ReleaseStatus Minutes 2008-05-05 IRC log

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(15:00:30) _Nesshof_: moin
(15:00:31) ja_: hi
(15:00:51) volkerme: Moin
(15:01:06) MechtiIde: hello
(15:01:30) _Nesshof_: is it only me with slow IssueTracker ?
(15:01:39) volkerme: No
(15:02:13) ***_Nesshof_ contacts CN
(15:02:15) ja_: confirmed
(15:02:35) _Nesshof_: are we prepared to release 3.0 Beta ?
(15:03:32) blauwal [] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:03:44) UweL [n=chatzill@nat/sun/x-bd673f2cd8d802a7] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:04:07) _Nesshof_: ja_: you are prepared to upload the final bits ?
(15:04:19) ja_: _Nesshof_: do we exchange the splash screen ?
(15:04:43) _Nesshof_: what is the problem with the splash screen ?
(15:05:23) ja_: the progress bar overlaps the splash screen. This should be fixed within CWS fwk86 AFAIK
(15:05:37) volkerme: ja: Correct
(15:05:50) _Nesshof_: a little bit late
(15:06:18) volkerme: We must exchange the splash to 3.0 Beta anyway
(15:06:27) _rene_: s/Beta //?
(15:06:28) _Nesshof_: volkerme: no
(15:06:39) ja_: then if nobody complaints I could start with upload preparations soon.
(15:07:05) ja_: volkerme: the splash screen contains the Beta string
(15:07:10) _Nesshof_: if ja will openload the install set, they'll will have instead of OOo-Dev in the name
(15:09:04) _Nesshof_: any objection for the upload ?
(15:10:05) _Nesshof_: I just have one problem with the release notes:
(15:10:34) _Nesshof_: still work in progress
(15:12:36) _Nesshof_: do we consider this FeatureList as blocker for 3.0 release ?
(15:13:43) MechtiIde hat den Raum verlassen (quit: Remote closed the connection).
(15:14:01) MechtiIde [] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:14:04) volkerme: Marketing is not really ready, there was no feedback on Erwin's call, so he is alone with it
(15:14:14) _Nesshof__ [n=mh@nat/sun/x-7a41d79900ab6db9] hat den Raum betreten.
(15:14:25) _Nesshof__: I think the dev@marketing list need to coordinate that list with the beta announcement
(15:14:42) _Nesshof__: target release date is now May 7th I think
(15:15:00) _Nesshof__: 2.4.1 status :
(15:15:40) UweL: a lot of issues
(15:15:43) ***_Nesshof__ is waiting for issuezilla
(15:16:03) UweL: please take a look:
(15:16:08) UweL:
(15:17:17) ***ja_ is waiting for IssueTracker as well
(15:17:20) Fridrich: trying and trying and trying
(15:17:27) UweL: issue 88634 contains more information than last week
(15:17:48) UweL: this is the "cli" issue
(15:17:59) IZBot: timed out - please visit the URL yourself:
(15:18:33) ***_rene_ waits for IZ...
(15:19:08) ***MechtiIde too
(15:19:38) UweL: anyway, for the future I would like to approve only stoppers and highly voted, opinions?
(15:20:02) UweL: sorry, regressions
(15:21:13) _rene_: aha. ok. bascially "msi is broken".
(15:21:33) _rene_: what a surprise ;-)
(15:21:35) UweL: ?
(15:21:54) _rene_: UweL: the rationale for incementing the assembly versions is M$ brokeness.
(15:23:08) _rene_: +1 then. Although I don't like it :/
(15:23:10) _Nesshof__: _rene_: so you're "fine" now with including this task into 2.4.1 ?
(15:23:21) _Nesshof__: ok, thanks
(15:23:32) _rene_: _Nesshof__: not fine, but it seems necessary :/
(15:24:02) _Nesshof__: _rene_: that why I put " around fine ;-)
(15:24:17) _Nesshof__: issue 88352
(15:24:38) _Nesshof__: has not an assigned owner and target
(15:24:49) IZBot: timed out - please visit the URL yourself:
(15:24:55) _Nesshof__: 88352 [---, spreadsheet] - Updating calc file with multiple DDE-Links leads to runtime error!
(15:25:00) UweL: oc is working on it
(15:25:29) _Nesshof__: similar situation for 87538 [---, macport] - X11 window and AppleEvent timeout on startup of OO 2.4.0 for OSX on Leopard - approved ?
(15:26:28) UweL: approved and than changed owner and now?
(15:27:12) UweL: remove it from the list?
(15:28:10) ***_Nesshof__ waits for issuezilla
(15:30:36) _Nesshof__: doesn't look like a P2 for me
(15:31:27) _Nesshof_ hat den Raum verlassen (quit: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)).
(15:31:45) _Nesshof__: +1 for removing 87538 from the 2.4.1 list
(15:32:00) UweL: +1
(15:34:08) _rene_: _Nesshof__: just had a quick look over your new features thing. the presentation minimizer and repordesign stuff is 2.3/2.4 stuff, respectively, not 3.0 :-)
(15:35:22) _Nesshof__: _rene_: the explanation for that will be in the "bla" section
(15:35:33) _Nesshof__: the intention is to list all features since 2.0
(15:35:46) _Nesshof__: because otherwise we will expect questions like:
(15:36:13) _Nesshof__: this is not enough to have a new major if we only look at the 2.4 to 3.0 increment
(15:36:21) ***_rene_ agrees ;)
(15:37:06) _rene_: anyway, just stumbled upon it :)
(15:37:11) ***_Nesshof__ will try to initiate 2.4 hebrew build today
(15:37:37) _Nesshof__: regular 2.4.1 build then should start on Thursday
(15:37:42) _Nesshof__: or Friday
(15:37:49) _Nesshof__: RE duties ?
(15:38:14) _rene_: _Nesshof__: so we get a m14 with the hebrew fix and a m15 with the rest?
(15:38:16) UweL: ok, last time "approve the whole bunch" and for the future only regressions and highly voted?
(15:38:26) _Nesshof__: _rene_: that was the plan, yes
(15:38:34) rtimm: _Nesshof__: 2.4.1 (OOH) is mine this week
(15:39:00) rtimm: _Nesshof__: DEV300 will be done by Kurt (kz). He is already waiting for nominations.
(15:39:31) _rene_: _Nesshof__: ok, just for clarification :)
(15:40:10) UweL: please, talk to me :-)
(15:40:39) _Nesshof__: UweL: buh !!
(15:40:41) rtimm: UweL: Hi! :-)
(15:40:57) _Nesshof__: UweL: yes, I'm fine with the rest for 2.4.1
(15:41:05) ja_: When uploading the 3.0 Beta bits I have a question:
(15:41:19) rtimm: UweL: +1 for your proposal, btw ...
(15:41:20) _Nesshof__: but I would like to see clear status for the calc issue
(15:41:24) _rene_: will we keep the proposed 2.4.1 release date on June, 3rd or something like that?
(15:41:29) ja_: should the en-US bits be stored in contrib/rc ?
(15:41:40) ja_: and the rest in ../extended ?
(15:42:11) UweL: thank you all, soo much
(15:42:39) _Nesshof__: contrib/rc/3.0beta ?
(15:42:51) _Nesshof__: or contrib/3.0beta ?
(15:43:08) ja_: contrib/rc/3.0beta that's possible
(15:43:22) _Nesshof__: 3.0 Beta is not really a release candidate
(15:43:34) _Nesshof__: it's more like a beta
(15:43:43) ja_: the other I currently have no clue if that's possible for the mirrors
(15:45:35) _Nesshof__: stx12 suggests developer/3.0Beta
(15:46:06) UweL: 3.0 Beta is more like a beta? interesting :-)
(15:46:56) _Nesshof__: ok, anything else for today ?
(15:47:04) _rene_: 15:41 < _rene_> will we keep the proposed 2.4.1 release date on June, 3rd or something like that?
(15:47:18) ja_: I'll name it 3.0.0beta
(15:47:33) _Nesshof__: _rene_: yes, thats still the plan
(15:47:37) rtimm: _Nesshof__: When will you be done with nominations for next DEV300 milestone?
(15:47:57) _Nesshof__: rtimm today
(15:48:04) rtimm: Great!
(15:48:51) _Nesshof__: ok, by
(15:48:58) bettina-h: bye
(15:48:59) ja_: bye
(15:49:05) UweL: bye
(15:49:12) UweL: bye

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