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  • Nothing worth mentioning here...


  • Nothing worth mentioning here...


<Malte> AGENDA:
<Malte> 1 Status of the Teams
<Malte> 1.1 UNO based Toolkit: Juergen (jsc), Jirong
<Malte> 1.2 Modularization, SW: Andreas (amaOOo), LiuTao, lijian
<Malte> 1.3 AODL: Lars (lb),liuyuhua
<Malte> 1.4 ODFDOM/ODF4J: Svante, Christank (cl), Klemens, duyunfen, Amit (amitksaha)
<Malte> 2 Open discussions
<Malte> 1.1 UNO based Toolkit: Juergen (jsc), Jirong
<Malte> skipping
<Malte> 1.2 Modularization, SW: Andreas (amaOOo), LiuTao, lijian
<amaOOo> No news
<Malte> .
<Malte> 1.3 AODL: Lars (lb),liuyuhua
<Malte> .
<larsb_> no news .....
<liuyuhua> svante have sent me the mail about the work of ODFDOM.
<Malte> So you plan to work on ODFDOM instead of AODL now?
<Malte> I remember...
<liuyuhua> yes.
<Malte> Will change the agenda
<Malte> .
<Malte> 1.4 ODFDOM/ODF4J: Svante, Christank (cl), Klemens, duyunfen, Amit (amitksaha)
<Malte> .
<duyunfen> no news from me
<duyunfen> .
<Svante> There has been some chart problem in ODFDOM reported on the list, there has been as well some volunteer (Henrique) for this problem.
<Svante> As soon there is a fix we will provide an update
<Svante> .
odf-mib (n=chatzill@nat/sun/x-4729aa56f8bde7e5) has joined #odftoolkit
<Malte> Seems we are done?
<Svante> Discussions?
<Svante> 2 Open discussions
<Svante> Anything to discuss? :-)
<Svante> Questions, etc?
<bei> I remember one or two guys on the mailing list with additions to odfdom
<Malte> Hey Svante, what's the English word for "Sabbeltante"? ;)
henriqueloboweis (n=henrique@ has joined #odftoolkit
<Svante> It's called "Malte"..:-)
<bei> are there plans to integrate their work to odfdom?

<henriqueloboweis> good morning

<Svante> Good morning, Henrique!
<Malte> When they are not here, Svante should consider discussing that on the mailing list...
<Malte> Anything else?
<bei> yes why does the meeting start before time or is my clock broken?
<Svante> clock broken.. ;-)
<Malte> It started exactly in time...
<bei> ok than my clock needs a fix!

<henriqueloboweis> I wanna start to work on the chart problem today.

<Malte> Sounds good :)
<Svante> Thanks!
<liuyuhua> Svante: How about me? I do the other work?
<Svante> This or you might coordinate with Henrique..
<Svante> What you prefer
<bei> henriqueloboweis: haven´t looked at the embedded implementation yet. But maybe it helps to know that the ODFPackage class has a baseURI member which might eventually not be set correctly to cause such a problem, just a wild guess
<Svante> Is this fine for you, Liuyuhua?

<henriqueloboweis> this is the first time I'll work with the ODFDOM source code, so all the help is welcome.

<liuyuhua> Svante: both is ok.
<Svante> Thank you, Liuyuhua and Henrique! All your help is most welcome!
<liuyuhua> Svante: You are welcome!;)
<Svante> Are there any questions left for now? Otherwise just sent all further comments to the list, so everyone can participate..
<bei> no questions currently left /bye
<Svante> I guess that's all, Malte..
<Svante> See you next week, guys!
<Malte> OK - thanks for coming and good bye :)


<Malte> AGENDA:
<Malte> 1 Status of the Teams
<Malte> 1.1 UNO based Toolkit: Juergen (jsc), Jirong
<Malte> 1.2 Modularization, SW: Andreas (amaOOo), LiuTao, lijian
<Malte> 1.3 AODL: Lars (lb),liuyuhua
<Malte> 1.4 ODFDOM/ODF4J: Svante, Christank (cl), Klemens, duyunfen, Amit (amitksaha)
<Malte> 2 Open discussions
<Malte> .
<Malte> 1.2 Modularization, SW: Andreas (amaOOo), LiuTao, lijian
<Malte> .
<Malte> amaOOo: asleep? ;)
Jirong (n=Jirong@ has joined #odftoolkit
<Svante> We should skip this for now and come back later if necessary..
<Malte> .
<Malte> 1.3 AODL: Lars (lb),liuyuhua
<larsb_> no news .....
<larsb_> .
<Malte> .
<Malte> 1.4 ODFDOM/ODF4J: Svante, Christank (cl), Klemens, duyunfen, Amit (amitksaha)
<Malte> .
liuyuhua (n=amaze_li@ has joined #odftoolkit
<Svante> We have uploaded a new ODFDOM version yesterday.
<Svante> With embedding document support, new Chart document type and access via OdfDocument to all ODF XML files as DOM (ie. settings.xml and meta.xml).
<Svante> Aside of this there has been minor fixes, as the manifest handling of the Odfpackage, which is now according to the specifications.
<bei> Fixed a bug in the OdfPackage´s TraX Resolver and made some methods in OdfPackage and the XMLHelper class public again. These changes will likely be in the next update.
<Svante> .
<duyunfen> Malte: xiuzhi was not in company today.But liuyuhua and zhangjirong come and explain the thing now.
<duyunfen> now news from me.
<duyunfen> The part of form was going.but haven't finished.
<duyunfen> .
<Malte> OK, seems we are done with the Agenda....
<amaOOo> Sorry, I was busy, but no news from my side.
<Jirong> Hi, Malte.
<Malte> Hi Jirong :)
<Jirong> I haven't be active for unobased-toolkit for a while and there is no clue what should I do for the next. I am translating developers' guide into Chinese and helping OOo conference at the moment.
<Malte> BTW- OOoCon: Did someone schedule a meeting for the ODF Toolkit people?
<liuyuhua> Malte: i ' m sorry for that, I now didn't do the project of AODL, and when the project of AODL merged to the ODFDOM, the duyunfen is doing that and I quit the project and there are little thing to do after it is merged to the ODFDOM.
<liuyuhua> Malte: Now I'm doing the frame of sw and od guide me to do that.
<Jirong>  :Malte, hasn't receive this kind of proposal yet. but I think most of odf people will attend to ODF session.
<Malte> Just for clarification (of the IRC part)
<Malte> I fully understand when people can't work actively on the project for what ever reasons for some time.
<Malte> But then it would be nice if they would let us know here in the IRC that they will be away for some some, or simply come to the meeting even if you didn't work on ODF Toolkit...
<Malte> Just disappearing is not best practice...
<Malte> Makes sense?
<Malte> Now to the OOoCon ODF Toolkit Meeting:
<Malte> I think it would be reasonable to have a "real" meeting - sit some in some room for 1/2h or so.
<Malte> It's nice to have an opportunaty to meet the people face to face, and doing that within a session doesn't help if you want to discuss the project.
<Malte> What do you think about that?
<larsb_> +1
<Jirong> should find a slot for that
<Malte> Thanks Jirong - please take care for that and write the schedule/location on the mailing list :)
<Malte> Seems we are done with the meeting for today?
<Jirong> ok, i could be the contact of this meeting, and try to find a slot
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