_: since we expect some higher workload for QA in the next weeks until code freeze I will try to move most cws to 3.1 if they are not really needed for 3.0
(15:13:17) rtimm: perhaps they have reasons to not postpone them ...
(15:14:06) _Nesshof_: that should then commented in EIS so that I consider them to integrate them to 3.0, otherwise I will set target to 3.1
(15:14:07) rtimm: moving childworkspaces not yet in QA would make more sense that moving approved ones
(15:14:33) rtimm: As long as we do not yet have code freeze anyone thinks there is no special arguing needed.
(15:14:46) _Nesshof_: rtimm: I also move a dozen cws in state new to 3.1 target as well
(15:14:56) rtimm: If that's not the case you should announce it.
(15:15:09) _Nesshof_: that what I will do right after this meeting
(15:15:29) rtimm: _Nesshof_: for 'new' ones I fully agree with you: shift them
(15:15:49) _rene__: ok, when we are at cws stati, I *again* want to point out that cws hunsepllexternal is in limbo and is needed for 3.0...
(15:16:25) _Nesshof_: agreed, is on my list for 3.0 since this is a legal one
(15:16:40) rtimm: ... but for approved childworkspaces we do dot gain so much, I think
(15:16:47) _rene__: tl has at leaston eof the needed buildfixes but never committed it and sba doesn't want to touch it before he gets an installset from tl. can anyone please get tl to do his work? tia. ;-)
(15:17:16) _Nesshof_: _rene_ I will take action on this one
(15:18:36) _rene_ hat den Raum verlassen (quit: Connection timed out).
(15:18:36) _rene__ heißt jetzt _rene_
(15:18:46) _Nesshof_: on my list for 3.0 are things like:
(15:18:57) _Nesshof_: Office2007 XML filter
(15:19:03) _Nesshof_: a11y issues
(15:19:10) _Nesshof_: P1, P2, regressions
(15:19:29) _Nesshof_: some other items like dictionaries
(15:20:04) _Nesshof_: if there are other good reason that requires the cws to go into 3.0, please argue in EIS
(15:20:54) _Nesshof_: we even saw in 2.4.1 that the regression rate we get continously is pretty high
(15:21:16) _Nesshof_: so I want to concentrate on the issue for 3.0 we really need to have
(15:21:36) _Nesshof_: for that reason we will open a OOO300 and DEV310 quite soon
(15:21:55) _Nesshof_: rtimm: I will coordinate with you about the best time frame for this
(15:22:12) _Nesshof_: we will announce this then separatly
(15:22:50) _Nesshof_: any other issues regarding 3.0 Beta and 3.0 final ?
(15:23:03) MechtiIde: no issues but two questions
(15:23:11) _Nesshof_: MechtiIde: yes please
(15:23:13) rtimm: _Nesshof_: up to now we do not plan to do a DEV310 at all
(15:23:20) MechtiIde: When can we expect PDF-Import
(15:23:32) MechtiIde: when can we expect 64 build or not?
(15:23:56) _Nesshof_: MechtiIde: PDF import should be in current m15 if I remember correctly
(15:24:13) _Nesshof_: I need to check and will upload to extension repository asap
(15:24:33) _Nesshof_: rtimm: I think there were some problem with the last 64bit build in RE ?
(15:24:59) _rene_: (ah, not to mention, of course my broken m14 *is* on 64bit)
(15:25:14) _rene_: my main system is 64bit :)
(15:25:21) rtimm: _Nesshof_: broken hard disk
(15:25:35) _rene_: (no idea whether that's related, but just as data)
(15:25:43) _Nesshof_: rtimm: so we will have m16 as 64bit as well again ?
(15:25:55) _Nesshof_: _rene_: that's helpful thanks
(15:26:16) rtimm: _Nesshof_: we hope so. But depends on timing of hard disk replacement and m16, of course
(15:26:38) _Nesshof_: rtimm: so, in the next possible build ;-)
(15:26:41) _rene_: _Nesshof_: will try Pavels m14 and a self-built m14 on i386...
(15:26:47) rtimm: _Nesshof_: I just heard replacement already is done :-)
(15:26:50) _rene_: s/Pavels/Pavels 64bit/
(15:27:51) ja_: Mechtilde: I'll upload a 64 bit build with one of the next DEV300 snapshots when it's available. This also depends on the space I have on the mirrors. In the moment there's no space available.
(15:28:44) MechtiIde: also other persons are reading the blog and waiting on it
(15:28:46) MechtiIde: ;-)
(15:30:11) msc_sun: _Nesshof_: issue 87690 works for me without problems
(15:30:17) IZBot: Database access DEFECT VERIFIED FIXED P3 list boxes in form do not refresh their list when their form is reloaded - approved
(15:30:39) _Nesshof_: MechtiIde: do you trust msc_sun ?
(15:30:45) _Nesshof_: ;-)
(15:31:14) msc_sun: _Nesshof_: ?
(15:31:30) _Nesshof_: msc_sun: :P
(15:31:46) msc_sun: Maybe some one else should recheck this issue.
(15:31:47) sophi: _Nesshof_: for NLC we have issue 88829 and other of that type, will they make it for 3.0
(15:31:53) IZBot: framework DEFECT NEW P2 Truncated string - Zoom dialog : strings not displayed correctly
(15:32:03) rtimm: msc_sun: may be _Nesshof_ should do ;-)
(15:32:10) MechtiIde: msc_sun, I agree
(15:32:32) msc_sun: rtimm: +1
(15:32:51) _Nesshof_: sophi: I talked with rafaelle today morning, she will do another report for the UI for Beta 2 in the next few days
(15:33:10) sophi: _Nesshof_: ok, thanks
(15:33:18) _Nesshof_: and final translation delivery for 3.0 final will be begin of June
(15:33:42) _Nesshof_: sophi: but I also expect another string bugfix import end of July
(15:33:51) _Nesshof_: but this should be a really small one
(15:33:53) sophi: _Nesshof_: yes, but here it's a dialog design issue that should be corrected, not the translation
(15:34:13) _Nesshof_: sophi: ah understood
(15:34:30) ***_Nesshof_ should have read the issue first
(15:34:40) sophi: _Nesshof_: :)
(15:35:32) sophi: _Nesshof_: we have several issue like where modifying the translation is not the way to go, but the dialog have to be designed taking the long strings into account
(15:37:18) ***_Nesshof_ will ask mba about that one
(15:37:49) _Nesshof_: UweL: can we get a status for the other 2.4.1 issue in question on the releases list ?
(15:38:20) _Nesshof_: rtimm: RE duties this week
(15:38:35) rtimm: _Nesshof_: DEV300: Vladimir (vg)
(15:38:37) rtimm: we have code freeze for beta refresh this week. What's your proposed milestone schedule?
(15:39:19) _Nesshof_: I need to do an m15(?) asap with hcshared18 so that we have this one in time for localization
(15:39:38) ***_Nesshof_ spoke with rafaella, jj, fpe about this one in the morning
(15:39:48) rtimm: OK. Just nominate it and we'll start the integration
(15:39:58) _Nesshof_: and do than an m16 also this week
(15:40:01) _Nesshof_: rtimm: ok
(15:40:07) rtimm: (this will become m16, BTW)
(15:40:12) UweL: issue 72994 is fixed in master, iha showed me, what's the problem to verify it?
(15:40:23) IZBot: Chart DEFECT VERIFIED FIXED P3 Excel filter: 3D settings in Excel charts
(15:41:22) _Nesshof_: rtimm: done
(15:41:37) MechtiIde: UweL, see also Regina's comment yesterday
(15:42:48) rtimm: _Nesshof_: OK. I informed Vladimir
(15:43:34) _Nesshof_: MechtiIde: UweL: so we are fine with rc2 and will now start the relase process ?
(15:44:01) UweL: regina yesterday: "The remaining problems can be addressed with new issues."
(15:45:36) _Nesshof_: MechtiIde: ?
(15:45:38) UweL: _Nesshof_: Yes
(15:46:09) MechtiIde: _Nesshof_, ok the someone should close the issue
(15:46:10) _Nesshof_: ok, any other issues for today ?
(15:46:18) ja_: would it be an option to move developer snapshots from the regular mirror network to the extended mirrors and to resign from using Bouncer for developer snapshots ?
(15:46:19) CorNouws: info about release shedule 2.4.1 is clear from marketing POV
(15:46:37) mod_ [n=mod@6-081.vpn.RWTH-Aachen.DE] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:47:08) _Nesshof_: ok, close the meeting for today
(15:47:10) UweL: no more issues :-)
(15:47:10) _Nesshof_: by
(15:47:17) CorNouws: A wiki page explaining about releases is set up (initially by John McCreesh)
(15:47:17) CorNouws:
(15:47:17) CorNouws: reviewing and editing (when needed) much appreciated !
(15:47:17) UweL: bye
(15:47:18) rtimm: bye
(15:47:20) bettina-h: bye
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(15:47:39) sophi: bye
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(15:47:46) _Nesshof_: CorNouws: I will work on that
(15:48:02) CorNouws: _Nesshof_: thanks for that
(15:48:09) calc: bye
(15:48:21) CorNouws: bye all
(15:48:28) ja_: I'll post my proposal to the releases list.
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