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Update “Recent Documents” upon opening

Specification Status
Author Irenie White
Last Change
Status (Help) Preliminary


Add existing documents to Recent Documents list on open rather than close, and add new documents as soon as they are saved.


Reference Document Check Location (URL)
Prerequisites passed n/a
Product Requirement, RFE, Issue ID (required) available i51154
Test case specification (required) [available/not available] <PLEASE ENTER LOCATION HERE>
IDL Specification not available --
Software Specification Rules n/a n/a


Role Name E-Mail Address
Developer Chris Halls
Quality Assurance Daniel Watkins
Documentation Irenie White
User Experience Irenie White

Detailed Specification currently saves recent document history only upon exiting the application. This results in documents missing from the Recent Documents list in the event of the application not being closed properly.

This will be avoided by adding the filename to the Recent Documents list in the File menu upon opening an existing document or upon the first instance of saving a new document.

Competitive Analysis

AbiWord 2.4.6

AbiWord 2.4.6 adds filename to the list of most recent douments in the file menu when opened.

Microsoft Office Word 2003

Microsoft Office Word 2003 adds filename to the list of most recent documents in the file menu when opened.

Testcase Specification

There is a test case for Recent Documents, 'tFileRecentDocuments' at line 283 of /testautomation/spreadsheet/required/includes/

This test case opens a spreadsheet document with a specific value in cell A1, closes the document, opens the first entry in the Recent Documents menu and checks if the value in cell A1 matches the expected value. In addition to this, it opens another document beforehand, to allow it to test for the recent document being opened in the background.

This check will have to change in two ways. Firstly, to test our actual changes, the close of the document will be removed. This will allow us to ensure that the Recent Document list no longer depends on the document close. However, in order to ensure that we have the newly opened document, and not the previously opened copy of it, we will have to change the contents of it before we attempt the load. So the 'close' step will become a 'add something to cell A2' step. We will also save another document and load it via the Recent Documents menu, to allow us to test that aspect of the patch.


Migration is irrelevant, the Recent Documents list format remains the same.


Configuration is irrelevant, there are no configuration changes.

File Format

File format is irrelevant, there are no file format changes.

Open Issues

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