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This script was published by Villeroy at the Code Snippets Forum.

One of the drawbacks of list processing in spreadsheets is the risk of losing the right references when you simply append data to the empty cells below the previously used range. For instance, the sum of a column =SUM($A$1:$A$99) the will *not* expand to =SUM($A$1:$A$100) when you simply append new data in row 100. All references expand automatically after insertion of new cells in between the existing rows. The same problem occurs when you refresh sorted and/or filtered ranges. New data are affected by the filter/sort operation only if they are entered into newly inserted cells. Chart ranges, validation lists and conditional formatting are other features where expansion by insertion takes place. (or shrink by removal respectively)

One option related to this issue is Tools → Options → Calc → General, "Expand references when new columns/rows are inserted". With this option set, you get your references adjusted even when you insert cells at the end of a list (insert columns on the right side or insert rows directly below a range). This can be turned off because this behavior can be quite annoying when designing a calculation model.

Original code

import uno
from com.sun.star.sheet.CellInsertMode import DOWN
from com.sun.star.sheet.FillDirection import TO_BOTTOM
from com.sun.star.sheet.FillMode import SIMPLE
from com.sun.star.sheet.CellDeleteMode import UP
from com.sun.star.sheet.CellFlags import FORMULA
# Start with a few generic spreadsheet functions deriving a range from another range
def getRangeByAddress(obj, a):
    '''Retrieve a range by range address within doc, sheet or parent range.'''
    if obj.supportsService("com.sun.star.sheet.SpreadsheetDocument"):
        # use the sheet specified by given address
        oSheet = obj.Sheets.getByIndex(a.Sheet)
        # use address relatively to given parent object (range or sheet)
        oSheet = obj
        return oSheet.getCellRangeByPosition(
        return None
def getOffsetRange(oRg, nRowOffset=0, nColOffset=0, nRowResize=0, nColResize=0):
    '''Analogue to the spreadsheet's OFFSET function'''
    addr = oRg.getRangeAddress()
    addr.StartRow = addr.StartRow + nRowOffset
    addr.EndRow = addr.EndRow + nRowOffset
    addr.StartColumn = addr.StartColumn + nColOffset
    addr.EndColumn = addr.EndColumn + nColOffset
    if nRowResize > 0 : addr.EndRow = addr.StartRow + nRowResize -1
    if nColResize > 0 : addr.EndColumn = addr.StartColumn + nColResize -1
    return getRangeByAddress(oRg.getSpreadsheet(), addr)
def getCurrentRegion(oRange):
    """Get current region around given range."""
    oCursor = oRange.getSpreadsheet().createCursorByRange(oRange)
    return oCursor
def getCurrentColumnsAddress(oRange):
    """Get address of intersection between range and current region's columns"""
    oCurrent = getCurrentRegion(oRange)
    oAddr = oRange.getRangeAddress()
    oCurrAddr = oCurrent.getRangeAddress()
    oAddr.StartColumn = oCurrAddr.StartColumn
    oAddr.EndColumn = oCurrAddr.EndColumn
    return oAddr
def getMergedArea(oRange):
    oCursor = oRange.getSpreadsheet().createCursorByRange(oRange)
    return oCursor
class MergedRanges:
    def __init__(self, ):
class InsertRange:
    def __init__(self, ctx):
        smgr = ctx.ServiceManager
        dtp = smgr.createInstanceWithContext("com.sun.star.frame.Desktop",ctx)
        doc = dtp.getCurrentComponent()
        oSel = doc.getCurrentSelection()
        # Exception if oSel is not a single range on a sheet
        self.Sheet = oSel.getSpreadsheet()
        self.Area = getCurrentColumnsAddress(oSel)
        self.View = doc.getCurrentController()
        self.GlobalSettings = smgr.createInstance('com.sun.star.sheet.GlobalSheetSettings')
        self.Expand = self.GlobalSettings.ExpandReferences
        oRg = getRangeByAddress(self.Sheet, self.Area)
        self.TopRow = getOffsetRange(oRg, nRowOffset= -1) #may be None
        # Having the range of interest, collect the merged ranges:
        self.MergedAreas = doc.createInstance('com.sun.star.sheet.SheetCellRanges')
        # merged ranges have their own c.f.r.
        eCFR = oRg.CellFormatRanges.createEnumeration()
        while eCFR.hasMoreElements():
            n = eCFR.nextElement()
            r = getMergedArea(n)
            c = r.getCellByPosition(0,0)
            if c.getIsMerged():
        # Initialize additional references to merged cells as simple list of top-left cells. 
        # The object references move with the insertions.
        # Cells can be moved from the stored references to the new top-left cells then.
        self.MergedCells = {}
        for i in range(self.MergedAreas.getCount()):
            c = self.MergedAreas.getByIndex(i).getCellByPosition(0,0)
            qx = c.queryIntersection(self.Area)
            if qx.getCount() > 0 : self.MergedCells[i] = c
    def moveMergedUp(self,):
        '''Move the displayed top-left cell of a merged range to the new top-left cell.
        To be called after insertion'''
        while self.MergedCells:
            i,c = self.MergedCells.popitem()
            src = c.getRangeAddress()
            oM = self.MergedAreas.getByIndex(i)
            tgt = oM.getCellByPosition(0,0).getCellAddress()
            self.Sheet.moveRange(tgt, src)
    def moveMergedDown(self,):
        '''Move the displayed top-left cell of a merged range to the new top-left cell.
        To be called before deletion'''
        while self.MergedCells:
            i,c = self.MergedCells.popitem()
            oM = self.MergedAreas.getByIndex(i)
            addr = oM.getRangeAddress()
            if self.Area.EndRow <= addr.EndRow:
                src = c.getRangeAddress()
                tgt = uno.createUnoStruct('com.sun.star.table.CellAddress')
                tgt.Sheet = src.Sheet
                tgt.Column = src.StartColumn
                tgt.Row = self.Area.EndRow + 1
                self.Sheet.moveRange(tgt, src)
    def unmerge(self,):
    def remerge(self,):
    def merge(self, bM):
        for i in range(self.MergedAreas.getCount()):
            oNext = self.MergedAreas.getByIndex(i)
    def dragDownFormulas(self,):
        '''drag down formula ranges and additional merges from row above oAddr'''
        if self.TopRow:
            oFmlRanges = self.TopRow.queryContentCells(FORMULA)
            e = oFmlRanges.createEnumeration()
            while e.hasMoreElements():
                n = e.nextElement()
                oDrag = getOffsetRange(
                    n, nRowResize = self.Area.EndRow-self.Area.StartRow +2
                oDrag.fillSeries(TO_BOTTOM, SIMPLE,0,0,0)
    def removeRange(self,):
        self.Sheet.removeRange(self.Area, UP)
    def insertListRows(self,):
        '''Let references expand automagically on insertion directly below the list'''
        self.GlobalSettings.ExpandReferences = True
        self.Sheet.insertCells(self.Area, DOWN)
        self.GlobalSettings.ExpandReferences = self.Expand
    def stripMerged(self, oRanges,):
        e = oRanges.createEnumeration()
        lst = []
        while e.hasMoreElements():
            n = e.nextElement()
            qx = self.MergedAreas.queryIntersection(n.getRangeAddress())
            if qx.getCount() : lst.append(qx.getRangeAddresses())
        if lst:
        return oRanges
    def selectBlanks(self,):
        oCurrent = getRangeByAddress(self.Sheet, self.Area)
        # quirk: queryEmptyCells() returns an empty collection for an entirely blank range
        oBlanks = oCurrent.queryEmptyCells()
        if oBlanks.getCount() == 0: #if all or none are blank
            oBlanks = oCurrent.queryIntersection(self.Area)
        #oSel = self.stripMerged(oBlanks)
    def selectRows(self,):
        oSel = getRangeByAddress(self.Sheet, self.Area)
def insertListRows(*args):
    '''Unmerge ranges intersection with selected rows within current region,
    insert new row(s) into current region, drag down formula cells, remerge,
    select blank cells of new row(s)'''
        oLCR = InsertRange(uno.getComponentContext())
        # fail silently
def removeListRows(*args):
    '''Unmerge ranges intersectinv with selected rows within current region,
    remove selected rows within current region, remerge, select address of removed cells'''
        oLCR = InsertRange(uno.getComponentContext())
        # fail silently
g_exportedScripts = insertListRows, removeListRows

Process of the script

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