New Extension Manager UI

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Milestone Planning

Design and specify the new Extension Manager UIDone
Design and implement a new list controlDone
Integrate new dialog into extension manager using the old sub-dialogsDone
- fill list control with 'real' dataDone
- add status icons and publisher link to list viewDone
- connect buttons to correct functions (enable / disable, remove, options)Done
Change 'add new' behaviorDone
show 'error' statusDone
Add support for extensions to show their own icon in the extension managerDone
Integrate 'looking for updates' into new UIplannedM2
- specify new behavior and lookplannedM2
- implementplannedM2

M1Short term solution (first shot)[1]OOo 3.0
M2Integrate 'looking for updates' into UIOOo 3.3
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