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Build Verification Testing, BVT for short, is a set of tests that run on new build to verify that whether the build is testable or not. It is done prior to its release to test team for further testing. This testing is done for Build Validation and Build Acceptance.

Tip.png Why do we need BVT?

BVT is a type of regression test and only take short time, to verify that whether the build is stable and can be tested thoroughly. BVT can save the efforts of testers to setup and test a build when major functions are having defects. If any of the tests fails, BVT will report to developers immediately to remind relevant developers to review source codes.

All tests in BVT are automated, included in package bvt. Smoke test is included in BVT. It takes about 20 minutes to finish the test. Please refer to Getting Started with Test Automation for further information. You can view daily BVT result on our test dashboard.

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