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The Bean is intended to include office components in Java application or applets. The bean provides full access to the office API and the embedded office components can be customized and controlled over the API.

Under Construction!!

Known Problems

  1. The office window does not get keyboard focus.

  1. The office window does not get keyboard focus. This happens when using gtk on Linux/Solaris and a Sun JRE 5, Sun JRE 6, JRE 6 u1.

    This should work now with an OOo 2.4 (starting from SRC680m227) and a Sun JRE 6 u2. When using OOoBean in a Java applet which is displayed by a web browser, then it is necessary to add an entry in the Java Control Panel of the JRE (jre_dir/bin/ControlPanel). Select the "Java" tab and press the "View" button in the "Java Applet Runtime Settings" section. In the "Java Runtime Parameters" column add -Dsun.awt.xembedserver=true. One could also do this programmatically. For example in java.applet.Applet.init one could add:

    System.setProperty("sun.awt.xembedserver", "true");

    However, this must be done before the OOoBean is used.

    When running a stand-alone java program, one can either add -Dsun.awt.xembedserver=true as argument when calling java or set the propery within the program before the OOoBean is used.

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