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ericb2: ok, let's start

[4:03pm] ybart: re

[4:04pm] ericb2: Point 1 welcome new devs / Aqua news

[4:04pm] ericb2: I think ybart can start presenting himself ?

[4:04pm] ybart: Of course

[4:04pm] ybart: I am a third year IT student in France

[4:05pm] ybart: I have some experience in Cocoa, Carbon, Mac Programming

[4:05pm] paveljanik: ybart: great - we need such developers!

[4:05pm] paveljanik: Welcome!

[4:05pm] ybart: I am interested in the native Port and am currently performing CVS chekout

[4:05pm] ybart: I plan to do my first build this week-end

[4:06pm] ybart: paveljanik: Thanks !

[4:06pm] ericb2: ybart: if you need help, don't hesitate to ask us

[4:06pm] ybart: I won't

[4:06pm] ybart: I already asked about installing pre-requisites

[4:07pm] ericb2: ybart: I have updated Aquabuild wiki page. http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/AquaBuild

[4:07pm] ericb2: ybart: should be complete

[4:07pm] ybart: ericb2: Did I missed to mention something ?

[4:08pm] ericb2: ybart: no, I don't think so. thank you very much and welcome !

[4:08pm] ybart: Yes, I was introduced here by ericb2

[4:09pm] ybart: Thanks !

[4:10pm] ericb2: I think we can now discuss about last native news ?

[4:11pm] ericb2: no news ? aliscafo , paveljanik ?

[4:11pm] paveljanik: I do not have any exactly native news, but I did some stuff that is common to both.

[4:11pm] paveljanik: In pj59, install_name should be correct for all libs, thus help in native version should start working.

[4:12pm] aliscafo: aliscafo: nothing new, unfortunately

[4:12pm] paveljanik: I also suspect that we had a problem with digital signatures in the past because of the same problem - should be also fixed in pj59.

[4:12pm] ericb2: paveljanik: libdb-4.2.dylib ?

[4:12pm] paveljanik: I asked cloph to provide build of pj59 for QA purposes.

[4:12pm] paveljanik: ericb2: yes, exactly - no more hacks with ~/lib

[4:13pm] paveljanik: I'll aslo provide my own build for comparison and testing, but my mini is slow...

[4:13pm] ericb2: paveljanik: great ! Does cloph build using Panther ?

[4:13pm] paveljanik: I'll talk about the rest in the last point - WaE.

[4:13pm] ericb2: paveljanik: I got an old P2 : crashes with signed document, on Panther only

[4:13pm] cloph: 10.4.5 (I always forget the codenames, sorry)

[4:14pm] paveljanik: ericb2: maybe this is connected somehow. Maybe - please add me to CC:...

[4:14pm] paveljanik: or send me the number.

[4:14pm] ericb2: paveljanik: I'll do. I'm not in front of my main machine, but later, I'll add you on CC

[4:14pm] paveljanik: ok

[4:14pm] paveljanik: thanks

[4:14pm] paveljanik: BTW - what is the status of scrollbar?

[4:15pm] ericb2: I just wanted to talk about my current work

[4:15pm] ericb2: since Apple Expo, I had not too much time, but since yesterday, i think I have found what we have to do, not yet what exactly do

[4:17pm] ericb2: for aliscafo the code is in vcl/source/control/scrbar.cxx

[4:17pm] ericb2: the problem is : vcl controls are not located like native controls ( Btn1 and Butn2 )

[4:17pm] ericb2: I'm preparing a complete description, because I think it's better to ask Philip Lohmann

[4:18pm] ericb2: vcl/source/control/scrbar.cxx is in core (common part), and introduce MACOSX ifdefs is not correct

[4:18pm] ericb2: I'd vote for create a new type of button, only used on MACOSX

[4:19pm] ericb2: e.g. deactivate Btn1 and replace it with new Btn3, but pl will confirm

[4:21pm] oulipo left the chat room.

[4:21pm] ericb2: code relative to other controls is in the same dir too, and we have a lot of informations about how to implement to one not yet implemented

[4:21pm] paveljanik: ericb2: I think it would be better to first describe what you have found and send it to the list and cc to Stephan and PL, yes.

[4:22pm] ericb2: paveljanik: yes, sure. I have some screenshots to complete the description.

[4:22pm] paveljanik: good

[4:23pm] ericb2: paveljanik: the problem is, it seems to be very difficult to translate a control without break a lot of things. My first try gave me an ill scrollbar

[4:24pm] aliscafo: ericb2: why do we need to do that?

[4:25pm] ericb2: aliscafo: when you want to move from right to left, you must click on left, and the arrow is on right (just beside the other one)

[4:25pm] ericb2: aliscafo: same for vertical scrollbar

[4:26pm] ericb2: aliscafo: aqua control does use twice arrows

[4:26pm] aliscafo: ericb2: ok but that would be solved if we knew how to implement properly the getNativeControlRegion function

[4:27pm] paveljanik: yes.

[4:27pm] ericb2: aliscafo: IMHO, this is the same problem : we define RectButn1 and RectButn2, and values are .. not what we expect

[4:27pm] ybart: Mac OS X can also be configured to display two set of arrows for each slider...

[4:27pm] aliscafo: ericb2: there is a way to know what the current setting in terms of arrows is, according to the result we can redraw the right/up arrow

[4:28pm] aliscafo: ericb2: ok let me see

[4:28pm] ericb2: aliscafo: RectButn1 ( or Region don't remember exactly) is the wrong one

[4:28pm] ericb2: aliscafo: of course, you are right

[4:29pm] paveljanik: I think we can wait for Eric's description and discuss on the list...

[4:29pm] aliscafo: ericb2: we just need to look closer at the gtk implementation and i think we can find the solution

[4:29pm] aliscafo: paveljanik: yes we can talk about it later ericb2 if you want

[4:29pm] ericb2: aliscafo: a good example of getNativeControlRegion() does already exist in unx part

[4:30pm] ericb2: aliscafo: in vcl/unx/gtk/gdi/salnativewidgets.cxx

[4:30pm] ericb2: aliscafo: sorry : in vcl/unx/gtk/gdi/salnativewidgets-gtk.cxx

[4:30pm] aliscafo: ericb2: yup i know

[4:31pm] aliscafo: ericb2: i told you about it

[4:31pm] paveljanik: anything else native related?

[4:32pm] ericb2: that's all

[4:34pm] paveljanik: Point 2?

[4:34pm] ericb2: ybart: yes, but this won't solve our problem here : we have two controls, and we just have to superpose them with what is drawn

[4:35pm] ybart: ericb2: ok, I see

[4:35pm] paveljanik: ericb2: but we should do that in native only code - not ifdefing in common code.

[4:35pm] paveljanik: in native code, we know where the buttons are drawn (both together or one on one side and the second one on the other) and thus we can distinguish between them.

[4:36pm] paveljanik: let's go to point 2.

[4:36pm] ericb2: ybart: I forgot to explain you we superpose vcl controls and native controls

[4:36pm] ericb2: last, I proposed a fix for extensions / mozilla plugin

[4:36pm] paveljanik: BTW - 10.4.8 is out

[4:37pm] paveljanik: ericb2: I'm testing it now. Hope to approve CWS tonight or tomorrow.

[4:37pm] ericb2: the cws name is macmozplugfix

[4:38pm] ybart: ericb2: Ok, I understand

[4:38pm] ericb2: Other news: Florian proposed to backport NativeFilepicker into X11 version

[4:38pm] ericb2: work in progress

[4:41pm] ericb2: aliscafo: I already have tried to use maThumbRect.Left() = mnThumbPixPos ( simple translation) and it does not work.Maybe the change is not at the good place

[4:41pm] paveljanik: good. If he can make it working for both X11 and native, it is perfect!

[4:41pm] ericb2: aliscafo: in salnativewidgets-gtk.cxx such translation is implemented, and maybe we can give it a try

[4:41pm] aliscafo: ericb2: ok

[4:43pm] paveljanik: ericb2: point 2 please

[4:43pm] ericb2: Point 2 ?

[4:43pm] ericb2: QA for 2.0.4

[4:44pm] ybart: I am wondering if X11 version can be run directly in top of Darwin without Aqua libraries ?

[4:45pm] ericb2: I have no informations about QA. does someone have infos ?

[4:45pm] paveljanik: I don't have.

[4:46pm] ericb2: The only thing I'm aware is testtool does not work with rc3, and manual tests will be proceed

[4:46pm] ericb2: french QA Team is already waiting for Maho builds (maybe monday)

[4:47pm] ericb2: no info ? no question ?

[4:47pm] • cloph just tried the scrollbar-stepper thing with GTK on the X11-build: Works without a problem

[4:48pm] ericb2: Point 3 ?

[4:49pm] ericb2: Martin Hollmichel asked project leads to update http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Features

[4:50pm] louis_to joined the chat room.

[4:51pm] ericb2: I proposed to complete, but I need approbation about 2.0.4, 2.1 (aka 2.0.5) , 2.2, 2.3 and 3.0 , about Planned features we will put on this page concerning Mac OS X port

[4:52pm] ericb2: for 2.0.4 I'll just add : printing using CUPS, improved fonts

[4:53pm] ericb2: for 2.2: who disagrees "Planned backport native FilePicker" ?

[4:53pm] ybart left the chat room. (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))

[4:54pm] ericb2: or maybe better add this for 2.3 ?

[4:54pm] paveljanik: it depends on Florian.

[4:55pm] ericb2: we could add next point ( warning free for Mac OS X ) for 2.3 too ?

[4:56pm] ybart joined the chat room.

[4:56pm] ybart left the chat room. (Client Quit)

[4:56pm] paveljanik: OK

[4:56pm] paveljanik: but I hope to get it into 2.1

[4:56pm] paveljanik: but it is not feature - at least not user visible.

[4:57pm] ericb2: @all : looks like connectivity problems are back

[4:57pm] ybart joined the chat room.

[4:57pm] ybart: Sorry, I have connection problems

[4:58pm] ericb2: sorry, my provider sucks

[4:58pm] ybart: Mine too

[4:59pm] ericb2: I don't receive anything corect since 10 minutes

[5:00pm] ybart: I just reconnected form a timeout...

[5:00pm] ybart: However ping to freenode is OK

[5:01pm] schmidtm joined the chat room.

[5:02pm] paveljanik: schmidtm: Hi!

[5:02pm] schmidtm: Hi there!

[5:04pm] ericb2: can you see me ?

[5:04pm] paveljanik: ericb2: yes

[5:04pm] schmidtm: ericb2: yep

[5:06pm] ybart: Hi

[5:07pm] schmidtm: ericb2: some kind of trouble?

[5:09pm] ybart: yes

[5:12pm] paveljanik: hmm, so what next?

[5:13pm] ericb2: informations do appear every 5 minutes only .. pfff

[5:13pm] ybart: He can't see us

[5:13pm] schmidtm_ joined the chat room.

[5:14pm] paveljanik: as WaE was the last point, I think we are now finished and free discussion can start.

[5:14pm] schmidtm_: sorry, got kicked out...

[5:14pm] shaunmcdonald joined the chat room.

[5:16pm] ericb2: schmidtm: hi Matthias

[5:16pm] schmidtm_: ericb2: Hi

[5:18pm] ybart: ericb2: Exactly same problem here

[5:18pm] schmidtm_: It seems that i am missing most of the messages... Anyone out there?

[5:19pm] paveljanik: hm

[5:19pm] ybart: schmidtm_: I see you

[5:19pm] schmidtm_: got replies from pavel and ybart

[5:20pm] cloph: you can try to ping the bot as well...

[5:20pm] cloph: IZBot: ping

[5:20pm] IZBot: pong

[5:21pm] ybart: I can't checkout for the moment, the connection to CVS is established but nothing happens. I had downloaded about 600 ko in an hour...

[5:21pm] shaunmcdonald left the chat room. (Remote closed the connection)

[5:22pm] ericb2: schmidtm: yes, again my provider

[5:22pm] ericb2: paveljanik: did you discuss Point 4

[5:22pm] ericb2: ?

[5:22pm] paveljanik: ericb2: no, but I already sent an e-mail to the list this week and it is explained there.

[5:25pm] ericb2: paveljanik: I never received the discussion about WaE

[5:26pm] ericb2: I would like to discuss about Mac porter meeting

[5:26pm] paveljanik: ericb2: http://porting.openoffice.org/servlets/BrowseList?list=mac&by=thread&from=1521749

[5:27pm] schmidtm left the chat room. (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))

[5:27pm] ericb2: paveljanik: ok

[5:29pm] ericb2: well, what I have to say is simple :

[5:29pm] ericb2: mac porter meeting is essential for Mac port

[5:29pm] ericb2: I'm trying to organize the next one on early December

[5:30pm] ericb2: maybe Hamburg (germany) or Paris could be possible

[5:30pm] ericb2: I need to know as soon as possible who will attend. I already noticed Pavel is ok

[5:31pm] ericb2: for the expesnes and travels, I'll ask for help, but don't dream: we never will receive enough money (if ever) to cover all expenses

[5:32pm] ybart_ joined the chat room.

[5:32pm] ericb2: I'm waiting for confirmation about the place this week

[5:32pm] Fridrich left the chat room.

[5:33pm] ericb2: the content will mainly be code, debug and/or about native port

[5:33pm] ericb2: please confirm you will or not attend. thanks

[5:34pm] ybart_: I will not

[5:34pm] ybart_: Maybe next year...

[5:40pm] schmidtm_ left the chat room. (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))

[5:46pm] ericb2: ping

[5:47pm] ybart_: pong

[5:47pm] ericb2: ybart: looks like it works again

[5:47pm] ybart_: yes even my CVS checkout is back !

[5:47pm] ericb2: for next week, i'll try to use another port, not filtered

[5:48pm] ericb2: ybart: yes, this is free, no doubt

[5:48pm] ybart_: ericb2: I agree

[5:48pm] ericb_out joined the chat room.

[5:49pm] ybart_: Anybody still here ?

[5:50pm] cloph: Yes...

[5:51pm] ybart_: ok cloph

[5:53pm] ericb2: cloph: did you see what I wrote about mac porters meeting ?

[5:53pm] cloph: You mean either Hamburg and Paris? And you plan to have it in December...

[5:53pm] ericb2: cloph: yes

[5:54pm] cloph: Then yes, I did see it :-))

[5:54pm] ericb2: cloph: thanks

[5:54pm] ericb2: now, things are normal

[5:54pm] ericb2: no more delay

[5:55pm] ybart: Next week, maybe we should start at 22h UTC ...

[5:55pm] ericb2: ybart: probably, or find a solution like an external server, hosted by somebody not using Free provider

[5:56pm] ericb2: ybart: do you know if ssh works at "bad" hours ?

[5:56pm] ybart: Like the webchat I gave you...

[5:56pm] ybart: Probably not...

[5:56pm] ericb2: ybart: I'll try to document myself

[5:56pm] ybart: HTTP might be the only sake...

[5:56pm] ybart: ok

[5:57pm] cloph: Maybe using Tor to connect is an alternative for you?

[5:57pm] ybart: What is Tor ?

[5:57pm] ericb2: cloph: yes, whatever http

[5:57pm] ericb2: ybart: gate

[5:57pm] ericb2: ?

[5:58pm] ybart: ok

[5:58pm] cloph: http://freenode.net/irc_servers.shtml#tor

[5:58pm] ericb_out left the chat room. ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")

[5:58pm] cloph: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tor_(software)

[5:59pm] ericb2: cloph: thanks

[5:59pm] ybart: Thanks for links

[5:59pm] ericb2: paveljanik: still here ?

[6:01pm] paveljanik: yes

[6:01pm] ericb2: paveljanik: the entire discussion doesn't match, and is not understandable ( IMO

[6:01pm] ericb2: )

[6:02pm] ericb2: paveljanik: do you have a correct log ?

[6:03pm] ericb2: aliscafo: and you ?

[6:04pm] aliscafo: ericb2: i think so

[6:04pm] ericb2: aliscafo: can you please send me this log ?

[6:04pm] aliscafo: ericb2: yes

[6:04pm] ericb2: aliscafo: thank you

[6:05pm] ericb2: aliscafo: is it possible to work together tomorrow ?

[6:05pm] ericb2: aliscafo: afternoon for me, so ~14:00 UTC ( 2:00 pm)

[6:10pm] cloph: A somewhat OT question: Can the finder access secure webdav?

[6:10pm] ericb2: cloph: no idea. Better ask on a Mac forum

[6:11pm] • cloph will try google first

[6:13pm] cloph: OK, standard webdav said to work by typing in the address in goto server dialog... Will try with https....

[6:17pm] ericb2: ok, that's enough for today

[6:17pm] ericb2: good night

[6:17pm] cloph: Hooray - works

[6:17pm] ericb2: cloph:

[6:17pm] ybart: good night !

[6:17pm] ericb2: aliscafo: see you tomorrow

[6:26pm] paveljanik: good night

[6:27pm] ybart: good night paveljanik

[6:39pm] ericb2 left the chat room. ("Success !")

[6:46pm] ybart_ left the chat room. ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")

[6:47pm] ybart: Good night

[6:47pm] ybart left the chat room. ("Leaving")

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