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Let's start..
1 Status of the Teams
1.1 AODL: Lars (lb)
1.2 ODFDOM/ODF4J: Svante, Christian (cl), MaJun, duyunfen
2 Open discussions
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1.1 AODL: Lars (lb)
Hi all!
Svante_afk: hello, i send a mail to you on Monday , do you check it?
Hi MaJun, no sorry I have not seen it, I will come back later to it during discussions..
no news
Svante: oh, thank you!
1.2 ODFDOM/ODF4J: Svante, Christian (cl), MaJun, duyunfen
nothing for now, I have taken several days off.
The form controls cann't seem to use styles of "Styles and Formatting" yet.so I just defined styles in office:automatic-styles, I'm not sure how to extend the future's use in "Styles and Formatting" yet.
Last Friday I have added a list of tasks to the Wiki, that I personally would like have archieved for a stable 0.7:
With all my optimistic thinking, I see the first 0.7 beta end of January.
At that time I would like to change ODFDOM from ODF 1.1 to ODF 1.2
Yeah that is a strange thing does anybody know why OOO doesnt use styles for form controls?
Svante: i asked the dealine of version0.7 in mail, so i know now
duyunfen: Not certain if this is possible in ODF 1.2 but a nice feature to enhance the layout of formualrs
I think they should use styles.so I want to defined the implementation for future's easy extend.
larsb: I need your help , can you have a chat in private.
duyunfen: Do you know if this is possible in ODF 1.2, you might want to check the latest draft to see if it's possible..
At least OOo can not do this.
Svante:no,I haven't check the latest draft.But I will.
Thanks, duyunfen!
Svante:thank you!
mayjun: If you are interested in the code generation, you might just have a try and if there are questions, just post them on the list, as there might be others who want to join in your effort
mayjun: Christian Lippka (who wrote the code generator) and I will assist you and might work on the generator (refaktoring out of the ODFDOM into an own project) at the same time
Let's start discussions..
Svante: thank you for your suggestion, i will do so
MaJun: Thanks for your help!
Anything about odftoolkit someone would like to discuss?
Questions? Remarks?
bei:Why OOo can not do this?Would they not extend this part?
Well the styles and form control topic. Who would be best to talk to to get this feature into OOo?
bei: First make certain it is in ODF 1.2 :-)
And second, you should ask OOo related questions on #dev.openoffice.org
Svante: Sure! But I would like to know who is currently working on form controls
bei: Sorry, I don't know
Soft formatting is such a nice feature of OOo and it´s a pitty it isn´t used for form controls also.
bei: Remember we are talking about odftoolkit here, not OOo ;-)
I got one remark from my side regarding the Odftoolkit tasks:
well if we get this into odf 1.2 we would also have to get this into OOo
bei:I'll check the latest draft.and I will need your help later.then I 'll email to you.:)
Whenever someone is interested, please write to the list and let's discuss topics on the list as long a bugtracker is not enabled..
Anything else?
Than I see you next week!
Have a nice week-end!
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bye,Nice week-end too!
*hmmm* about the warnings item on the list I think a few are there because of the design of odfdom and can only be suppressed by do not show warning annotations.
Sounds like a design problem, which it is not. It is for instance the recursive function, which has its purpose..
If you are interested, you are welcome for this task ;-)
I was taking about the class cast warnings and <T>function(<T>) stuff
Sorry, not sure what you mean at this moment, but if you see a change to remove the warnings, it would be great if you could give it a try!
I got to leave as well.. Follow up meeting...
see you soon!
ok bye
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<Malte> AGENDA:
<Malte> 1 Status of the Teams
<Malte> 1.1 AODL: Lars (lb)
<Malte> 1.2 ODFDOM/ODF4J: Svante, Christian (cl), MaJun, duyunfen
<Malte> 2 Open discussions
<Malte> .
<Malte> 1.1 AODL: Lars (lb)
<Malte> .
<larsb> no news
<larsb> .
<Malte> 1.2 ODFDOM/ODF4J: Svante, Christian (cl), MaJun, duyunfen
<Malte> .
<duyunfen> In the last week I'm analyzing the contorl's style and writing some examples,now it beginning to take shape in my mind.now I'm coding it.
<Malte> Sounds good :)
<Svante> cool, duyunfen!
<Svante> For my side..
<duyunfen>  :)thanks.
<Svante> .. I answered the first time the messages on the forum at the beginning of this week.
<Svante> http://odftoolkit.org/forums
<Svante> As I got no mail about the entries I missed them first, now I got an RSS feed on the forum.
<Svante> Answered the ODFDOM part and fixed the Wiki examples of ODFDOM.
<Svante> Even did several refactorings on the OdfPackage to make the package example run smooth..
<Svante> .
<Malte> MaJun: Anything from your side?
<MaJun> no,
<MaJun> i have no concrete job yet
<Malte> So Svante should give you some concrete task?
<Svante> You may choose one.. ;-)
<Malte> Then offer some ;)
<MaJun> that's great, i'd like he can give me some to start
<Svante> ..just work on something that you like (or annoys you, so you would like to change it).. I give you some examples later..
<Svante> .
<Malte> OK, assuming "later" means via email - anything else to discuss?
<MaJun> Svante: thank you
<Svante> You are welcome, MaJun! :-)
<Svante> I guess I simply write possible tasks on the list so MaJun and others may take their pick..
<Svante> By this it is more 'opensource'.. ;-)
<Svante> Nothing more from my side..
<Svante> ..regarding ODFDOM
<Svante> .
<Malte> Better would be putting the possible tasks in the odftoolkit.org wiki...
<Malte> You agree?
<Svante> And write a mail to point on them.. sure that's the best!
<Malte> OK, I think we are done then! :)
<Malte> See you next week...
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