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This script was published by kilorun at the OpenOffice Basic, Python, BeanShell, JavaScript Forum.

This script is used to update in real time, the insertion into Calc when getting data from external sources like a website, without having to wait until the macro had finished before seeing the results.

The forum doesn't mention this scrapping issue, it only focuses on eliminating the "threshold of the process by updating the status indicator".

Original code

import time 
def myTest3():    
   oDoc = XSCRIPTCONTEXT.getDocument() 
   oSheets = oDoc.getSheets() 
   mySheet = oSheets.getByName("Sheet1") 
   # set up Status Indicator
   Controller = oDoc.getCurrentController()
   DocFrame = Controller.getFrame()
   oStatusIndicator = DocFrame.createStatusIndicator() 
   oStatusIndicator.start( "", 1 ) 
   mySheet.getColumns().removeByIndex(0, 1) 
   oStatusIndicator.setText( "Process started" )
   for i in range(0,5): 
      oStatusIndicator.setText( "Processing: " + str(i) )
      mySheet.getCellByPosition(0,i).Value = i 
   oStatusIndicator.setText( "Process finished" )

Process of the script

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