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Default toolkit on Mac [fixed]

building should be done with --enable-default-toolkit=mac. More precisely, the problem occurs when configure is not used for the build (e.g. in Sun build environment)

Pb with linked directory

The build does not work reliably in a linked directory

 example: the sources are in /private/Network/Server/<host>/export/<CWS>/DEV300/ooo/moz
 which is linked to /<linkname>/<CWS>/DEV300/ooo/moz.
  • This happens at least in :
    • modules/plugin/samples/default/mac/Makefile
    • embedding/tests/cocoaEmbed/Makefile
    • embedding/components/printingui/src/mac/printpde/Makefile

Makefile issue [fixed]

build/mozilla/xfpe/bootstrap/Makefile can choke on a "rm -f" command line. Adding a '-' in front to make this problem noncritical fixes the build.

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