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Nov 03 21:44:30 ericb2 ok, let's go

Nov 03 21:44:42 ericb2 Point 1, as usual welcome to new devs

Nov 03 21:44:49 jamesmckenzie ericb2: Thanks.

Nov 03 21:45:02 jamesmckenzie ybart: Greetings.

Nov 03 21:45:17 ericb2 and if I'm not wrong, ismael comes for the first time

Nov 03 21:45:19 ybart jamesmckenzie: Greetings too :-D

Nov 03 21:45:33 ybart Welcome here, ismael !

Nov 03 21:45:51 jamesmckenzie ismael: Greetings. Thanks to ybart and ismael on their efforts for the native port.

Nov 03 21:45:56 ericb2 ismael: yes, welcome :-) Can you present yourself ? (this is a tradition here)

Nov 03 21:46:15 ismael ericb2: you're wrong, i came two months ago, when you were late

Nov 03 21:46:24 ismael ericb2: but i can present me another time

Nov 03 21:46:45 ericb2 ismael: oops, sorry :-/

Nov 03 21:46:48 ybart ismael: Yes, do :-)

Nov 03 21:46:58 ismael i came two months ago, not 2 WEEKS

Nov 03 21:47:08 ismael sorry for the mistake

Nov 03 21:47:08 jamesmckenzie ismael: for the benefit of those who were not here for that meeting, can you do a short intro ans what you plan to do for the project?

Nov 03 21:48:39 ismael i'm a student at INSA (a french enginneer school). I know C++, and i learned carbon these last 2 weeks

Nov 03 21:49:16 jamesmckenzie ismael: Thank you. I understand that you are helping out with the native controls with ybart and ericb?

Nov 03 21:49:20 ismael i started to implement the accelerators for the native menu in order to train myself to VCL/CArbon developpement

Nov 03 21:49:58 jamesmckenzie ismael: Thank you for your efforts. I feel this will move the project forward a great deal.

Nov 03 21:50:02 ybart jamesmckenzie: I am rather on native printing dialogs, and rather on documentation for now :-)

Nov 03 21:50:07 ismael it's working well but there are still some bugs

Nov 03 21:50:21 ybart I only done testings with controls

Nov 03 21:50:49 jamesmckenzie ybart: And I am remiss to not thank you for your efforts on the printing dialog. And I use the following phrase: "Documentation the worst part of programming".

Nov 03 21:51:05 ybart jamesmckenzie: ;-)

Nov 03 21:51:30 ericb2 ismael: I already worked on keyboard, and I have an old patch , explaining where is the most important for you

Nov 03 21:52:07 * ericb2 has to reverse the caps lock bug for aqua version

Nov 03 21:53:13 ismael ericb2: could you send it to me?

Nov 03 21:53:57 ericb2 ismael: yes, sure

Nov 03 21:54:23 ismael it could be interesting although i don't work directly with the keyboard, but with characters constants

Nov 03 21:54:24 ericb2 ismael: you can discuss about that with Pavel too. I know he's working on keyboard implementation too

Nov 03 21:55:02 ismael ok

Nov 03 21:55:13 ericb2 ismael: the problem is we have to manage all implementation in same time. and specific Mac OS X part must be implemented in aqua

Nov 03 21:55:34 ericb2 ismael: but common part may be modfied, respecting some rules

Nov 03 21:56:02 ericb2 ismael: if you need important informations, I'd suggest you to subscribe at dev@gsl mailing list

Nov 03 21:56:10 ismael ericb2 : which parts?

Nov 03 21:56:27 * shaunmcdonald has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) Nov 03 21:56:55 ericb2 ismael: the common part means windows/Linux //Solaris/MacOSX means -> vcl/source and vcl/inc

Nov 03 21:57:10 ismael ericb2: ok

Nov 03 21:57:30 ericb2 ismael: be extremely prudent if you have to modify something here : you can break all other archs

Nov 03 21:57:41 ismael ericb2: i modified the salmenu.cxx from vcl/aqua/window

Nov 03 21:58:13 ericb2 ismael: good

Nov 03 21:58:20 * shaunmcdonald (n=shaunmcd@82-41-64-110.cable.ubr09.edin.blueyonder.co.uk) has joined #ooo_macport

Nov 03 21:58:27 ismael ericb2: i hope i will ever had to modify this part

Nov 03 21:58:51 shaunmcdonald sorry, my machine ended up hanging, thus had to force restart

Nov 03 21:58:57 ismael never instead of ever

Nov 03 22:00:42 ericb2 ismael: another need we have is to correctly use Mac keyboard. this is not the case currently, and it would be great if you could work on it too.

Nov 03 22:01:27 jamesmckenzie ericb2: How about correct detection of the current keyboard layout and language?

Nov 03 22:01:37 ericb2 ismael: current keyboard used by native version is qwerty

Nov 03 22:01:44 ismael ericb2: i could try but i don't know if i have the knowledge to do so

Nov 03 22:01:52 ericb2 jamesmckenzie: exactly

Nov 03 22:02:23 paveljanik current keyboard detects keys pressed, it does not distinguish between layouts. We should use kEventTextInputUnicodeForKeyEvent instead of raw keyboard events.

Nov 03 22:03:08 jamesmckenzie paveljanik: Would this be something simple to implement?

Nov 03 22:06:54 ericb2 paveljanik: thanks. this is an important info

Nov 03 22:08:19 jamesmckenzie ericb2: Would this require great effort to change or is this a simple change to the Mac version? It would be nice to have other keyboards detected, especially for the ja and ko versions which definitely use non-standard keyboards.

Nov 03 22:09:01 ericb2 jamesmckenzie: currently, I don't know : I'm reading the doc :-)

Nov 03 22:09:15 ericb2 ismael: what about create a wiki page for your efforts ?

Nov 03 22:09:32 ericb2 ismael: like http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Category:Aqua

Nov 03 22:09:59 paveljanik jamesmckenzie: it is for someone who has the time and knows. Can you help here?

Nov 03 22:10:14 ismael ericb2: why not? but what i have done isn't too much complicated

Nov 03 22:10:56 paveljanik right now, keyboard issue is not the prio - we should fix multiline layout and repainting.

Nov 03 22:11:00 ismael ericb2: how to create the wiki page?

Nov 03 22:11:12 ericb2 paveljanik: if we can work in parallel, we'll do

Nov 03 22:11:34 ericb2 ismael: do you have an account ?

Nov 03 22:11:52 ericb2 ismael: a login -> just create one + a password

Nov 03 22:12:01 ismael yes i have

Nov 03 22:12:12 ismael that's an ooo account?

Nov 03 22:12:58 ericb2 ismael: no, a wiki account. you can start on your own page, and when it looks something interesting, I'll explain you how proceed

Nov 03 22:13:18 ericb2 ismael: this is the well known wikimedia

Nov 03 22:13:25 ismael no i haven't a wiki account, i only have an ooo account

Nov 03 22:13:39 jamesmckenzie paveljanik: I limit my efforts to excellent QA. However, I would like to join the document efforts. Nov 03 22:13:42 ericb2 ismael: this is a one minute affair

Nov 03 22:15:35 ismael ericb2: done

Nov 03 22:17:44 ericb2 paveljanik: I'm stalled with native controls, because HIView does not work, and text box need sallayout too. so I'll try to continue with salatslayout.cxx

Nov 03 22:17:58 ericb2 ismael: great ;-)

Nov 03 22:19:58 ericb2 ismael: first step : add your name somewhere here : http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Mac_OS_X_Porting_-_Work_Areas/ Todo%27s

Nov 03 22:20:44 ericb2 May we now continue with last news with Aqua version ?

Nov 03 22:21:08 shaunmcdonald yes

Nov 03 22:21:09 jamesmckenzie ericb2: Please. I just visited your blog. Nice.

Nov 03 22:21:26 ericb2 paveljanik: some news from the front ?

Nov 03 22:21:35 ericb2 jamesmckenzie: thanks

Nov 03 22:21:39 shaunmcdonald with the help of the other oobuildbots we now have Aquavcl01 compiling on other platforms

Nov 03 22:21:50 paveljanik ericb2: no, I still work on WaE - I have finished patches for sfx2 and svx today - will get it finished next week.

Nov 03 22:22:12 ericb2 ismael: there is an unassigned key input field , ust for you ;-)

Nov 03 22:22:25 ericb2 paveljanik: ah, yes, I have to help you for some parts

Nov 03 22:22:40 ericb2 paveljanik: don't hesitate to remind me if I forget

Nov 03 22:22:55 paveljanik no problem - pj65 will be ready for QA probably next week.

Nov 03 22:22:59 ismael ericb2: but that's not really key input

Nov 03 22:23:00 shaunmcdonald ericb2 fixed a bug that was causing a file to compile on the other platform when it should have only been compiled on Mac OS X X11

Nov 03 22:23:13 paveljanik then I'll start modules touched by aquavcl01 as well.

Nov 03 22:23:25 shaunmcdonald paveljanik: I thought pj64 was ready for QA?

Nov 03 22:23:31 jamesmckenzie paveljanik: is pj65 available?

Nov 03 22:23:51 paveljanik pj64 is nominated already. pj65 is for WaE - WIP.

Nov 03 22:23:51 * shaunmcdonald has made some builds, though they have got lost

Nov 03 22:24:14 jamesmckenzie paveljanik: what is WaE?

Nov 03 22:24:19 * cloph throws in tinderbox that has been building aquavcl01 for a long time already... http://go-oo.org/tinderbox/aquavcl01/ status.html

Nov 03 22:24:31 * shaunmcdonald has misread the CWS name

Nov 03 22:25:17 paveljanik "Warnings are errors" -> no warnings in the code effort.

Nov 03 22:25:59 jamesmckenzie paveljanik: Ok. Thanks for clarifying this. I don't do builds anymore so please do not select me as QA.

Nov 03 22:26:06 ericb2 before to talk about my work, I want to talk about Mox's work

Nov 03 22:26:26 jamesmckenzie ericb2: Mox is not here.

Nov 03 22:26:40 ericb2 Mox is not present, yes, but I can talk about his work

Nov 03 22:27:00 jamesmckenzie ericb2: Go ahead.

Nov 03 22:27:17 ericb2 I'll limit my explanation to the part concerning aqua port, Mox will complete for the other (cairo for instance)

Nov 03 22:27:39 ericb2 for native prt, Mox is implementing avmedia player, using QuickTime

Nov 03 22:28:15 ericb2 he recently proposed a very interesting change in the foundations

Nov 03 22:28:52 ericb2 a clean patch (same as the one proposed on mac@portig mailing list) is here : http://eric.bachard.free.fr/mac/aquavcl/patches/ mox_patch/aquavcl01_mox_patch.diff

Nov 03 22:29:14 ericb2 clean means no fuzz, but it does not compile yet. I'll try to adapt it.

Nov 03 22:29:45 ericb2 to make short, the plan is to create a new structure maSysData, containing two members : nSize ( sizeof .. ) and rWindow ( a reference to windowref)

Nov 03 22:29:48 paveljanik ericb2: small advice: concentrate on one thing and finish it...

Nov 03 22:29:59 paveljanik let mox finish his work...

Nov 03 22:30:30 ericb2 paveljanik: he asked to test

Nov 03 22:31:02 ericb2 the whole thing is just a way to expose vcl-internals (in this case the WindowRef) to modules outside of the VCL

Nov 03 22:31:16 ericb2 that's how avmedia and other modules work on all platforms

Nov 03 22:31:50 ericb2 I found this idea very intersting, because HIView seems not to work for similar reason

Nov 03 22:32:02 ericb2 not exactly the same but similar

Nov 03 22:32:24 ericb2 to be continued

Nov 03 22:32:45 ericb2 From my side, I did some progress on native controls

Nov 03 22:33:34 ericb2 the scrollbar now works as expected, but Fred found a missing feature

Nov 03 22:33:50 ericb2 checkbox, radio, ..etc buttons are now ok

Nov 03 22:34:22 ericb2 Eric Hoch did a test with my last code, and things are working, excepted list and combobox

Nov 03 22:34:59 ericb2 I hav implemented Aqua theme in bounds, but only bounds inside, not the main windows ( here comes Mox's code)

Nov 03 22:35:17 ericb2 I provided some screenshots : http://eric.bachard.free.fr/news/

Nov 03 22:36:05 ericb2 and I put the code on my site, but I'll commit it very soon. Maybe withut scrollbar activated ( means hitTestNativControl() will return flase by default for them)

Nov 03 22:36:12 jamesmckenzie ericb2: Like I said earlier, nice. It is also good to see a 'to do list'.

Nov 03 22:36:27 ericb2 jamesmckenzie: I just put one on my blog ;-)

Nov 03 22:36:34 ericb2 Still not working / missing:

Nov 03 22:36:34 ericb2 - alpha channel

Nov 03 22:36:34 ericb2 - theme with tabs

Nov 03 22:36:34 ericb2 - native text in lists

Nov 03 22:36:34 ericb2 - combobox -including editing - (HIView issue to solve)

Nov 03 22:36:34 ericb2 - repaint the window frame using Aqua grey

Nov 03 22:37:00 jamesmckenzie ericb2: Yes, but there is a link to the latest/greatest work.

Nov 03 22:37:26 ericb2 jamesmckenzie: which link ?

Nov 03 22:39:12 ericb2 since I discussed with Mox, I think make work this change will probably help to repaint the window correctly: I need to find the windowref for that

Nov 03 22:39:33 jamesmckenzie ericb2: The more screenshots of Aqua Look....

Nov 03 22:40:30 jamesmckenzie ericb2: repainting windows can be a massive pain if the Operating System does not do this for you. I did a little programming for Windows 3.1 and there was a repaint () call. I don't know if this is available through the Aqua interface.

Nov 03 22:41:15 ericb2 jamesmckenzie: if I can find the windowref, and some other parameters, it should be easy

Nov 03 22:41:50 ericb2 jamesmckenzie: but we need to use vcl for that

Nov 03 22:42:47 ericb2 the issues I found are: it is very difficult to make everything work together, because kTheme* are based on mask, and apply a bad mask leads to funky results

Nov 03 22:42:57 ericb2 funky and random ...

Nov 03 22:43:09 jamesmckenzie ericb2: Since vcl was implemented using Windows 3.1 calls (and some OS/2 calls) this should be there. I think that you are looking to 'pop' the screen up and to stop screen flicker, correct?

Nov 03 22:43:59 ericb2 jamesmckenzie: I have not investigated more for the window frame, sorry.

Nov 03 22:44:48 ericb2 what eats a lot of time, is test, test and test, because Apple doc is not very verbose. HITheme is currently not well documented e.g.

Nov 03 22:45:06 jamesmckenzie ericb2: I understand. This is why vcl needs to be updated. I know that screen buffering is one way to do this but it is memory and processor intensive.

Nov 03 22:45:07 ericb2 I hope this will change soon

Nov 03 22:45:54 ericb2 jamesmckenzie: I'll note your advice

Nov 03 22:46:07 ericb2 last, the combobox and listbox + text

Nov 03 22:46:17 jamesmckenzie ericb2: Thank you. Anymore on this point

Nov 03 22:46:39 ericb2 paveljanik: one more time , sallayout can't wat more here, and keyboard too

Nov 03 22:47:06 ericb2 I have tried to make unicode textbox appear in list/combo, but without success

Nov 03 22:47:47 ericb2 so, I need more infos to continue this part, and I hope to progress in the two next weeks.

Nov 03 22:48:19 ericb2 what I need now, is people building Aqua version with my change, and confirming we respect Aqua HIG

Nov 03 22:48:45 ericb2 Eric Hoch already started, but other can help too. We need to test and test now

Nov 03 22:49:24 ericb2 that's all for native news :-)

Nov 03 22:49:44 jamesmckenzie ericb2: We need a location (hint shaunmcdonald) where we can download the AQUA builds.

Nov 03 22:50:03 * shaunmcdonald doesn't do Aqua builds yet

Nov 03 22:50:42 shaunmcdonald jamesmckenzie: if someone wants to setup another buildbot to do Aqua builds, we have some space automatically

Nov 03 22:50:52 ericb2 jamesmckenzie: the best is to build Aqua version. this way, the builder can rebuild libvcl to test new changes

Nov 03 22:50:52 * mav_eric does them only in en-US and de for Intel

Nov 03 22:51:16 jamesmckenzie shaunmcdonald: I cannot set one up, unfortunately. Any volunteers?

Nov 03 22:51:35 shaunmcdonald there has been some issues recently regarding space on the build master, but these should be resolved soon

Nov 03 22:51:53 ericb2 jamesmckenzie: ok I'll provide you one version.

Nov 03 22:51:57 shaunmcdonald as the build master will be moving to a bigger machine

Nov 03 22:52:04 jamesmckenzie mav_eric: That is a start. Since I work ONLY with the en_US builds, I could assist. However, the location remains unknown to me.

Nov 03 22:52:13 mav_eric jamesmckenzie: the mac is here but I miss hdd capacity

Nov 03 22:52:37 shaunmcdonald mav_eric: do you have a stable broadband connection?

Nov 03 22:52:53 mav_eric jamesmckenzie: we'll the build just finished yesterday after the last changes eric send me

Nov 03 22:53:01 mav_eric jamesmckenzie: and so it isn't available yet.

Nov 03 22:53:02 jamesmckenzie mav_eric: Understood. I have a FW 60GB external USB drive. I also have a backup drive, but the problem is that I run a laptop and it would not stand the stress of continuous builds.

Nov 03 22:53:22 ericb2 Point 2 : agenda for 2nd Mac porters meeting, prepare communication

Nov 03 22:53:23 mav_eric shaunmcdonald: yes. but it get's disconnected frequently

Nov 03 22:53:28 ericb2 ?

Nov 03 22:53:38 shaunmcdonald mav_eric: your builds would get uploaded to the build master straight away so you only need around 10 GB just for the ooo build bot, depending on where in the cycle you are

Nov 03 22:53:45 jamesmckenzie mav_eric:  :-/

Nov 03 22:53:46 mav_eric jamesmckenzie: I currently only own the 80GB internal hdd

Nov 03 22:54:12 shaunmcdonald mav_eric: then the buildbot won't be any use to you, you are looking for Termite

Nov 03 22:54:12 mav_eric shaunmcdonald: I don't have 10GB left at the moment

Nov 03 22:54:27 shaunmcdonald mav_eric: http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Termite

Nov 03 22:54:29 jamesmckenzie mav_eric: I understand. I pulled these drives from old PC's and they work just fine.

Nov 03 22:54:37 mav_eric shaunmcdonald: already in my bookmar collection

Nov 03 22:54:44 ericb2 can we continue the meeting agenda ?

Nov 03 22:54:47 shaunmcdonald mav_eric: :-)

Nov 03 22:54:54 ericb2 We are at point 2

Nov 03 22:55:02 mav_eric jamesmckenzie: we can continue later or tomorrow on this

Nov 03 22:55:38 ericb2 For the second Mac porters meeting, the final date is 2nd and 3rd of December

Nov 03 22:55:50 shaunmcdonald mav_eric: on the buildbot/aqua?

Nov 03 22:55:51 ericb2 Location Hamburg, Germany

Nov 03 22:56:34 mav_eric shaunmcdonald: ???

Nov 03 22:56:58 jamesmckenzie mav_eric: Ok.

Nov 03 22:56:58 ericb2 Kai Backmann, from Google, confirmed he will be present, and the meeting will be in Google Office , ABC-Strasse 19

Nov 03 22:57:22 ericb2 more than 10 attendees will be present

Nov 03 22:58:16 ericb2 mav_eric: will you attend ?

Nov 03 22:58:51 mav_eric ericb2: I cannot promis it yet but it looks not too good

Nov 03 22:59:05 ericb2 The purpose of this meeting is to 1) meet us, 2) work together for parts who will take too much time on IRC

Nov 03 22:59:11 ericb2 mav_eric: ok

Nov 03 22:59:29 ericb2 or using mails or whatever other way of communication

Nov 03 22:59:54 ericb2 this is extremely important to fix such events for Mac port visibility

Nov 03 23:00:31 ericb2 The points I want to discuss are : about the communication, and the content

Nov 03 23:00:44 jamesmckenzie ericb2: Will you be posting daily updates for the meetings to the Wiki?

Nov 03 23:01:03 ericb2 jamesmckenzie: sure, we will provide minutes.

Nov 03 23:01:29 ericb2 jamesmckenzie: not sure dayly , but we'll try

Nov 03 23:02:05 jamesmckenzie ericb2: I would be there, but I am moving to a new employment in two weeks. It would be nice to meet all of the Mac OS X porting team and I don't think you would want to fly to Tucson, Arizona, US just to meet me.

Nov 03 23:02:35 ericb2 jamesmckenzie: I just missed a plane for San Francisco ;-)

Nov 03 23:03:35 ericb2 for the comunication part, I'm waiing for Kai instructions

Nov 03 23:03:55 ericb2 because Google will be namely present, ...etc

Nov 03 23:04:02 jamesmckenzie ericb2: It is quite some distance from San Francisco to Tucson. Someday, I hope to meet some of the Mac OS X porting team.

Nov 03 23:04:14 ericb2 jamesmckenzie: would be great :-)

Nov 03 23:04:45 ericb2 now about the content

Nov 03 23:04:58 jamesmckenzie ericb2: Google should be good hosts for the meeting. I don't know how they communicate though.

Nov 03 23:05:06 ericb2 paveljanik: will you propose something ?

Nov 03 23:05:35 paveljanik ericb2: don't know yet

Nov 03 23:05:50 ericb2 I'll come with two machines, and if we can find two other, we have neough hardware for three or four workshops

Nov 03 23:06:22 mav_eric ericb2: If I can attend I would be able to bring along my Mac Mini.

Nov 03 23:06:36 mav_eric ericb2: should be no big deal to find a mouse etc in google offices

Nov 03 23:07:09 ericb2 the most important is to work on sallayout, redrawing, and native controls

Nov 03 23:07:38 ericb2 mav_eric: thanks. Yes, Kai will perhaps find one machine at least

Nov 03 23:09:07 ericb2 for any part we'll have to work, the objective is to note everything carefully. Some poeple present have the knowledge, but not the time to help us, and we must come back with a description, a usefull description of missing parts

Nov 03 23:10:17 ismael goodbye

Nov 03 23:10:31 ericb2 ismael: goodbye ;-) I'll send you the patch

Nov 03 23:10:33 jamesmckenzie ismael: NIght.

Nov 03 23:11:19 ericb2 paveljanik: will fipa come ?

Nov 03 23:11:30 ismael ericb2: have you got my mail

Nov 03 23:11:35 ericb2 paveljanik: I put his name in the list

Nov 03 23:11:43 ericb2 ismael: I don't remember

Nov 03 23:11:47 ismael ismaelm@hotmail.fr

Nov 03 23:11:56 paveljanik ericb2: we will come together, yes. At least this is the current plan.

Nov 03 23:11:56 ericb2 ismael: okk, thanks :-)

Nov 03 23:12:12 ericb2 paveljanik: great : we'll have photos :-)

Nov 03 23:12:22 * ismael has quit ()

Nov 03 23:13:15 paveljanik ericb2: I do have D50 as well ;-)

Nov 03 23:13:24 ericb2 I'll write a list of question without clear answer, and we'll have to debate about that too : e.g. when stop 10.3 support, packaging, language packs ..etc

Nov 03 23:13:30 ericb2 paveljanik: nice camera

Nov 03 23:13:56 paveljanik quite old these days though ;-)

Nov 03 23:14:14 ericb2 paveljanik: new does not always mean good ;-)

Nov 03 23:15:39 ericb2 ybart: could you prepare us an abstract about your work ? this could be exposed

Nov 03 23:15:43 jamesmckenzie ericb2: I agree. I have an older Sony digital camera and it still functions great.

Nov 03 23:16:21 ybart ericb2: I think, all I've done is on the Wiki on the Native Printing page...

Nov 03 23:16:29 ybart ericb2: May I miss something else ?

Nov 03 23:16:56 ericb2 ybart: ok, I didn't look at it since some times, so I'll discover the changes soon :-)

Nov 03 23:17:10 ybart ericb2: Right ;-)

Nov 03 23:17:44 ybart ericb2: There should not be anything new since last week :-)

Nov 03 23:17:50 ericb2 ybart: of course, you can prepare some questions ? We can discuss them in french before ...

Nov 03 23:18:07 ybart ericb2: ok ericb2, thanks !

Nov 03 23:18:27 ybart ericb2: I am not in mind now, maybe next week :-)

Nov 03 23:19:45 ericb2 ybart: no problem

Nov 03 23:19:52 ybart ericb2: :-)

Nov 03 23:20:36 ericb2 last, I have asked Louuis some help for the travel/food, but I don't expect too much

Nov 03 23:21:45 ericb2 before to talk about something relative to aqua version, that's all what I have in mind for the 2nd mac porters meeting.

Nov 03 23:21:57 ericb2 Questions ? Suggestions ?

Nov 03 23:23:50 ericb2 For native port, I forgot a point: we use deprecated functions in aquavcl01, and it is necessary to update this stuff.

Nov 03 23:24:05 ericb2 see muy recent post on mac@porting mailing list

Nov 03 23:25:54 ericb2 As final point, I received an answer from apple, saying they will provide a new X11 build soon

Nov 03 23:26:06 ericb2 no idea for the delay

Nov 03 23:28:08 ericb2 looks like I have connectivity problems .. sorry

Nov 03 23:29:10 ericb2 Still someone around ?

Nov 03 23:29:30 jamesmckenzie ericb2: I am.

Nov 03 23:30:03 ericb2 jamesmckenzie: thanks .. so I have no connectivity problems.

Nov 03 23:30:05 mav_eric yes

Nov 03 23:30:18 ericb2 no comment ? nor question(s) ?

Nov 03 23:30:37 mav_eric ericb2: not at the moment

Nov 03 23:30:45 ericb2 some other questions ?

Nov 03 23:30:54 * shaunmcdonald has no questions for ericb2

Nov 03 23:31:08 ericb2 End of the meeting

Nov 03 23:31:08 mav_eric ericb2: they will surely arise once I have the time to test your aqua modifications and hopefully the place for an aqua buildbot

Nov 03 23:32:15 ericb2 mav_eric: would be great, and I'm not the only one to provide code

Nov 03 23:32:22 jamesmckenzie ericb2: QA of 2.1?

Nov 03 23:32:43 ericb2 jamesmckenzie: good question. who will help you ?

Nov 03 23:33:11 mav_eric jamesmckenzie: once after everything is up and running I'll see if I can find you some german testers

Nov 03 23:33:15 ericb2 mav_eric: I know you are working for 2.1 QA too

Nov 03 23:33:19 mav_eric jamesmckenzie: I have about three names

Nov 03 23:33:33 mav_eric ericb2: currently I focus on your 2.1 aqua

Nov 03 23:33:36 jamesmckenzie ericb2: That would be a good question. I've had ilyse in the past but I don't know if she will be able to help this time.

Nov 03 23:33:43 mav_eric the m189 is for general german QA

Nov 03 23:34:19 ericb2 mav_eric , jamesmckenzie I can contact french people on fr@qa-dev mailing list

Nov 03 23:34:24 jamesmckenzie mav_eric: Thank you.  :-)

Nov 03 23:34:35 mav_eric jamesmckenzie: you're welcome

Nov 03 23:34:39 ericb2 and I know Italien Team is doing a QA too

Nov 03 23:35:25 jamesmckenzie ericb2: Thank you. I would like it if we could add someone from the Danish team would help too.

Nov 03 23:35:33 ericb2 mav_eric: jamesmckenzie / BTW, would be great to continue the dedicated wiki page about QA; http:// wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Mac_OS_X_%28_X11%29_Quality_Assurance

Nov 03 23:36:06 mav_eric ericb2: very rough

Nov 03 23:36:11 jamesmckenzie jamesmckenzie is looking at the QA Wiki page.

Nov 03 23:36:48 jamesmckenzie ericb2: I will have to get a Wiki login and fix this.

Nov 03 23:37:00 ericb2 obr is not here, bug he fixed AFP bug, an I have no news if the fix will or not be integrated in 2.1. as stoper

Nov 03 23:37:16 ericb2 jamesmckenzie: thanks !

Nov 03 23:37:38 jamesmckenzie ericb2: It should be integrated. What CWS is associated with it?

Nov 03 23:37:38 ericb2 jamesmckenzie: the objective is at least to write clear rules, announce delays ...etc

Nov 03 23:37:41 mav_eric ericb2: afp would imho a showstopper or close to it

Nov 03 23:38:11 mav_eric ericb2: I get randomly but frequently asked about that

Nov 03 23:38:12 ericb2 mav_eric: yes it is, but since some times, I have not too much news. Maybe my fault

Nov 03 23:38:14 shaunmcdonald pj64 fixes the error on double clicking filenames with some special characters in the filename amongst other things

Nov 03 23:38:33 ericb2 mav_eric: I got a build for test, for both Intel and PowerPC

Nov 03 23:38:52 mav_eric ericb2: aqua

Nov 03 23:38:55 cloph When talking about fonts... Isn't the fondu-message at first start meant to be translated?

Nov 03 23:39:13 mav_eric cloph: yes but there are problems with the locale on panther

Nov 03 23:39:57 ericb2 cloph: yes, but maybe some guru with Applescript will help. If I remember correctly, Mox gave up with that

Nov 03 23:40:09 ericb2 mav_eric: http://ftp.cusoo.org/MacOSX/INTEL/2.0.4_AFP/

Nov 03 23:40:29 mav_eric ericb2: O.K.

Nov 03 23:40:56 ericb2 mav_eric: only french for Panthr, sorry (bur native filepicker is inside :-) )

Nov 03 23:41:04 ericb2 mav_eric: but not woking ..

Nov 03 23:41:24 ericb2 mav_eric: test en-US on Intel should be sufficient

Nov 03 23:41:42 paveljanik what about Florian? And Pierre?

Nov 03 23:41:55 ericb2 paveljanik: no news

Nov 03 23:42:34 mav_eric ericb2: I'll see if the tester is on PPC or Intel

Nov 03 23:42:39 ericb2 paveljanik: Florian wrote me he was working on FilePicker, so I expect soem good news soon :-)

Nov 03 23:42:53 ericb2 mav_eric: a cws could be created for APF

Nov 03 23:42:56 ericb2 AFP

Nov 03 23:43:14 ericb2 mav_eric: the patch is short, but efficient

Nov 03 23:43:58 ericb2 mav_eric: and since bots need cws to test code, could be easy to prepare a showstopper integration asap

Nov 03 23:44:53 * mav_eric hasn't set up a cws yet and so it would take too long to get it in time for 2.1

Nov 03 23:45:34 ericb2 mav_eric: create a cws is not the problem. The problem is to find QA , build verify ...

Nov 03 23:46:52 mav_eric ericb2: understood

Nov 03 23:47:02 shaunmcdonald ericb2: build shouldn't be a problem

Nov 03 23:47:04 mav_eric can we continue tomorrow?

Nov 03 23:47:24 shaunmcdonald ericb2: I can do a build in less than half a day

Nov 03 23:47:27 mav_eric I'm feeling tired right now and cannot concentrate on what I read nor write

Nov 03 23:47:31 ericb2 yes, agreed. Just about the hour of next meeting ? I propose one hour later

Nov 03 23:47:39 * shaunmcdonald thanks ccache for some of the speedup

Nov 03 23:47:57 paveljanik I do not care, but please announce the date/hour via mail to the list...

Nov 03 23:48:25 mav_eric ericb2: that would be 22h for Germany right?

Nov 03 23:48:26 ericb2 paveljanik: I simply forgot.

Nov 03 23:48:36 ericb2 mav_eric: yes, it will

Nov 03 23:48:52 mav_eric good. I see what I can do next week.

Nov 03 23:48:58 mav_eric good night to all

Nov 03 23:49:05 paveljanik good night

Nov 03 23:49:22 ericb2 good noght all

Nov 03 23:49:28 * mav_eric (n=mav_eric@xdsl-87-78-9-200.netcologne.de) has left #ooo_macport

Nov 03 23:49:42 jamesmckenzie ericb2, mav_eric, paveljanik: Night.

Nov 03 23:50:08 jamesmckenzie ericb2: I will not be here next week. I'm travelling.

Nov 03 23:51:00 ericb2 jamesmckenzie: ok, so see you next time :)

Nov 03 23:51:13 jamesmckenzie bye.

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