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Dec 08 22:04:23 ericb2 Can we start ?

Dec 08 22:04:37 shaunmcdonald ericb2: yes

Dec 08 22:05:12 ericb2 Point 1 : last Aqua news and welcome devs

Dec 08 22:05:39 ericb2 I think ismael will arrive later

Dec 08 22:06:00 ericb2 he did a recent discovery , and maybe fixed a bug with alpha channel

Dec 08 22:06:17 ericb2 so he will explain us what he exactly did

Dec 08 22:06:47 ericb2 Now, we can enter text in writer. Nothing to complicated, but it "starts" to work

Dec 08 22:06:58 ericb2 Other aqua news ?

Dec 08 22:08:45 paveljanik I'm working on key events.

Dec 08 22:09:04 paveljanik I have collected keyevents content for all keys under X11 build and will try to implement the same for aqua.

Dec 08 22:09:38 ericb2 paveljanik: I have seen your post on dev@gsl

Dec 08 22:09:49 ericb2 ... and pl answer

Dec 08 22:11:17 ericb2 from my side, I just finished the nightmare with my job, and starting next week, I'll progressively have more time for the port

Dec 08 22:11:40 ericb2 no new devs around ? :-)

Dec 08 22:13:55 * shaunmcdonald thinks it is quiet tonight :-/

Dec 08 22:15:58 cloph No aqua news, but sparcmoz fixed the Mozilla/Firefox/Thunderbird detection bug (so mac uses will be able to sign documents without the need of setting an environment variable and launching OOo from a terminal first...

Dec 08 22:16:13 cloph http://www.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=72341

Dec 08 22:16:22 IZBot issue 72341: porting DEFECT NEW OOo fails to detect mozilla/firefox/thunderbird profile dir (for certificates)

Dec 08 22:18:30 ericb2 cloph: thank you :-)

Dec 08 22:19:17 cloph On PPC you can as well integrate your thunderbird address-book :-)

Dec 08 22:19:44 ericb2 cloph: and not on Intel ?

Dec 08 22:20:21 cloph ericb2: There seems some problems that cause a crash (see last comment from sparcmoz in the issue)

Dec 08 22:22:05 ericb2 cloph: sorry, I didn't help you, but just in case, I got an old issue about crashes caused by digital signature, and Mozilla something -> issue 55073 if I remember correctly

Dec 08 22:22:12 IZBot framework DEFECT REOPENED Crash when open a signed document http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/ show_bug.cgi?id=55073

Dec 08 22:22:49 cloph ericb2: Could be related because of the MozillaBootstrap service not being available

Dec 08 22:23:25 ericb2 cloph: that's the reason why I think this issue might help, or complete .. maybe not

Dec 08 22:23:52 paveljanik ericb2: can you try again? i think it could be causes by wrong install_name in xml-sec libraries - fixed now...

Dec 08 22:24:09 cloph Signing an loading signed documents is fine on PPC now - the crash is when trying to connect to the thunderbird address book

Dec 08 22:24:27 ericb2 paveljanik: I'll try, but I need to reboot on Panther: this crash was Panther only if I'm not wrong

Dec 08 22:26:22 * ericb2 away 5 minutes

Dec 08 22:26:56 cloph ericb2: I used self-compiled mozilla-zips - I can open a self-signed doc without crash (with unpatched m195) will try with the doc from the issue...

Dec 08 22:29:49 ericb2 cloph: I think the crash won't occur on tiger

Dec 08 22:30:30 cloph can open the sample doc from the issue without any problem with unpatched m195 - signature is OK.

Dec 08 22:31:18 mav_eric no crash with OOo 2.0.4rc3 on Mac OS X 10.4.8 Intel Mac Mini

Dec 08 22:31:54 ericb2 again, 10.3 only is concerned by the crashes

Dec 08 22:32:05 cloph ericb2: The paths in your patch to issue 55073 are wrong, since the configDir already is set to "~/Library/ Application Support" :-)

Dec 08 22:32:10 IZBot framework DEFECT REOPENED Crash when open a signed document http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/ show_bug.cgi?id=55073

Dec 08 22:32:11 mav_eric OOo only complains that the certificates aren't found

Dec 08 22:32:18 ericb2 cloph: a lot change since

Dec 08 22:32:21 ericb2 changed

Dec 08 22:32:33 ericb2 cloph: including the paths

Dec 08 22:33:36 * ismael (n=ismael@211.149.119-80.rev.gaoland.net) has joined #ooo_macport

Dec 08 22:34:25 ismael hi all

Dec 08 22:34:36 ericb2 ismael: re-hi

Dec 08 22:35:18 ismael ericb2: when does the meeting starts (at France time)

Dec 08 22:35:30 ericb2 ismael: 35 minutes ago

Dec 08 22:35:39 ericb2 ismael: approximatively :-)

Dec 08 22:36:00 ericb2 ismael: maybe you can explain us your recent fix ?

Dec 08 22:36:13 ismael ericb2: ok, i ask you that because i don't see much activity

Dec 08 22:36:30 ismael sorry to be late, there were traffic jams

Dec 08 22:37:32 ericb2 ismael: here is no traffic ;-)

Dec 08 22:38:28 ismael about my recent fix, as i saw that createmask function in salbmp.cxx doesn't work and creates a bad mask.

Dec 08 22:39:32 ismael i think that the probleme come from the creation of the cgdataprovider from a sharedMemoryArray

Dec 08 22:40:17 ismael so i decided to try a different and more simple way: using context to mask the image

Dec 08 22:41:08 ismael and here's the result Image%201.png

Dec 08 22:41:46 ericb2 ismael: works fine

Dec 08 22:42:28 ericb2 ismael: did you try with other images than the one in the menus ?

Dec 08 22:42:53 ismael i used CGContextClipToMask to set the part of the image which has to be painted and CGContextBeginTransparencyLayer and CGContextEndTransparencyLayer for the transparency

Dec 08 22:43:40 ismael ericb2: no i didn't because i directly implemented it into the void AquaSalMenu::SetItemImage function so it works only for item menu images

Dec 08 22:44:05 ericb2 ismael: yes, I know. I just wanted to know if you tried since

Dec 08 22:44:16 ismael no i hadn't had time

Dec 08 22:44:26 ericb2 ismael: no problem

Dec 08 22:46:05 ericb2 ismael: sorry, I was searching in salbmp.cxx :-) since I read salmenu.cxx, I found SetItemImage :-)

Dec 08 22:47:49 ericb2 ismael: thank you very much, what youfound is great

Dec 08 22:48:48 ericb2 other changes? Maybe we can start with Point 2 : Summary of 2nd Mac porters meeting 2nd_Mac_porters_meeting

Dec 08 22:48:57 ismael ericb2: have you progressed in what you were doing?

Dec 08 22:49:40 ericb2 ismael: I had not the time. But I'm done with all the extra hours of courses I had to do, and Ill be on holidays soon

Dec 08 22:49:55 ismael ericb2: ok

Dec 08 22:50:06 ericb2 ismael: I know I'll have to trace a lot using XCode, and this point will be discussed in Point 2

Dec 08 22:50:16 ismael ok

Dec 08 22:51:10 ericb2 ismael: now we use XCode for debugging, and this is very usefull. Stephan Schaefer did a demonstration during mac porters meeting

Dec 08 22:51:16 ericb2 Point 2 : Summary of 2nd Mac porters meeting 2nd_Mac_porters_meeting

Dec 08 22:51:27 ericb2 who want to start ? shaunmcdonald ? Dec 08 22:51:41 ericb2 -want +wants , sorry

Dec 08 22:52:33 ericb2 None ?

Dec 08 22:52:35 shaunmcdonald ericb2: put some info up on SRC680_m196

Dec 08 22:52:55 * shaunmcdonald sees copy and paste isn't working again :-(

Dec 08 22:52:58 shaunmcdonald http://porting.openoffice.org/mac/news/news2006.html#20061203

Dec 08 22:53:24 shaunmcdonald If anyone else has made some comments and wants them to be linked in, please let me know

Dec 08 22:53:38 ericb2 shaunmcdonald: thank's for this mini "agregator" :-)

Dec 08 22:54:06 shaunmcdonald ericb2: no problem, it was the easiest and fastest way of getting information out

Dec 08 22:54:07 ericb2 what I will retain from Hamburg meeting is we did a lot of work, and a very complete point on native port stauts

Dec 08 22:54:56 ericb2 another important fact is we now are able to use OpenOffice driven by XCode debugger

Dec 08 22:55:31 ericb2 a wiki page has been started, and will be completed along our experimentations

Dec 08 22:56:18 ericb2 the first point was about the starting point : http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/MacOSX_Debug_OpenOffice.org_using_XCode

Dec 08 22:57:01 ericb2 @all : please *complete* this page with whatever you find usefull

Dec 08 22:58:18 ericb2 another point : we fixed all important tasks for native port

Dec 08 22:58:42 ericb2 none asked me for main tasks, so I'll continue for native controls

Dec 08 22:59:13 ericb2 I now have the infos I was searching for about text boxes

Dec 08 22:59:26 ericb2 (thanks to Stephan Schaefer )

Dec 08 23:00:01 ericb2 ismael: are you interested to continue in bitmap part ?

Dec 08 23:00:37 ismael ericb2: i learned many things about context and bitmap in carbon, so it's ok

Dec 08 23:01:02 ericb2 ismael: I'll contact Christian Lippka, and invite him to help us, but I see you have a good knowledge and you are a good candidate ... thank you :-)

Dec 08 23:01:20 ericb2 ismael: ok, you are in bitmap team ;-)

Dec 08 23:02:05 ericb2 another part will concern missing methods. I'll propose a project subjet for students. We'll see

Dec 08 23:02:05 ismael ericb2: could you send me what there is to do by mail?or the people to contact?

Dec 08 23:02:24 ericb2 ismael: sure. I'll write Christian and put you on Cc

Dec 08 23:02:40 ericb2 ismael: let me retrieve the link of Stephan Scheafer's document

Dec 08 23:02:47 ismael ericb2: ok

Dec 08 23:02:47 ericb2 http://eric.bachard.free.fr/mac/MacPortersMeeting_Ham_07/aquaport-roadmap.pdf

Dec 08 23:03:22 ericb2 paveljanik: can you please send me the most up to date version ? I don't have the good one Dec 08 23:03:24 ismael ericb2: it seems to be a good doc

Dec 08 23:03:42 ericb2 ismael: very complete, and Pavel and Stephan completed a bit since

Dec 08 23:05:38 ericb2 animportant point is : it was the best moment to meet us, because we have a complete view of the work, a todo list, and we 're only early december.

Dec 08 23:06:16 ericb2 meet us on early january 2007 would probably have given the same results, but one month later

Dec 08 23:06:50 ericb2 to be improved : the welcome on Friday , the restaurant maybe :-)

Dec 08 23:07:09 ericb2 for the location, I think Hamburg is the best place

Dec 08 23:07:28 ericb2 No other comments about he mac porters meeting ?

Dec 08 23:07:59 ericb2 ismael: 1) bitmap issue :

Dec 08 23:07:59 ericb2 only new lines are drawn -> bitmap issue

Dec 08 23:07:59 ericb2 Once fixed should help for transparency issue

Dec 08 23:07:59 ericb2 reading from screen for scrolling (bitblt not implemented), maybe we need an additional buffer

Dec 08 23:08:03 * shaunmcdonald thinks people don't want to repeat what they have blogged about ;-)

Dec 08 23:08:16 ericb2 shaunmcdonald: we can comment

Dec 08 23:08:40 ericb2 shaunmcdonald: analyse , help to improve .. propose new ideas

Dec 08 23:08:44 ismael ericb2: ok

Dec 08 23:08:46 ericb2 do something

Dec 08 23:09:14 shaunmcdonald ericb2: :-)

Dec 08 23:09:16 ismael ericb2: paveljanik show me the scroll bug (with the about dialog)

Dec 08 23:09:49 ericb2 ismael: yes, nothing is drawn, and a strange "mirror effect"

Dec 08 23:10:13 ericb2 ismael: probably a missing method

Dec 08 23:11:01 ericb2 ismael: if you look carefully on bottom (just the limit where letters do appear), you see this mirror effect

Dec 08 23:12:03 ericb2 Point 3: Create a structure dedicated to Mac port to receive donations (part 2)

Dec 08 23:12:58 shaunmcdonald ericb2: what new information do you have?

Dec 08 23:13:29 ericb2 I had not the time to prepare everything this week, but next will be ok. I found a very interesting link, with first importance informations, and I invite everyone to read it carefully. Dec 08 23:13:44 ericb2 The link is : http://mako.cc/writing/funding_volunteers/funding_volunteers.html

Dec 08 23:13:54 ericb2 ~5 pages printed.

Dec 08 23:14:17 ericb2 This document is about Problems and Strategies in Financing Voluntary Free Software Projects

Dec 08 23:14:41 ericb2 and Mac port is IMHO concerned

Dec 08 23:14:55 * shaunmcdonald remembers reading the article :-)

Dec 08 23:15:06 ericb2 so I'll use this link as a reference for the final proposal I'll do

Dec 08 23:15:34 ericb2 shaunmcdonald: of course, if you find something not good at all, or want to add something, please do

Dec 08 23:15:45 * shaunmcdonald thinks the article is similar to what paveljanik has been saying

Dec 08 23:16:07 ericb2 shaunmcdonald: not exactly

Dec 08 23:16:17 ericb2 shaunmcdonald: but I'l read everything again

Dec 08 23:16:20 * vvijayk (i=user@cpe-72-130-176-56.san.res.rr.com) has joined #ooo_macport

Dec 08 23:16:24 * vvijayk (i=user@cpe-72-130-176-56.san.res.rr.com) has left #ooo_macport

Dec 08 23:16:52 ericb2 a bit of timidity ..

Dec 08 23:16:55 shaunmcdonald ericb2: in terms of not paying for labour, as it can be bad for projects

Dec 08 23:17:49 ericb2 shaunmcdonald: I retained the part about buy hardware is in "low risk solutions"

Dec 08 23:18:23 shaunmcdonald ericb2: are you remembering the shared use part?

Dec 08 23:18:26 ericb2 shaunmcdonald: fund labor indirecly

Dec 08 23:18:53 shaunmcdonald ericb2: that's a good point

Dec 08 23:18:59 ericb2 shaunmcdonald: my main idea is :

Dec 08 23:19:46 ericb2 some parts of code can be written by very high level engineers only. We maybe can do the same, but it will take us years to do the same (not sure )

Dec 08 23:20:15 ericb2 and provide them hardware is the very best way to motiivate them

Dec 08 23:20:51 ericb2 and the cheapest IMHO

Dec 08 23:21:23 ericb2 I know who can do what, and e.g. (that's what I have in mind) a good laptop can do the trick

Dec 08 23:22:26 shaunmcdonald ericb2: or even a part payment towards the hardware?

Dec 08 23:22:38 ericb2 shaunmcdonald: yes, good idea too

Dec 08 23:23:18 ericb2 shaunmcdonald: the problem is : we have to assume several years of nothing at all for Mac port from OpenOffice.org project

Dec 08 23:24:02 * shaunmcdonald sees that http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/ AquaBuild#List_of_Patches_for_a_given_Milestone is out of date with the latest resync, thus causing http://termite.go-oo.org/ MacPort1/builds/45/step-configure/0

Dec 08 23:24:06 ericb2 so my idea : create a dedicated way to receive monetary donations, and second use it the best way

Dec 08 23:24:57 ericb2 shaunmcdonald: not the time to modify the content yet. but everyone is welcome ;-)

Dec 08 23:25:13 shaunmcdonald ericb2: ok

Dec 08 23:26:25 ericb2 my last word is : use it with a maximum of transparency. Extremely important

Dec 08 23:26:37 ericb2 ok, next point ..

Dec 08 23:27:00 ericb2 excepted if someone has questions or ... ?

Dec 08 23:27:18 mav_eric sounds all very reasonable and good to me

Dec 08 23:28:07 shaunmcdonald ericb2: sounds good

Dec 08 23:28:21 ericb2 mav_eric: just eats a lot of time and energy

Dec 08 23:28:32 ismael ericb2: looks goo

Dec 08 23:28:40 ismael ericb2: looks good to me too

Dec 08 23:28:44 mav_eric ericb2: I know.

Dec 08 23:29:01 mav_eric ericb2: we had that hard time for the german project with the german verein

Dec 08 23:29:47 ericb2 mav_eric: maybe I'll discuss with you and ask you some tips. Your experience will help me

Dec 08 23:30:30 ericb2 ok, next meeting (we have to define the date), I'll present the project

Dec 08 23:30:48 ericb2 Point 4 ?

Dec 08 23:31:52 ericb2 Point 4: QA on Mac OS X : define better the process (files to be used, scripts ...etc )

Dec 08 23:32:04 ericb2 As you probably know, this is QA time

Dec 08 23:32:44 ericb2 and I still have not a clear idea of what has to be done on Mac OS X. Can somebody complete , or provide informations ?

Dec 08 23:33:58 ericb2 none to say something ? ?

Dec 08 23:34:02 cloph If possible, run the testtool-scirpts that are included in the ooo_releasetest script...

Dec 08 23:34:20 * cloph never tried testtool on the mac though..

Dec 08 23:34:55 ismael bye all, i'll read the logs tomorrow

Dec 08 23:35:01 ericb2 ismael: bye

Dec 08 23:35:27 * ismael has quit ()

Dec 08 23:35:30 ericb2 ok, I see none wants to work, I'll stop to sepnd my time for today

Dec 08 23:35:38 ericb2 End of the meeting

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