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Music Database/Nadejda as part of Music Database/NLG group of the Hitek School internship project started in March 2009; Individual project started on May 25th, 2009 for 3 months.

The group consists of one member:

Larysa Zaporozhets

We decided with Nadejda Timofeevato create two databases.

Week 1 (25 May 2009- 31 May 2009)

1. During this week we familiarized ourselves with OOo database, including "Getting starting with Base" and “Beginners - Example Database - Base Tutorial”
2. We asked the base community for ideas, tips, hints etc. on mailing lists
3. We discussed some ideas regarding music data base (fields which could be present in it, relations between tables, etc.)

Week 2 (1 June 2009 - 6 June 2009)

1. Created draft of tables for Music Database
2. Created draft of music base design.

Week 3 (8 June 2009 - 13 June 2009)

1. Optimized set of the tables and relationships between them (design)
2. Created draft GUI (Form) for the Music Database.
3. Started to gathering data for the Database

Week 4 ( 15 June - 20 June 2009

1. Approved design of Music Database.
2. Gathering data for tables
3. Defined type of data.

Month 1 (25 May 2009 - 24 June 2009)

1. The month of our work on Music DataBase passed by and we can admit that while participating in several type of activities we became people working together cooperatively as a team in order to accomplish the common goal. As a result of our many discussions we developed design, GUI. Content of tables for our base is almost ready. During the month we were reading documentation, went trough several Base tutorial, exploring databases examples in purpose to optimize our ideas in simple but functional design. It took us a while to define relations between tables, type and length of data fields. As we learnt from base documentation OOo Base offers choices for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users to create and modify tables, forms, queries, and reports, using Wizards, Design Views, or SQL Views. We as a team feel that we extract all theory needed for creation our database and we are ready to start developing.

Week 5 (22 June - 26 June 2009)

1. Created tables according to our specification.
2. Defined relationships between tables.
3. Made some correction to tables and specification.

Week 6 (29 June - 04 July 2009)

During this week we were working on form creation.

We experienced difficulties making several subforms and looked for another method to create form using all tables. Despite many documents describing creation database we worked hard to find real help

(for example, no detailed help or tutorial about creating form in design view). Finally, we managed to make form for our database and we are working on style and filling data so far

7 week (July 6 - July 12, 2009)

1. Made some correction to created tables and their relationships.
2. Continued to work with forms and reports.

8 week (July 13 - July 19 2009)

1. Made some changes in the structure of database.
2. Created some forms and reports
3. Continued to improve GUI of database.

9 week ( July 20 - July 25 2009)

1. We were finishing creating our data base and making changes in forms.
2. Read documentation and created queries.
3. We discussed which base (we have several versions) should be present as our group project.

Month 2 (25 June - 24 July 2009)

During this month we working on several tasks:

1. We discussed a lot the better ways of music base realization.
2. Created tables according to our specification.
3. Defined relationships between tables.
4. Worked on form creation.
5. Along with form creation we made some correction to created tables and their relationships, improved GUI design of database and created form.
6. Learned the principles of creating and maintaining database systems in Base and used tutorials to find answers for appeared problems during creation.
7. Learned the SQL queries creation basics and created some queries 8. Some reports have been created.

Results of our month activities are:

1. Completion of Music Base creation.
2. Skills of using Base

Week 10 (July 26 - August 2 2009)

1. Started to work on documentation of our data base.
2. Started to create test case specification based on existing template.
3. Debugged our product.

Week 11 (August 03 - August 09 2009)

1. Continued to work with user documentation.
2. Continued to write test cases.

Week 12 (August 10 - August 16 2009)

1. Continued to study resourses of OOo Openoffice (Tutoring, forum).
2. Reviewed user documentation and introduse changes in it.

Week 13 (August 17 - August 22 2009)

1. Getting familiar with assigned database
2. Testing database.

Week 14 (August 23 - August 30 2009)

1. Finished testing of assigned database.

Week 15 (August 31 - September 6 2009)

1. Made some corrections in tables and data entry form of database.
2. Prepared monthly report.

Month 3 ( Yuly 26 - September 6 2009)

During this month:

1. Completed User's Guide and internal documentation for my database.
2. Created Test Cases for the database.
3. Tested and debugged my database.
4. Received assigned database, tested it and prepared a bug list.
5. Made some corrections in my database and User's guide according Vlad's recomendation.

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