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Personal Music Collection database


Marina Kuznetsova

Natalia Polioudova

We are happy to present Personal Music Collection (PMC) database.

Personal Music Collection was designed to satisfy as many types of music collectors as possible. We tried to take into consideration features that can be useful for different customers.

Our database gives customer a variety of remarkable features that made possible:

  • to define customer's own music category;
  • to systematize musical collection by catalogue numbers;
  • to simplify the search of desired Music Item or Musical Composition by keeping Music Item location;
  • to assign rating to any musical composition;
  • to put cover images for Music Items;
  • to store Music Item Status allowing collector to keep information about lent out or borrowed items, items in collection, on order or on sale;
  • to keep and retrieve diverse performances of the same musical composition;
  • to keep description of performer members;
  • to have different staff for the same performer for different time periods;

Music-lovers and connoisseurs can input information about performers, composers, lyrics authors, conductors and soloists.

Graphical User Interface of PMC database is represented by a set of forms and reports. Forms are intended for input of new information, reports are used to help user to retrieve desired information. We hope that PMC Database was constructed with all features in mind that every music collector could think of. More information about PMC database can be found in provided documentation.

Welcome to “Personal Music Collection” website where you can find the database itself and become acquainted with attached there documentation.

Please do not change the logical content of this site without acknowledge of the author or the OOo QA Project Lead/Co-Leads.

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