OOoSCM Minutes 2008-01-18 IRC log

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**** BEGIN LOGGING AT Fri Jan 18 14:57:23 2008
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Jan 18 14:57:41 -->	kendy (n=kendy@nat/suse/x-75c7d2792ffade1b) has joined #oooscm
Jan 18 14:57:55 <kendy>	Hi!
Jan 18 14:59:28 <blauwal>	Hi Jan
Jan 18 15:03:01 <blauwal>	Looks like this will be small round this week.
Jan 18 15:03:40 <blauwal>	I haven't heard something from our friends of bazaar since before christmas
Jan 18 15:05:53 <blauwal>	so it looks like we have only two contenders still in the racew
Jan 18 15:06:04 <blauwal>	s/racew/race
Jan 18 15:07:41 <blauwal>	I've outlined the tests I'm planing to do on the SCM_migration page.
Jan 18 15:08:51 <kendy>	OK, I'll have a look there.
Jan 18 15:09:19 <blauwal>	Maye you can add something which reflects your way of working?
Jan 18 15:09:59 <blauwal>	and please tell me if I'm doing something very stupid in the git case
Jan 18 15:10:43 <kendy>	Yes, I just noted the Novell section :-)
Jan 18 15:11:35 <kendy>	I guess it will mostly overlap with the standalone developers, each of us develops at a remote location, so no sharing etc.
Jan 18 15:11:52 <kendy>	[no sharing == no special NFS or something]
Jan 18 15:12:56 <kendy>	I guess it would be helpful to document the exact commands you use
Jan 18 15:13:26 <blauwal>	Yes.
Jan 18 15:16:10 <kendy>	Other than that, nothing immediately comes to my mind - I'll ping you if I have something.
Jan 18 15:16:26 <blauwal>	ok. 
Jan 18 15:17:25 <blauwal>	I think we can safely assume that it will be either subversion or git so we can restrict our measurements to that.
Jan 18 15:17:59 <kendy>	I guess so.
Jan 18 15:18:11 <blauwal>	OK. Lets close this meeting here. I'll start with the measurements next week.
Jan 18 15:18:24 <kendy>	Great, thanks a lot!
Jan 18 15:18:30 <kendy>	Bye!
Jan 18 15:23:55 <blauwal>	bye
**** ENDING LOGGING AT Fri Jan 18 18:29:43 2008
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