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<Malte> AGENDA:1 Status of the Teams1.1 UNO based Toolkit: Juergen (jsc), Jirong1.2 Modularization, SW: Andreas (amaOOo), LiuTao, lijian1.3 AODL: Lars (lb),liuyuhua1.4 ODFDOM/ODF4J: Svante, Christank (cl), Klemens, Amit (amitksaha)2 Open discussions
<Malte> 1.1 UNO based Toolkit: Juergen (jsc), Jirong
<Malte> skipping..
<Malte> 1.2 Modularization, SW: Andreas (amaOOo), LiuTao, lijian
<liutao> no news...
<liutao> .
<amaOOo> No news
<Malte> 1.3 AODL: Lars (lb),liuyuhua
<larsb> I'm still on the way to specify the new ODFDOM style implmementation. I hope to finish and publish a first draft within the next week. So no dirctly news for AODL.
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<Malte> liuyuhua: just in time - your turn ;)
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<liuyuhua> I 'm sorry.have no news from me.
<Malte> 1.4 ODFDOM/ODF4J: Svante, Christank (cl), Klemens, Amit (amitksaha)
<duyunfen> I'm writing form's testing file.I'll try to finished it this weekend.
<duyunfen> .
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<Svante> A new version of ODFDOM with minor updates has been released this week.
<Svante> We are working on some mayor enhancement, therefore no much changes now.
<Svante> .
<Klemens> created a list of stylalbel element (hopefully complete) and their families as basis for odfElement creation
<Malte> duyunfen: Seems you are regularly working on ODFDOM, so I will put your name on the agenda. Right?
<Klemens> .
<duyunfen>  :)OK
<Svante> yes, good idea!
<Malte> Open discussions now...
<Svante> Anything someone would like to talk about?
<Malte> OK, seems this was an efficient (at least fast) meeting :)
<Malte> Thanks and good bye...


<Malte> AGENDA:1 Status of the Teams1.1 UNO based Toolkit: Juergen S. (jsc), Jirong1.2 Modularization, SW: Andreas M., LiuTao (liutao), lijian1.3 AODL: Lars B. (lb),liuyuhua1.4 ODFDOM/ODF4J: Svante S., Frank M. (fme), Christank L. (cl), Klemens / Bernd E.(rfc821), Amit S.(amitksaha)2 Open discussions
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<Malte> 1.1 UNO based Toolkit: Juergen S. (jsc), Jirong
<Malte> skipping...
<Malte> 1.2 Modularization, SW: Andreas M., LiuTao (liutao), lijian
<amaOOo> No news
<Malte> liutao?
<liutao> Here ,no news
<Malte> 1.3 AODL: Lars B. (lb),liuyuhua
<larsb> No news for AODL, but we had our ODFDOM style discussion / meeting yesterday. Now, we have all a "clear" understanding how to implement them.
<Malte> good :)
<Malte> I assume you write something about that later, or in the wiki?
<Svante> yes..
<Malte> 1.4 ODFDOM/ODF4J: Svante S., Frank M. (fme), Christank L. (cl), Klemens / Bernd E.(rfc821), Amit S.(amitksaha)
<larsb> But I wouldn't start moving AODL architecture to this one of ODFDOM until the Java part is on the run ;)
<Svante> It is just some internal kick-of discussion
<Svante> Malte: Wait for the finalizing '.' ;-)
<larsb> .
<larsb>  :)
<Svante> hehe
<Svante> No update on ODFDOM, as we were working on OOo 3. Good news, the work is this week, I have enabled XSLT 2 support.
<Svante> Therefore next week I will restart with the task of generating all ODF elements.
<Svante> As Lars mentioned we started discussing style refactoring (first quickly internally)
<Svante> we came to the conclusion that we need all styles to start real work on this (implementing)
<Svante> Did I forget something? Lars, Frank, Christian, Klemens..?
<Svante> Yes, Klemens start finding the list of styleable elements in ODF by using a small program working on ODFDOM
<larsb> no ;) we just have to the generation first and move on with the convienence layer :)
<Svante> ok, lars..
<Svante> We need this styleable list to find the style:families by automation.. Just a pretask of finding all ODF elements..
<Svante> That's all, I guess..
<Svante> .
<Svante> Malte? Fetching coffee? ;-)
<Svante> 2 Open discussion
<Svante> Anything to discusss?
<Malte> Not fetching coffee...
<Svante> Tee?
<Svante> Anything else to discuss? ;-)
<Malte> Thought some of the others would also have a status update...
<Klemens> not me.
<Svante> See ^^
<fme> Not me ;-)
<Svante> See, again ^^ ;-)
<Svante> Honestly, we will come up with a proposal of styles for ODFDOM during next week..
<Svante> So we can discuss this on the next IRC meeting or on the list..
<Svante> Lars already made a very nice UML diagram
<Svante> Therefore nothing to discuss from my side this week..
<Svante> BTW Thanks for the many +1 for the project-co lead role for Lars and myself ;-)
<larsb> I think we should add it to the document when its finished ...
<Malte> I think I have something:Since we have some people on the agenda who never give updates on ODFDOM, but work on it:The names are not for tracking who is involved/working on ODFDOM, but to see which people will talk about this.Please let remove all people from the lists who never give any status updates.
<Malte> Lists == Agenda
<Svante> I would drop them after a while.. Let them there for a while..
<Svante> Perhaps the one on the list for ODFDOM can tell what they have done last week?
<Svante> Last week working on ODFDOM of course..
<Malte> Let me put it this way: I expect everybody on the Agenda to say anything, otherwise I don't know how long to wait before going to the next item
<Svante> sure..
<Malte> So: Please let me know if you are on the Agenda and prefer not to be
<fme> Nothing from my side. Since I do not work full-time on ODFDOM, remove me from the list.
<Malte> Of course you can also talk w/o being on the Agenda, if there is anything you want to talk about :)
<fme> Sure ;-)
<dy1>  :)oh, I'm not here just now. I'm modifing org.openoffice.odf.dom.element..Form,lask week I add OdfButtonElement,OdfFixedTextElement,OdfFileElement,OdfDateElement,OdfComboboxElement,OdfCheckboxElement class,but I think they cann't be submitted this time.
<dy1> sorry for the late answer.
<Svante> ;-)
<Klemens> my status update was mentioned my svante :) next time i will write it myself
<Svante> I guess we are through now?
<Malte> yes :)
<Svante> Still some work waiting for us out there..
<Svante> Therefore see you all next week!! Thanks for coming!
<Svante> Byebye


<Malte_> AGENDA:1 Status of the Teams1.1 Modularization, SW: Andreas Martens (amaOOo), LiuTao, lijian1.2 UNO based Toolkit: Juergen Schmidt (jsc), Jirong1.3 AODL: Lars Behrmann (lb),liuyuhua1.4 ODF4J/ODFDOM: Bernd Eilers (bei), Amit (amitksaha), Svante, Klemens, dyf2 Open discussions
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<Malte_> 1.1 Modularization, SW: Andreas Martens (amaOOo), LiuTao, lijian
<liutao> no update
<Malte_> 1.2 UNO based Toolkit: Juergen Schmidt (jsc), Jirong
<Malte_> skipping
<Malte_> 1.3 AODL: Lars Behrmann (lb),liuyuhua
<larsb> I hope that Svante will finish his OOo 3.0 tastks, so that we can finalize the ODFDOM style implementation. As I mentioned last week I wouldn't start with ODFDOM net (refactor AODL) until we have the whole picture of the ODFDOM architecture.
<liuyuhua> I also see the architecture of the odfdom.
<Svante> I hope together with Larsb.. :-)
<Malte_> 1.4 ODF4J/ODFDOM: Bernd Eilers (bei), Amit (amitksaha), Svante, Klemens, dyf
<larsb> .
<Svante> We gave out a new ODFDOM 0.6.7 version yesterday.
<Svante> CL added a dozen of Shape classes, thanx cl
<Svante> All info is giving in the mail on the list..
<Svante> .
<dyf> no new news.
<Malte_> Open discussions...
<mod_> quick meeting :-)
<Svante> We are very efficient.. ;-)
<Svante> Max, how can I help you?
<liutao> I can not access the tunnel,are there some problems?
<mod_> Svante: you mentioned code generation out of odf specification/relaxng
<Svante> liutao: you mean the CVS tunnel?
<liutao> who can help me?
<liutao> Yes
<Svante> mod_: yes, it is in the ODFDOM source beyond /codegen dir
<mod_> Svante: this would work soon for c++ as well, is that correct?
<Svante> yes, if you add the template code.. :-)
<Svante> AND.. we need a litte of refactoring...
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<mod_> Svante: is this still on your agenda or not working on this anymore?
<Svante> yes of course..
<liutao> OK,THE cvs tunnel works.
<mod_> Svante: ah nice, any timeframe for that?
<Svante> I was just distracted of OOo3 task
<Svante> Generation is next on my list, I wanted to start the task two weeks before
<mod_> Svante: where would I find an announcement if this is done?
<Svante> Certainly..
<mod_> Svante: odfdom site on wiki?
<Svante> of course.. second..
<Svante> http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/ODFDOM
<Svante> It will be on the mailing list and a new 0.7 version will come out..
<mod_> Svante: nice, thanks....that's it already from my side
<Svante> with support of all elements in ODFDOM
<Svante> But it is all in Java for the reference implementation and not for C++, just codegen refactored that it should be more usable with other languages
<Svante> mod_ ^^
<Svante> Any more questions from anyone?
<Svante> Anymore questions from anyone?
<Malte_> Seems we are done then :)
<Svante> Than that's it for today..
<Svante> Thanks for coming!
<Svante> See you next week..
<mod_> bye
<Svante> byebye
<Malte_> Bye :)


* ChanServ * [#odftoolkit] Welcome to the ODF Toolkit channel!
< Svante > Good morning
< Svante > Malte is a little late (traffic-jam) therefore I will take over today
< Svante > ===============================================
< Svante > AGENDA:
< Svante > 1 Status of the Teams
< Svante > 1.1 ODFDOM/ODF4J: Svante, Frank (fme), Klemens, Bernd Eilers (rfc821), Amit (amitksaha)
< Svante > 1.2 AODL: Lars Behrmann (lb),liuyuhua
< Svante > 1.3 UNO based Toolkit: Juergen Schmidt (jsc), Jirong
< Svante > 1.4 Modularization, SW: Andreas Martens, LiuTao (liutao), lijian
< Svante > 2 Open discussions
< Svante > ===============================================
< Svante > 1.1 ODFDOM/ODF4J: Svante, Frank (fme), Klemens, Bernd Eilers (rfc821), Amit (amitksaha)
< Svante > Our (Sun's) work on ODFDOM is a little distracted by the OOo3.0 code-freeze dead line
< Svante > There is no update from my side..
< Svante > .
< Svante > 1.2 AODL: Lars Behrmann (lb),liuyuhua
< larsb_ > Hey stop ...
< Svante > What?
< larsb_ > ODFDOM: I've started an UML Class Diagram for Style Implementation ;)
< Svante > Cool!
< larsb_ > Svante: We should use the UML Diagrams for our style talk next week and later we should publish the diagrams as additional help
< Svante > Sounds good
< liuyuhua > I have a little know about odfdom.
< larsb_ > liuyuhua: Fine!
< Svante > Any further update on ODFDOM/ODF4J
< Svante > .
< Svante > 1.2 AODL: Lars Behrmann (lb),liuyuhua
< larsb_ > AODL: I've discussed with Dieter that we should wait with the ODFDOM implementation for AODL until we're sure that we wont have any architectural changes in the ODFDOM java reference implementation.
< Svante > Sounds reasonable
< larsb_ > It wouldn't be helpful to do all that stuff twice ;)
< Svante > Anything else?
< larsb_ > .
< larsb_ > ;)
< Svante > 1.3 UNO based Toolkit: Juergen Schmidt (jsc), Jirong
< larsb_ > skip ;)
< Svante > Well, they are not present..
< Svante > .
< Svante > 1.4 Modularization, SW: Andreas Martens, LiuTao (liutao), lijian
< amaOOo > No news from my side.
< Svante > all right
< Svante > .
< Svante > 2 Open discussions
< Svante > I realized that I could need some help with creating types from the RelaxNG, I will come up with this on the list
< Svante > Types like IDREF or IDREFS defined by the W3C
< Svante > and used in the RelaxNG, which have to be represented by a Java class (by the ODFDOM API)
< Svante > Anything else?
< larsb_ > Ok, but thats not really important, now or?
< Svante > nope
< Svante > I further stumbled over a picture showing the usage of ODFDOM with JRuby
< Svante > http://www.flickr.com/photos/okazaki/2523987558/
< Svante > Nothing else from my side..
< Svante > .
< Svante > So thank you for coming and see you next week!
< Svante > bye bye
< amaOOo > Bye bye
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< larsb_ > bye
< fme > Bye all!
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