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msc_sun:   Welcome to the QA-Automation IRC Meeting on this channel.
msc_sun:   Hi all
msc_sun:   1. Agenda point: Missing Screenshots of the Base Modul (Mechtilde)
msc_sun:   this issue is fixed with version 1.4 of file
msc_sun:   MechtiIde: ping
MechtiIde: msc_sun, pong
msc_sun:   MechtiIde: is your agenda point solved with the new file
MechtiIde: I think so first it is
msc_sun:   ok, thanks.
msc_sun:   jsi_sun: 2. Agenda point: Switching bi-weekly IRC meeting to monthly (JSI)
MechtiIde: I think It is important that all new scripts are possible to to screenshots
msc_sun:   MechtiIde: yes, I forget to use the function"DialogTest" for my new testscripts.
msc_sun:   voting for switching bi-weekly IRC meeting to monthly -> 1 for bi-weekly , 2 for monthly
bosi:      2
msc_sun:   2
fha:       2
xHDE:      2
msc_sun:   voting closed in 5 ......
msc_sun:   4 .....
wolframg:  2
jsi_sun:   monthly
msc_sun:   3 .....
msc_sun:   2 .....
msc_sun:   1 .....
msc_sun:   voting closed
msc_sun:   result : meeting is switched to monthly mode.
msc_sun:   next meeting : 2007-10-15 11 a.m. MESZ
msc_sun:   any other point to discuss.
msc_sun:   ok. no other points. Meeting closed. Thanks & bye.

the overviewe of all meetings can be found here QAAutomationIRCMeetings

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