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This document can be used as a skeleton to write test case specifications.

Test Name: brand test

Document Owner:
Caio Sousa

Last Document Change:
20. Apr.2007

Status of Document:

Test purpose

Verify that brand countains no references to the product

Known issues:

  • None

Preconditions of the test:

  • Got a branded build

Test documents

  • Don't apply

Test cases

Test case 1
  • Install
  • Check that doesn't appear any text or image referencing on the install process
  • Check appears the name at the top of the window
Test case 2
  • Open
  • Check the logo which appears is from
  • A small logo and its mention is allowed.
Test case 3
  • Go to the About dialog
  • Check the image that appears contains the logo

References (specification, API-documentation, ...):

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