QA Weekly Status Report 2012 Dec.

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Weekly status report as of 2012/12/03

QA task progress

Completed tasks:

Issue 121359 Verify Fixed High Severity Defects

Issue 121365 Verify usability defect

Issue 121366 Verify memory leak issues

Issue 121402 [QA Task]Prepare test plan for AOO 3.5 milestone build

In progress task:

Issue 121403 [QA Task]AOO 3.5 milestone regression test execution task

Not start task:

Issue 121368 Verify non-editor fixed defects

Issue 121425 [QA Task]Verify Nov fixed defects

Volunteer list for contribution on complete tassks

Thanks for following volunteer helping on defect verification and test cases execution

louqle helped on task Issue 121359 and Issue 121365

Rob Weir helped on verify defect Issue 35763

gbolssens helped on test cases execution

Automation script coverage

GUI automation script:


UNO API automation script:


Test link test case


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