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<Malte> AGENDA:
<Malte> 1 Status of the Teams
<Malte> 1.1 AODL: Lars (lb)
<Malte> 1.2 ODFDOM/ODF4J: Svante, Christian (cl), MaJun, duyunfen
<Malte> 2 Open discussions
<Malte> .
<Malte> 1.1 AODL: Lars (lb)
<Malte> .
<larsb> no news.
<larsb> .
<Malte> .
<Malte> 1.2 ODFDOM/ODF4J: Svante, Christian (cl), MaJun, duyunfen
<Malte> .
<duyunfen> I'm testing the finished control's drawing shape.but I have some problem on the style's implement.I try to resolve it.
<xiuzhi> Malte: Majun is on holiday, she will return office next week.
<Svante> I have returned from holiday and no news from me so far..
<Svante> Next update on ODFDOM next week..
<Svante> .
<Malte> .
<Malte> 2 Open discussions
<Malte> .
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<Svante> I have seen several questions, yet unanswered on the list. I am a little distracted by some ODF 1.2 specification deadline this week-end....
<Svante> Come to them next week.. Sorry for the delay..
<xiuzhi> Malte: Do you know the status of odfreader? Is there a project schedule?
<bei> what is odfreader?
<Malte> I am also not aware of an ODFReader...
<Svante> xiuzhi: Have you some further information on odfreader?
<Malte> xiuzhi: Any more information about what odfreader should be?
<Malte> Uuup, Svante already asked ;)
<xiuzhi> Svante:I remembered that IBM said that www.odftoolkit.org project will develop odfReader on Nov 5th.
<xiuzhi> Svante: I google it. and found a OdfReader firfox plugin
<xiuzhi> Svante: that is all
<xiuzhi> Svante: the version is 0.2x
<xiuzhi> Svante: I want to know is there a plan to develop the OdfReader by Odftoolkit team?
<Malte> OK, probably nothing related to odftoolkit then....
<Malte> But I am sure we could creat and provide such thing, if needed :)
<Malte> Anything else?
<Malte> OK, seems we are done then....
<Malte> No response? OK, let me rephrase: Session is over, people are free to leave now ;)
<Malte> Bye :)
<xiuzhi> bye
<Dieter_> Malte: why is an ODFreader not related to the odftoolkit project? We clearly stated that odftoolkit is a home for ODF related applications.
<odf-mib> bye
<xiuzhi> Dieter_:)
<Malte> Dieter_: As I said - it's a ff plugin from somebody we don't know.
<Malte> We could contact him, or create our own for odftoolkit.org, if wanted
<bei> Dieter: yeah well but people+projects have to join the club before they are part of the club ;-)
<Malte> I suggest tha later then, because we know that we can do
<Dieter_> bei: yes, that's right
<xiuzhi> Dieter_: MS has pptview ,docview ... they are very good
<Dieter_> xiuzhi: yes, and I agree that we need to have similar readers for ODF
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<bei> Didn´t svante someday do something experimental in this area also using a modified OpenOffice.org XSLT transformation?
<xiuzhi> Dieter_: and light-weight
<Svante_> bei: That was just the public XHTML export of OOo as a firefox extension
<xiuzhi> Svante_ : Yes. a plugin is not enough, That is why I ask OdfReader
<xiuzhi> Svante_: I try the plugin , I like it. It make me read odf files easier
<bei> xiuzhi: what do you thing an OdfReader should be than? Something like a lightwigth read-only OOo, why have that when you can have read-write one for free?
<xiuzhi> bei: leight-wight is becoming more and more popular
<xiuzhi> bei: OOo it too big now and it would be more big
<bei> *hmm* than what´s light-wigther than a plugin for firefox which uses a XSL-Transformation to display ODF?
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<xiuzhi> bei: pardon?
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<bei> You said a plugin is not enough. This i could not understand. Because using an existing browser + a very small plugin seems to be the lightweightest solution to me!
<Malte> Sorry for interruption, but I have to leave for an other meeting
<Malte> Please continue your discussion
<bei> ok bye
<Malte> But Bernd: Please put log into http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/ODF_Toolkit/Minutes/2008_11
<Malte> Can you?
<Dieter_> I have to leave for an other meeting too - bye!
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<xiuzhi> bei: yes. It can work for browser. we need a read-only application, such as some embeded devices. there is no more resource for a big OOo
<xiuzhi> Dieter_:bye
<bei> xiuzhi: ok understood.
<bei> have too leave too, bye
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<xiuzhi> Svante_: Do you have any idea about OdfReader?
<Svante_> xiuzhi: No, that was why I asked about the link to the IBM quote you have been refering to
<xiuzhi> Svante_ : Ok. have a good weekend. bye


<Malte> AGENDA:
<Malte> 1 Status of the Teams
<Malte> 1.1 AODL: Lars (lb)
<Malte> 1.2 ODFDOM/ODF4J: Svante, Christian (cl), liuyuhua, duyunfen
<Malte> 2 Open discussions
<Malte> 1.1 AODL: Lars (lb)
<Malte> Anybody except Lars?
<Malte> Probably not...
<Malte> .
<Malte> 1.2 ODFDOM/ODF4J: Svante, Christian (cl), liuyuhua, duyunfen
<Malte> .
<duyunfen> I'm testing the finished part of form control's shape.
<duyunfen> .
<odf-mib> Not sure if this has been mentioned already here:
<odf-mib> There is a downloadable version of ODFDOM on odftoolkit.org now.
<odf-mib> Ans there is also a new Mercurial repository available now.
larsb (n=chatzill@ has joined #odftoolkit
<Malte> Hey... ;)
<Malte> Update on AODL?
<larsb> morning, sorry, i had to solve some trouble with another product :(
<larsb> no news.
<Malte> product == car? ;)
<Malte> Some info about ODFDOM?
<larsb> no software ;)
<liutao> majun will take over the task of liuyuhua's
<Malte> So liuyuhua won't continue here?
MaJun (n=MaJun@ has joined #odftoolkit
<liutao> Hi MaJun , Please introduce yourself.:)
slaydragon (n=roop@ has joined #odftoolkit
<liutao> Ping Liuyuhua
<liuyuhua> Malte: I will not do the work of odfdom,I now do the work of sw about the frm with oliver.
<liuyuhua> Malte: MaJun will do the work instead of me.
<MaJun> hi all,
<MaJun> This is MaJun, from the OpenSource technology department of Beijing Redflag Chinese 2000 Software. I've been working with Redflag for nearly 2 years, I'd love to join the odftoolkit and interested in participating for contribution. i'm a member of ODF-TC too.
<Dieter_> Hi MaJun, welcome on board!
<MaJun> Dieter_: thank you:)
<Malte> So I guess Svante will contact you via email to discuss how to start...
<Malte> Anything else to discuss today?
<bei> I would like to push the idea again to register a org.w3c.dom.DomImplemententationSource at the org.w3c.dom.bootstrap.DomImplementationRegistry in odfdom for ODF similiar to what xerces does with HTML and WML DOM Implementations.
<Malte> Seems nobody else here as an opinion about that, so please discuss with Svante...
<bei> ok will do when I am back from vacation
<Dieter_> ODF-MIB: what's your take on bei's proposal?
<odf-mib> From this short description I have no opnion on this as well.
<odf-mib> I need more details here. Maybe we can discuss this separately.
<bei> Well from how the DOM interface is organiszed you can request a DOM Implementation from a central registry requesting certain features of the DOM Implementation like HTML Support. And I just think odfdom should implement these interfaces.
<odf-mib> Okay. Sounds reasonable to me. Does it work ony with xerces?
<bei> No it´s DOM standard should be implemented by other parsers implementiong DOM Level 3 as well.
<odf-mib> In that case, I have no objections.
<bei> ok
<odf-mib> Another topic: Did anyone subscribe to the new odftoolkit mailing list at odftoolkit.org?
<odf-mib> anyone -> eveyrone?
<MaJun> i subscribed
<bei> Well I did.
<Dieter_> yes
<Malte> I have to go to another meeting which I am the host for...
<Malte> Anything else for today?
<Malte> OK, seems we are done then :)


<Malte> duyunfen: What about the others from your side?
<Malte> slaydragon: Any more information about yourself?
<Malte> Thanks :)
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<odf-mib> Hi!
Svante (n=chatzill@ has joined #odftoolkit
<slaydragon> Malte: oh, i didnt realize there was some sort of meeting on. I dont intend to be here right now. :D (I drop in for the OO.o odf stuff sometimes - I work on KWord.)
<Svante> good afternoon
<Malte> Feel free to stay :)
<Malte> Has KOffice any intention to use ODFDOM, now that it is not part of OOo anymore?
<duyunfen> good afternoon,Svante and Larsb.:)
<larsb> hi duyunfen :)
<duyunfen> hi,lars:)
<duyunfen> liuyuhua is on leave today.
<slaydragon> KOffice uses a custom XML parser, not even Qt's native parser, which works fine. It should be pretty difficult to move to another XML parser, I imagine. I dont think there's any talk of moving to odfdom.
<Malte> OK - make sure to register to odftoolkit.org and monitor what's going on :)
<larsb> duyunfen: ok
<Malte> Feedback from KOffice welcome, of course :)
<Svante> @slagdragon It's not so much about the parser, it is more about the DOM object model
<Svante> But you might take a look at it later, slaydragon
<Malte> I think we start with the agenda now, other discussions afterwards...
<slaydragon> Malte: ok, i'll check out the link
<duyunfen> lars: :)
<Malte> AGENDA:
<Malte> 1 Status of the Teams
<Malte> 1.1 AODL: Lars (lb)
<Malte> 1.2 ODFDOM/ODF4J: Svante, Christian (cl), liuyuhua, duyunfen
<Malte> 2 Open discussions
<Malte> .
<Malte> 1.1 AODL: Lars (lb)
<Malte> .
<larsb> no news ....
<Malte> .
<Malte> 1.2 ODFDOM/ODF4J: Svante, Christian (cl), liuyuhua, duyunfen
<Malte> .
<duyunfen> I'm still doing the convenient layer about form control.Some controls can be inserted directly with some default properties,like checkbox and button and label.The work was delayed,but I'll speed up.
<duyunfen> The meeting with Svante and Lars last week had gave me some inspiration.Thank you, Svante and Lars!:)
<Svante> You are welcome.. It was real fun in Beijing
<Svante> We will have a mayor change with the package names ...
<Svante> switching to org.odftoolkit from org.openoffice
<Svante> Still working on my manifest DOM CWS..
<Svante> The CWS is not uploaded yet, I will do when I am back from China
<Svante> Nothing else from me..
<Malte> OK - open discussions then...
<Svante> Perhaps, that I am about to refactor OdfName and OdfNamespace as it is basically the same functionality in two classes
<Svante> This is the nice thing about vacations, you can work on low priority stuff.. ;-)
<Svante> We need some CWS handling on odftoolkit.org..
<Svante> Anybody anything else to discuss?
<larsb> not sure if we really need this, but for now I think we could also use branches ....
<Malte> Did all of you already sign in to odftoolkit.org?
<Svante> If there are different user rights, than it is fine for me
<bei> yes but i did not get developer status yet.
<larsb> svante: no, same rights ....
<Svante> Right mgmt would make review necessary..
<larsb> svante: let's discuss that when you are back ...
<Svante> Yes..
<Svante> It's getting dark anyway here..
<Svante> Till soon... My greetings from Shanghai
<Malte> OK - bye then :)
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