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Feb 01 14:59:52 -->	kendy (n=kendy@nat/suse/x-9914f33af57ab5b1) has joined #oooscm
Feb 01 15:00:01 <kendy>	Hi!
Feb 01 15:00:53 <blauwal>	Hi Jan
Feb 01 15:02:05 <blauwal>	I must admit I'm not yet through with my measurements, I had to introduce Mercurial here for two non OOo related projects :)
Feb 01 15:02:16 <kendy>	:-)
Feb 01 15:02:48 <kendy>	Part of the week I spent hacking git, no idea yet if it's going to be too much better in the end, but I believe so ;-)
Feb 01 15:02:59 <blauwal>	Ah the feel of a fresh project. Anything you do never last more that a few seconds:)
Feb 01 15:03:09 <blauwal>	Sounds nice. 
Feb 01 15:03:29 <kendy>	Basically what I'm doing is an extension called 'lazy cloning' -
Feb 01 15:03:52 <blauwal>	Sounds like getting history when it's needed?
Feb 01 15:04:21 <kendy>	When you do the first time clone, just the chain of commits is downloaded, and the 'blobs' and 'trees' ["the actual data" ;-)] is downloaded on as-needed basis.
Feb 01 15:04:57 <kendy>	All the commits have 70M, and allow you the full git log functionality.
Feb 01 15:05:35 <kendy>	For the first checkout, I guess you'll need additional < 500M, and then what's needed here and there.
Feb 01 15:06:02 <blauwal>	Does it work transparently over further clones?
Feb 01 15:06:09 <kendy>	But - so far this second part is theory, will measure with the proof-of-concept immediately when ready.
Feb 01 15:07:10 <kendy>	It should in the end, so far it does not.
Feb 01 15:07:23 <blauwal>	Sounds like a quite involved peace of work!
Feb 01 15:07:53 <kendy>	It's fun, and I hope it helps git even if we decide for svn in the end ;-)
Feb 01 15:08:02 *	kendy of course hopes that we'll choose git :-)
Feb 01 15:08:20 <blauwal>	:). The next steering committee meeting is nearing, and I guess they want a kind evaluation from us.
Feb 01 15:08:34 <kendy>	But now I'm distracted by some bugzilling, but should continue on Mo/Tue.
Feb 01 15:08:49 <kendy>	blauwal: When it is, please?
Feb 01 15:09:55 <blauwal>	Ah, that's the big meeting with Michael M., Michael B., the architects and Rene which decides over the future course of OOo
Feb 01 15:10:35 <blauwal>	Essentially Novell, Sun, IBM and Rene. Pavel is also in there.
Feb 01 15:10:53 <blauwal>	ah and RedFlag is involved, too.
Feb 01 15:11:07 <kendy>	Yes, but don't you know the date, please?
Feb 01 15:11:25 <blauwal>	Have to find out. A moment, please
Feb 01 15:13:21 <blauwal>	Next face-2-face meeting is Feb. 18th
Feb 01 15:13:35 <kendy>	Uaa!
Feb 01 15:13:38 <blauwal>	They also have calls I thing, next one is Monday
Feb 01 15:14:09 <kendy>	OK, so I should present a proof-of-concept ASAP so that we can measure it as well...
Feb 01 15:14:13 <kendy>	:-)
Feb 01 15:14:21 <blauwal>	Yup :)
Feb 01 15:14:51 <blauwal>	I will be away next Friday, do you have time on Thursday?
Feb 01 15:15:02 <kendy>	Yes,
Feb 01 15:15:09 <kendy>	The same time
Feb 01 15:15:10 <kendy>	?
Feb 01 15:15:15 <blauwal>	Yes, would be fine
Feb 01 15:15:40 <blauwal>	I'll announce the move, but I'm sure no one will notice anyway :)
Feb 01 15:15:51 <kendy>	:-)
Feb 01 15:16:21 <blauwal>	And by next Thursday I really plan to have my numbers ready  .... :)
Feb 01 15:16:25 *	kendy admits that he forgot todays #ooopackaging, and pmladek forgot as well, so noone other than sb was there :-|
Feb 01 15:16:41 <blauwal>	happens ....
Feb 01 15:17:00 <kendy>	blauwal: OK, so then we have one more week for their tweeking and tuning ;-))
Feb 01 15:17:07 <kendy>	tweaking
Feb 01 15:17:19 <blauwal>	Yes, fortunately.
Feb 01 15:17:32 <blauwal>	Do you have anything else?
Feb 01 15:17:35 <kendy>	OK, I hope I'll have the proof-of-concept by then so that it can be measured as well.
Feb 01 15:17:39 <kendy>	No, nothing else.
Feb 01 15:17:46 <kendy>	See you next week!
Feb 01 15:17:58 <blauwal>	See you then!
Feb 01 15:18:04 <blauwal>	Bye
Feb 01 15:18:18 <kendy>	Bye!
**** ENDING LOGGING AT Fri Feb  1 15:18:34 2008
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