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OOo QA - Strategic Concept Papers

As a result of further opening of the Sun StarOffice/ QA Team, further involving of bigger parts of the community in their professional process operation methods and last but not least many voices from the community asking for more structure and clearness of the working processes, organizational responsibilities and stabilities, a restructure of the OOo QA project was needed. To point a new start out on one hand and on the other hand keep the good and proven working processes in the project, the working title 'OOo QA Reloaded' was chosen as a project name, covering several sequencing actions. Under the following links you get the project papers and further info to this topic:

Introducing blog from Thorsten Ziehm (Manager of Sun StarOffice/ QA Team)

Introducing blog from Chris Lukasiak (Member of Sun StarOffice/ QA Team)

Final Announcement of project

What QA Community wants (Graphic)

General Concept Onepager

Site Layout (Graphic)

Concept: QA Starter Page

Participation Steps (Graphic)

Concept: Team Pages

About one year of OOo QA Reloaded
OOo QA Reloaded: Internship Program

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