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As explained at the Native-Lang Confederation (NLC) OOoCON 2006 meeting, the Native-Language Projects of should have a much more coherent documentation, whether text comes translated from the documentation project or a unified minimum set of documents.

The Documentation Clearinghouse is for Native-Lang projects' documentation. Two phases are foreseen to complete this task:

  • 1. Record and register every available piece of documentation available inside the OOo Native-Lang Confederation.
  • 2. Define the best approach for documentation (a. minimum set of adhoc documentation b. minimum set of official documentation 3. something else)

For now on we need to record every available documentation out there inside the NLC and match it against the one available in the documentation project. The license of the documentation sets needs to be absolutely compliant with our licensing scheme for documentation:

  • PDL (Public Documentation License)
  • Creative Commons only for non modifiable materials (although this option is not the preferred one).

If you know about documentation that you would like to include and that is not licensed along the lines described above, please contact the author and ask him/her if it would be agreeable to allow for an additional license on the documentation work at stake.

Please list your documentation sets with links here!


We have no published material yet apart from legacy documentation; however, some translations are in advanced stage and will be published soon.

Getting Started Guide

An Italian translation of the Getting Started Guide has been in the works since early 2005 and is now almost complete. It is undergoing the second and last proofreading phase and is expected to be published in late December 2006. License is inherited from the English version, so it will be CC for the PDF version.


Translation of the official FAQ has started.

Setup Guide

Translation of the Setup Guide for version 2.0 is almost complete, screenshots are still missing.

Legacy Published Documentation

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