MacOSX: Complete User Interface respecting Aqua Human Interface Guidelines

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This page is part of Google Summer_of_Code_2007 proposal by Ismael Merzaq and mentored by Eric Bachard


The implementation of all the missing aqua controls will enable to be a real Mac OS X application, following better the aqua look and feel and the Apple Human Interface Guidelines. This will improve the user experience, and will make easier the transition to OOo for new users. With the X11 version of OOo on Mac OS X, users are a bit disturbed because OOo is not very "aqua". And look and feel is something important for Mac users, maybe more than for windows or linux users. Indeed, some mac users prefer using NeoOffice (although it is slower than the current X11 version of OOo) or buying MS Office to have an aqua office application. Therefore it is important for to complete the implementation of aqua widgets.

Current Status

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