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Book-old.png    This article is outdated.    

The QATrack tool is no longer in use.

This page describes the development of QATrack 2.0, starting late September 2007.


For the members of the community that are involved in QA to able to set a high quality on it's work, they must have access to high quality, available tools that help them approach individual and collective goals.


The name of the tool will be QATrack, and will hold version 2.0.

The following people are involed:

Name Role Account
Per Eriksson Lead Developer pereriksson
André Schnabel Mentor andreschnabel

Project Start

The project will start at the end of September 2007.

Project End

The project will continue until the product has been tested successfully and been released.


Section When Target
Phase 1 Development of new Features
Phase 2 QATrack Testing new features 2007-10-20 .. 2007-11-??
Phase 3 Bugfixing
Phase 4 Community Test / production use


We hare interested receiving feedback from the whole community. Power users are a primary group, other comments are greatly appreciated but have to stand aside from wishes from the power users.

Discussion will take place on the mailinglist. IssueZilla might be used to track individual tasks, but the project will always be documented here.


QATrack 2.0 will implement these major features:

Centralized CollabNet Enterprise Edition (CEE) authentication
This will be achieved by a technically reliable method.
The feature will improve security and simplify password management.

Localization Support
This version will have localization support.

Centralized language management
Langauges will be maintainable directly in the interface.

The web interface will support reading and generating issues.

Improved interface
An improved web interface with simpler navigation and lighter colors.

Improved source code
Improved security and simplified future development with reusable objects and resources

Technical Implementation

Category Implementation Who Completed
Builds Introduce a Comments field for greater flexibility and communication between users working with the same build. Especially important with large language builds having many users. pereriksson 50%
Builds Introduce a TCM Report URL field as requested for QATrack 1.0. pereriksson 25%
Builds Introduce integration towards IssueZilla. How should this work? pereriksson 40%
User Management Users should be able to be set as QA-Leads for languages. These users should be able to assign languages to users. pereriksson 40%
User Preferences List the user's all roles. pereriksson 100%
Localization A user should be able to select a User Interface language, which should be stored in the user's profile. pereriksson 100%
First Page Display last 20 messages from RSS feed. pereriksson 90%
First Page Display messages written by users with ADM role. pereriksson 50%
Messages Administration of messages. pereriksson 0%
Authentication Replace current authentication with CollabNet integration solution. pereriksson 85%
Users New users should be added to the database. pereriksson 100%
Languages Languages should be manageable by users with the global role "ADM". pereriksson 100%

Database Tables

All tables have character set "utf8_unicode_ci".


Name Type Index
uri varchar(255)
version varchar(255)
language varchar(255)
platform varchar(255)
type varchar(255)
package varchar(255)
bundle varchar(255)
available date
status VARCHAR(32)
since date
until date
responsible varchar(99)
tcm_report_uri varchar(255)


Name Type Index
bid int(8), UNSIGNED INDEX
ts datetime
text text


Name Type Index
bid int(8), UNSIGNED INDEX
iid int(8) INDEX


Name Type Index


Name Type Index


Name Type Index


Name Type Index


Name Type Index


Name Type Index
realname VARCHAR(63)
email VARCHAR(63)
role enum("", "ADM", "BPR")
locale VARCHAR(8)


Name Type Index
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