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This functionality is available only in patches associated with ooo-build/


To build this, grab a recent mono - is likely to work. Then Build with --enable-mono. Install in the normal way.

Build sample programs

   cd odk/examples/CLI/CSharp/Spreadsheet
   export CLI_URE=../../../../../cli_ure/
   mcs SpreadsheetSample.cs SpreadsheetDocHelper.cs -r:$CLI_URE/cli_basetypes.dll \
     -r:$CLI_URE/cli_types.dll -r:$CLI_URE/cli_cppuhelper.dll -r:$CLI_URE/cli_ure.dll
   cp SpreadsheetSample.exe /opt/OOInstall/program
   cd /opt/OOInstall/program
   mono ./SpreadsheetSample.exe

You should get a nicely auto-generated spreadsheet.

With a binary installation

You need to grab the files above from: lxr and whack them in /usr/lib/ooo-2.0/program slightly differently:

   cd /usr/lib/ooo-2.0/program
   mcs SpreadsheetSample.cs SpreadsheetDocHelper.cs \
     -r cli_basetypes.dll -r cli_types.dll \
     -r cli_cppuhelper.dll -r cli_ure.dll
   mono ./SpreadsheetSample.exe
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