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[15:16]	<ericb2>	hello
[15:16]	* ericb2	just back from work
[15:17]	<hdu_hh>	hi ericb
[15:17]	* hdu_hh	is still at work ;-)
[15:17]	<ericb2>	sorry for being late at the meeting :)
[15:17]	* ericb2	works more at home
[15:17]	<obr>	actually the meeting did not even start yet
[15:17]	<hdu_hh>	hi oliver!
[15:18]	<hdu_hh>	should we start now?
[15:18]	<ericb2>	ok
[15:18]	<hdu_hh>	obr: I saw you changed the channel's topic, but I don't see the difference to the old topic?
[15:19]	<obr>	hdu_hh: I just changed the meeting date (which as still September 3rd) ;-)
[15:19]	<obr>	s/as/was
[15:19]	<hdu_hh>	oops, I was sure I had updated it...
[15:19]	<hdu_hh>	obr: thanks!
[15:19]	<hdu_hh>	1. 1. Welcome new devs joining Mac OS X port
[15:20]	<hdu_hh>	no new names in the list => skipping this item
[15:20]	<hdu_hh>	2. Current state of the open child workspaces (CWS)
[15:20]	<hdu_hh>	OOo30 is on track:
[15:20]	<hdu_hh>	i93512 was nominated today
[15:21]	<hdu_hh>	hotmac and sb95 are already integrated
[15:22]	<hdu_hh>	the crash-reporting infrastructure will be ready very soon
[15:22]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: no more issue with soffice/soffice.bin ?
[15:23]	<hdu_hh>	ericb2: you mean for crashreporting or for plist?
[15:23]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: currently, it is not possible to trace OpenOffice.org Aqua without modify the Info.plist ?
[15:23]	<hdu_hh>	AFAIK that is solved in OOO300_m5?
[15:23]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: hmm ... not sure
[15:23]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: but that's not urgent
[15:24]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: just a few people need that ;)
[15:24]	<hdu_hh>	yeah, only 99.9%
[15:24]	<ericb2>	other cws :
[15:24]	<ericb2>	appleremote01 is close to Ready for QA . Florian Heckl asked me some little changes, and I updated the wiki : http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Mac_OS_X_Porting_-_Apple_Remote_implementation#Timeline
[15:25]	<ericb2>	waiting for last comments from Florian
[15:25]	<hdu_hh>	any other CWSses that are interesting for the Aqua port?
[15:25]	<ericb2>	ogltrans4mac
[15:25]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: moz2seamonkey
[15:26]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: python25
[15:26]	<hdu_hh>	ericb2: cool! all OOo3.1 stuff though?
[15:27]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: not sure for ogltrans4mac, because I have other ideas for OpenGL uses. I'll blog my ideas soon ;)
[15:27]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: I'd like to see all in 3.1 , yes
[15:27]	* hdu_hh	still spends most of his time for OOo3.0
[15:27]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: + the proxy icon, but things are more complicated than expected, because we need to make the changes in framework
[15:28]	<hdu_hh>	ericb2: is CD already involved in that?
[15:28]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: I'm in discussions with Andreas Schluns
[15:28]	<hdu_hh>	good
[15:28]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: and I posted on dev@framework
[15:28]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: I'd guess : yes
[15:29]	<ericb2>	he is
[15:29]	<ericb2>	at least he's aware
[15:30]	<ericb2>	other cws's ?
[15:30]	<hdu_hh>	not that I'm aware of any other Aqua specific CWSses
[15:31]	<hdu_hh>	of course there are other CWSses with general issues that benefit the Aqua port
[15:32]	<hdu_hh>	or CWSses like dba30j that have just one Aqua specific fix
[15:32]	<hdu_hh>	3. Roundtable
[15:32]	* ericb2	would like to do a call for contributions on the wiki
[15:33]	<ericb2>	Apple Remote, OpenGL transitions, Proxy Icon and other wiki pages, need feedback
[15:34]	<hdu_hh>	yes, the wiki is such a powerful tool that there should be more contributors
[15:34]	<ericb2>	simply because this will block the integration or cause problems at the last minute, as usual
[15:34]	* hdu_hh	recently had to rewrite such essential pages like "ChildWorkSpace" or "CrashReporting"
[15:35]	<ericb2>	Again: no need to write code: everybody is warmly welcome to have a look, and suggest changes
[15:35]	<hdu_hh>	also the mac-porting webpage should get an update ASAP, especially with the RCs out
[15:35]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: good catch !
[15:36]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: and all X11 wiki pages to become "deprecated"
[15:36]	* hdu_hh	has so much work and so little time
[15:36]	<hdu_hh>	ericb2: indeed! I'm so happy we'll have an official Aqua release so we can finally deprecate the X11 port
[15:36]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: at least !!
[15:37]	<hdu_hh>	:-)
[15:38]	<hdu_hh>	does anyone fell competent enough to write something like a "reviewers guide for OOo Aqua"?
[15:38]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: what about ask on mac mailing list ?
[15:39]	<hdu_hh>	I'd like the "hard-core" porters to do it...
[15:40]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: do you have a draft, or ideas ? I'm not sure to understand
[15:40]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: e.g. describe a Mac feature, provide screeshots ?
[15:41]	<hdu_hh>	e.g. http://www.opera.com/press/reviews/
[15:42]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: nice description
[15:42]	<ericb2>	:)
[15:42]	<hdu_hh>	many reporters just copy and paste directly from the press release, so helping them with good talking points will benefit us
[15:42]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: what we need is an outline then
[15:44]	<hdu_hh>	something like http://development.openoffice.org/releases/2.4.1.html but with more spirit
[15:44]	* hdu_hh	has no idea how anyone could come up with release notes such as that...
[15:45]	<hdu_hh>	here is a more recent one: http://development.openoffice.org/releases/3.0.0rc1.html
[15:45]	* ericb2	started that long time ago (french link) : http://eric.bachard.free.fr/wikibe/index.php?title=FAQ_Port_Mac_OS_X
[15:46]	<ericb2>	just a little idea, maybe useless
[15:46]	<hdu_hh>	ericb2: merci!
[15:46]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: that's nothing: )
[15:47]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: and this reminds me, we could have a look at the lock issue with webdav
[15:47]	* ericb2	does not remember the issue number ... searching
[15:47]	<ericb2>	grahamperrin: do you have it in your bookmarks ?
[15:47]	<grahamperrin>	ericb2: not handy but I might find easily
[15:48]	<ericb2>	grahamperrin: thanks :)
[15:48]	<ericb2>	issue 81536
[15:48]	<IZBot>	porting DEFECT STARTED P3 Cannot open/save to webdav server with Mac OS X OOo http://qa.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=81536
[15:49]	<grahamperrin>	bingo same time
[15:49]	<ericb2>	grahamperrin: ;-)
[15:49]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: this is imho a feature who does worth to be considered
[15:50]	<grahamperrin>	ericb2: if Mac-oriented WebDAV expert is handy, then insight of any kind on problems with WebDAV in Plone (Zope?) will be greatly appreciated
[15:50]	<grahamperrin>	hdu_hh: ^
[15:50]	* hdu_hh	will visit HRO shortly ;-)
[15:50]	* grahamperrin	seeks references
[15:51]	<grahamperrin>	http://n2.nabble.com/Timeline-to-improve-Plone-support-for-WebDAV-tp998988p1078055.html
[15:51]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: thank you !
[15:51]	<hdu_hh>	ericb2 + grahamperrin: browsing over the issue the last comment was "It works well with Writer and Impress. It was due to missing implementation in the webdav server"
[15:51]	<hdu_hh>	so, is it still a problem?
[15:52]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: it does not work for me
[15:52]	* grahamperrin	connects to his Plone WebDAV server
[15:52]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: what is expected, is : use webdav without the need to change the dialog boxes in the prefs
[15:53]	<grahamperrin>	incidentally (housekeeping) can I reasonably trash my OOo_3.0.0beta2_20080707_MacOSXIntel_AQUA_install_en-US.dmg on the assumption that RC1 is superior?
[15:53]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: until now, it works only doing that. In meantime, somebody provided a patch, and I believed it was ok. But pl found an issue I missed. Here we are
[15:53]	<hdu_hh>	ericb2: does it work with the patch that HRO promised to apply after OOo30?
[15:53]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: I don't have news, but I'd believe hro will solve it, sure :)
[15:55]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: the only patch I know is form ldubost
[15:55]	<ericb2>	from
[15:55]	<hdu_hh>	pl will return tommorow, so if his objections are still valid hro+pl can fight it out...
[15:55]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: +1
[15:55]	<ericb2>	hdu_hh: thanks for the info
[15:56]	* ericb2	preparing the avalanche of questions
[15:56]	<ericb2>	for pl ... no just joking ;-)
[15:56]	<hdu_hh>	B-)
[15:56]	<ericb2>	ok, I'll have to stop. thanks and bye all
[15:56]	<hdu_hh>	any other topics for todays roundtable?
[15:57]	<hdu_hh>	3..2..1
[15:58]	<obr>	yours ;-)
[16:00]	<hdu_hh>	The chatlog will be available at http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Log_Mac_Meeting_September_10th_2008
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