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Feature Justification

AppleScript support is basic to a Mac OS X application. Supporting Applescript will have the additional benefit of allowing scripting using JavaScript, Ruby, Python, and Objective-C via the AppleScript Scripting Bridge [1]

Basic Support

In order to add Applescript support to OOo the following basic steps need to be accomplished.

1. Turn on scripting support - see Apple Documentation]
Insert the following a the end of the Info.plist in the bundle just before /dict

2. Create a "sdef" scripting definitions file and put it in the bundle
Stub file, insert in bundle in Resources folder -> OOo.sdef in File:OOo sdef.gz
You can now run the following AppleScript -> OOoAS.applescript in File:OOo applescript.gz

3. Design scriptable "helper" classes that implement the object hierarchy. [2]

Extending Support

Phase 1 - Define suites (object model) for OOo
Phase 2 - Implement a subset of the most useful objects
Phase 3 - Verify support for Standard and Text Suites
Phase 4 - Make the OOo uno model AppleScript-able

--Msicotte 20:41, 12 June 2008 (CEST)

Adding Support for AppleScript to the Scripting Framework

This Apple Technote [3] describes calling Applescript from C - a first step to adding AppleScript support to the scripting framework. The example is Carbon - so not exactly what we want since Carbon is deprecated, but the Cocoa example links to the same page.

--Msicotte 19:53, 28 June 2008 (CEST)

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