Log Mac Meeting September 17th 2008

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[15:03]	<hdu_hh>	Meeting?
[15:03]	<fne>	yes
[15:03]	-->|	PhilippL (n=chatzill@nat/sun/x-8c3f0bbe3328465d) has joined #ooo_macport
[15:03]	=-=	Mode #ooo_macport +o PhilippL by ChanServ
[15:04]	<hdu_hh>	1. Welcome new devs
[15:04]	<hdu_hh>	I don't see new names here => skipping to 2.
[15:04]	<hdu_hh>	2. Status of the Aqua Port / CWSses
[15:07]	<fne>	any open issues since RC1?
[15:07]	<hdu_hh>	CWS i93512 is integrated
[15:08]	<hdu_hh>	AFAIK no other CWSses for the OOo30 Aqua are still open?
[15:09]	<hdu_hh>	I still hope to get approval for an OOO30 target for issues 93983 and 93778
[15:10]	<hdu_hh>	CWS macrestart2 is pending too, it has also has a fix for an interesting crash
[15:11]	<hdu_hh>	fne: i93983, i93778 and i93828
[15:11]	<fne>	thanks
[15:12]	<hdu_hh>	any other interesting CWSses?
[15:12]	<hdu_hh>	no? => 3. Roundtable
[15:13]	<hdu_hh>	is ericb2 around?
[15:13]	<hdu_hh>	Yesterday I read his "call for donations" on the mac porting list
[15:14]	<hdu_hh>	the call seemed to come from the mac porting community...
[15:14]	<hdu_hh>	I am quite sure it wasn't discussed here
[15:15]	<hdu_hh>	I suggest that if someone makes a request in the name of the community that community should have consented on this first
[15:16]	<hdu_hh>	or did I misread the mail since I'm not a native speaker?
[15:16]	<hdu_hh>	"James Greenidge" who seems to be a native speaker had a similar impression though
[15:18]	<fne>	I think the used mailing list is not sufficient
[15:19]	<hdu_hh>	I am absolutely sure that ericb wants to use the donations to improve the mac port though
[15:19]	<fne>	but I don't know if ericb2 talked to someone else before his post
[15:20]	<hdu_hh>	Am I too sensitive here?
[15:20]	<fne>	I am unsure how calls for donations are handled in ooo
[15:21]	<fne>	But I think ercib2 will explain in one of the upcoming meetings
[15:21]	<hdu_hh>	Just a little anecdote to illustrate my worries:
[15:21]	<hdu_hh>	Yesterday I experienced a great street musician and I gave him some money. Though he was truly a master in his field most other people didn't seem to respect him very much. They saw him as a street beggar and not as the great musician that he was. Unfortunately this behaviour is rather common, I find it quite annoying though.
[15:22]	<hdu_hh>	ok, I'll stop here
[15:24]	<hdu_hh>	any other topics for the roundtable?
[15:24]	<PhilippL>	nope
[15:24]	<fne>	not from my side
[15:25]	<hdu_hh>	3.. 2.. 1..
[15:26]	<hdu_hh>	the meeting log is available at http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Log_Mac_Meeting_September_17th_2008
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